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  1. SearsTower

  2. SMP Small Dutch Train Station

    This fits perfectly in my Chicago cities! Thanks!
  3. The Moose Factory - Virtual Bar and Grill - Version 3

    Hi I'll have the fish n chips, extra curry please. And a hard cider in a mug, please. (Hands menu to server, then proceeds to jukeboxe) *jingle* *jingle*...CLINK...CLINK...CLINK -flip- -flip-...3....6. "One bourbon, one scotch, and one beer.....well I ain't seen my baby since I don't know when..."
  4. Skywalk pack

    These will look great in my "Chicago" city! 50/50
  5. Festival of Britain Set (Darknite)

    Wow! Very good job! I collect stamps of Great Britain, so that's why I'm a bit of a history buff.
  6. Lights don't show on BATs at night?

    If you have Rush Hour or Deluxe, did you install the EP1 and SC4Update4BAT game patches. The SC4Update4BAT is required for night lights on custom buildings and the EP1 patch is required the BAT Update patch. Both are available at the EA site ot from SC4Devotion. See this post for information and links. Thanks for that, I've downloaded both. I'll test it out later and report back! ☺ Cheers Erik
  7. PEG Power Tower Pylons

    Thanks, Peg. Excellent! What world does Maxis live on!?!?
  8. Hi y'all, As I said in my intro post, I've downloaded a few BATs from the STEX. I have a problem, though. None of them light up at "night". The only one that does is the Hancock Building, which is a Maxis bldg, not from the STEX. I have the DarkNite mod. The only parts of the .zip I install are the plopables, either CO$$$ or R, etc... Maybe that may be the problem? I can put up pictures if needed. Cheers Erik
  9. G'day from BALMY Chicago!

    Whoops, forgot to mention, I collect stamps as a mainline hobby. ☺
  10. G'day from BALMY Chicago!

    'Evening, everyone, My name's Erik, I'm from the Windy (and HOT!) Chicago! I've started to come back to play SC4, and I've already downloaded a few BATs from the STEX. (Geat work!) My old username was simcity42008, although I forgot the password, so I made a new account. Cheers! Erik
  11. Update Nine: Contrast

    Nice city! ☺ BTW, where did you get those turn lanes for the roads?
  12. This was my old profile, but I forgot the password. ☺