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  1. I use the game in 1440p and have never experienced the issue described above with the UI.
  2. I was afraid that would be the case, it's a shame nodes are so rigid as it would be nice to be able to have "through nodes" for transitions and half-junctions, but we just have to make do with props and decals for now. You've done a brilliant job of creating these roads and I hope you continue to, a lot of people (especially on Steam) seem to keep demanding you make "x type of road with x lanes", so it must be difficult trying to decide which ones to make, but at the end of the day you are the one doing the work so it's down to whatever you feel is a priority.
  3. It would be nice to have a version of the vanilla 4 lane avenue that connects seamlessly with these to create turning lanes without using props, I don't know if that's possible though.
  4. Going forward it'd probably make more sense to just release the existing and new roads as separate workshop items using the new native support. As far as I'm aware, the 1 tile roads still aren't supported by the native support, so this mod is still required for those.
  5. It looks very exciting and opens the door to many possibilities - the main issue is there doesn't seem to be a way to modify textures in the editor. I have played around with exporting the vanilla road models and textures and models using modtools to use a a base, but even using them as they are doesn't seem to work, as the texture is applied to the backfaces instead of the front and then there's the apr maps to deal with. There is also the issue of the bus stop segments and overpasses that go with each road also needing their own model, so it's no easy task.
  6. Great work on this! One thing I've noticed is that when using the "Roads United" mod, the textures from that override the ones from this, so in order to make this compatible with any texture replacer mods there needs to be a way to force Network Skins to load after anything else that touchs network textures. Also, how does it cope with custom networks? I tried overiding the "Two-Lane Alley" from Network Extentions texture but it didn't show up.
  7. Just a quick update - this mod is still in development. The author has stated that he intends to release at some point tomorrow (it was supposed to be last Friday, and then tonight, so I don't know if it will actually be wrapped up tomorrow, but hopefully it should be stable enough for release).
  8. So, a guy on Reddit is working on a new mod, and I don't think it's getting enough attention. Here's a link to the latest update thread. It hasn't been released yet, but he said it should be ready in 1-2 weeks. Epic .
  9. Traffic Lights

    There are a few road-based mods being developed, so dispite what they said road modding (at least in some forms) is possible. A few that I'm keeping my eyes on are Lane Changer, Toggle Traffic Lights, Traffic++, and Traffic Manager (unreleased). As expected, there's a lot of bugs and conflicts at this early stage.
  10. DEX RHW 5.0 Euro Textures INTERIM

    These are basically just modified versions of the default textures, so yes, they're LHD compatible
  11. Version 1.0


    (DEX) RHW 5.0 Euro Textures INTERIM *NOTE* Due to a few difficulties with uploading, I have had to split the download into two files. Simply unzip both folders into your plugins folder (put YES to overwrite folder). This texture mod simply changes the default RHW 5.0 texture set by replacing the inner yellow line with a white one, as is commonly found in Europe, as well as replacing any North Americian road textures that the network intersects with with Euro compatable equlivents. It (hopefully) modifys all RHW textures that contain the yellow lines. As the SFBT EURO roads mod has not yet been updated for NAM 30, a patch file is also included that replaces the North Americian textures on the NAM 30 Road and Avenue viaducts with Euro compatable versions. ***IMPORTANT NOTE*** These textures are by no means perfected, as they are only really intended as a temporary stop gap measure until mrtnrln releases his EURO texture mods. As a result of this, you may find some textures to suffer minor colour match or alignment issues. I am releasing this mod "as is", and as such these issues probably won't get fixed unless they are major (like missing/borked textures for instance). ♦ Installation Instructions: Simply unzip and merge both "zzz_EURORHW_INTERIM" folders (ensuring "zzz" prefix is kept) into your "Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins" to install, ensuring that it loads after any other RHW texture mods. ♦ Dependencies: Rural Highway Mod (RHW)*: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=853 SFBT Euro Road Textures Mod: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1302/ *Network Addon Mod also required for RHW to function. Thanks for downloading, hope you enjoy!
  12. DEX ESSO Service Station

    @markomeeres: Sorry forgot to mention, you can find it in the Landmarks menu
  13. STEX Upload Problem

    I tried creating the zip file in WinRar and strangely it worked, although for some reason it refused to accept zip files (even though they uploaded without issue) created with Windows 7, and even though I've used them before . Anyway I suppose this can be closed now. Best, -Matt
  14. Version 1.0


    DEX ESSO Service Station LHD & RHD versions included ESSO is one of the biggest brands of fuel stations in the UK, and are found in many locations including cities and rural areas. This particular version is designed to be used with the RHW network, and linked up with FA-MIS ramps to simulate a setup commonly found on busy arterial roads in the UK and Ireland. A mirrored version of this (includes both mirrored textures & model) is included so that RHD players can use it. Seperate IDDs have been useds for both sets of textures, so If you wish to create "in the median" style service stations, you can have both the LHD & RHD sets installed simultaneously. ♦ Stats: Plop Cost: §150 Monthly Cost: §0 (privately operated) Lot Size: 5x3 You will find it in the Landmarks menu. This lot is for eyecandy only, and isNOT transit-enabled. In order for it to look decent, it is strongly recommended that you plop FA-MIS pieces either side of the lot. ♦ Installation Instructions: Simply place the "DEXlots" folder in your "Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins" to install. ***NOTE*** Most users will want to delete the LHD/RHD version depending on their game, so after installing, navigate to DEXlots/ESSO Service Station/ and delete the unwanted folder. Ensure you do not delete the shared props folder as these are used by both versions. ♦ Dependencies: Rural Highway Mod (RHW) Version 5.0 (or higher): (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=853) VIP Car Pack MMP: (http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/26808-vip-carpackmmp/) Thanks for downloading, hope you enjoy!
  15. STEX Upload Problem

    It is a normal zip folder (not a rar or anything like that), which only contains a readme and a folder containing all of the plugin files. I have uploaded two other things in exactly this way and had no problems, so really I'm at a loss .