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  1. Moose Factory Bar and Grill

    I love it!
  2. McDonalds v1

    If you do a KFC or A&W I'll gladly include them in my cities. But no McDonald's will ever gain a foothold, sorry. Great job, though!
  3. Plop A Shop Pack 3

    I will enjoy seeing these in my cities, thanks! A side issue: Your links to the prop packs are incorrect now that the site has been updated. In each line "lots" needs to be changed to "stex".
  4. Fish Tale Ale Microbrewery Restaraunt

    actually, it looks very similar to a Cock-of-the-Walk I used to work at in Florida.
  5. Census Repository Facility

    Dreams do come true;-) I have been waiting for something like this, GREAT job.
  6. Petronas Twin Towers

    Never mind, I moved my swap file to a different drive and rebooted. The file was OK this time. Can't wait to fire up SC4 when I get home tonight. Nice work.
  7. Petronas Twin Towers

    I have downloaded it twice, and both times WinZip says it is an invalid archive. Is there something wrong with the file? It is such an awsome addition, I can't wait to use it!
  8. Trojan Horse

    That's funny, a Trojan Horse with windows. And the big box on top to contain the soldiers? Not exactly stealth, is it? But I like it anyway.
  9. Nile River Delta Region

    Looks nice to me, guess I'll start a new region tonight.
  10. Saturn V Rocket

    Great work. I will download it for sure. I really like that you did this, my uncle was the guy that designed the release mechanism for this rocket.
  11. Atlanis II

    Quite an interesting map. Very challenging. I have not tried it yet with rush hour, but it will probably be the next region I do. It should work great with ferries. I did it pre-rush hour, and getting bridges is challenging enough, not to mention trying to get subways to work with it.
  12. Well, I for 1 think it is cool. An installable plugin as an .exe, just like the landmarks downloaded from Maxis, right? How?
  13. How to: Make your own Mods

    I have been playing a bit with that. Keeping the capacity down while increasing speeds may be the answer. I still have a bit of experimenting to do, decreasing the capacity will raise commute times a little, but will also get the red roads back that comm likes. I am still trying to find the "perfect" combination. I like it to remain somewhat realistic, so I am trying not to get 100mph speeds on roads. Right now my commute times range from 60-130 minutes in a region of about 15 cities and just over 1 million population.
  14. How to: Make your own Mods

    Making everything free makes for a very boring game. No challenge. I guess I like it more difficult. My airport mod raises the capacities, but also raises the cost. I can still make a good profit, and still keep it challenging. Making things too easy defeats the whole purpose of the game. Free grass? Can you plant a lawn for free at home?
  15. How to: Make your own Mods

    You can also right-click and choose find... Search for traffic sim