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  1. I need screenshots

    Cities: Skylines is not part of the Cities XL series
  2. I am a bit puzzled. The size of the map in SC3000 was 256 x 256 basic tiles. The size of a large city in SimCity 4 is 256 x256 basic tiles. (It doesn't help that the term 'tile' is variously used to describe a 16 metres by 16 metres square and a whole city map.) So, yes the small and medium city tiles are smaller, but the large city in SimCity 4 seems to be the same as in SimCity 3000. I moved directly from SimCity 3000 to SimCity 4 and I certainly didn't notice SimCity 4 being more cramped.
  3. Ultrawide Resolution for SC4

    I am managing to get 2400 x 1350. I get occasional graphical oddities like the colouring of the saving choices when quiting SC4, but the game seems to work fine at that resolution. ( I have 4k monitor, but obviously SC4 cannot take anything like full advantage of that.
  4. It doesn't make sense to me either. All I know is that trying the methods you suggested did not work for me and altering the the Registry Language entry did. It wasn't under HKLM\Software - that is partly what I was referring to when I referred to editing the entry once I found it. This is on a relatively new computer with Windows 10, so I had not attempted to install SC4 on it from my disks, and waited until there was a suitable offer to buy what I already had. Thanks for the help you offered. The important thing for me is that it works now.
  5. Well, that didn't work for me either, so I ended up editing the registry entry (once I had found it). I found this thread over on SC4Devotion helpful in doing that: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=3961.0
  6. Thanks. I will try the command line switch as you suggest (I have already checked that GoG has included a "UKEnglsh"). The fact that you use LHD with GoG gives me hope.
  7. Well, I followed your suggestion rsc204 (and, yes, I did remember to save my selection) but unfortunately it didn't work - I still have right-hand drive. I noticed that on reopening Language Setup.exe that no radio button showed it was selected. Has anyone succeeded in changing to Left-hand drive? If so, what can I be doing wrong?
  8. Thanks, that is very helpful. I'm afraid that it didn't occur to me that drive side would be considered to be a 'language" issue. I tend to follow George Bernard Shaw: " England and America are two countries separated by the same language "
  9. I decided to take advantage of this offer. However, it only seems to download the right-hand drive version of Sim City 4, even though GoG recognised that I was in the United Kingdom and I was charged in UK pounds. I seem to remember that there is a way of working round this, but it is a definite nuisance for me, so I thought I would give a warning here. If anyone has the link to how to switch to left-hand drive I would be grateful if you would point me to it.
  10. Whatever this topic is about it isn't about open sourcing. By definition, open sources are open to all and can be legally copied, distributed and modified. What the original post is proposing is a conditional availability of source code for a payment.
  11. Thanks for doing this. It is very handy to have.