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Insulo and Kaskaskia

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About this City Journal

This is technically two full city journals and some side projects all wrapped up together. Full Information post coming soon.

Entries in this City Journal


Hey folks,

Since my last update got such a good response I decided to release a few of the pictures I have sitting around that have never been shown on Simtropolis. This particular set have been shown on the USNW site as part of a summit event. These pics are not new, and I have not resumed updating Insulo. Maybe one day I will be able to get back into Insulo, but it's going to be a while.




















This side project will likely have at least one or two more updates, but i'm not yet sure if they'll be consecutive. There may be a Kaskaskia Update in between them, depending on how the city I'm building right now turns out. Thank you all for reading, all feedback is also very appreciated. I hope you enjoyed this update as much as I enjoyed making it.

- Jon -


Kaskaskia | Teaser One

Firstly, thank you guys for reading my CJ despite my extremely erratic scheduling. I apologize that it's been so long since I've posted anything, but I've been busy with school and some other stuff. Real life has been making it hard to keep up with this stuff. I also apologize that I don't have a full update for you today, I've had these pictures sitting around for about two weeks now and just haven't had time to make the full update. So, I've decided to just put out a teaser with these two pictures that I made just to give you something. I do have plans for a little side-project thing for either the next update or the update after that (or maybe both? Depends on how it turns out. So, on to the pictures.


The empty strips of asphalt that make up KSK 23 cut a straight line through the wide flood plains flanking the Missoula River.


Many people from the cities holiday in Albion County's Sandy Mound Nature Park, partaking in a variety of outdoor activities.

As always I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed making them.



Kaskaskia | Teaser One

Firstly, thank you guys for reading my CJ despite my extremely erratic scheduling. I apologize that it's been so long since I've posted anything, but I've been busy with school and some other stuff. Real life has been making it hard to keep up with this stuff. I also apologize that I don't have a full update for you today, I've had these pictures sitting around for about two weeks now and just haven't had time to make the full update. So, I've decided to just put out a teaser with these two pictures that I made just to give you something. I do have plans for a little side-project thing for either the next update or the update after that (or maybe both? Depends on how it turns out. So, on to the pictures.


The empty strips of asphalt that make up KSK 23 cut a straight line through the wide flood plains flanking the Missoula River.


Many people from the cities holiday in Albion County's Sandy Mound Nature Park, partaking in a variety of outdoor activities.

As always I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed making them.




Hello everyone,

Some of you may remember me, I know it's been a rather long time since I've had an update (it's been eight months now I believe). I am sorry, especially since I never posted anything explaining this long hiatus. There were two reasons for my absence. Firstly, I wanted to focus more on my school work during my last semester of High School during which I had several difficult classes (Somehow all my easy Senior classes ended up in the first semester). Secondly, both my Sim City game and my computer experienced some issues. I was no longer able to open my cities in SC4 without crashing, and I could not locate the source of the issue. Additionally, my computer became increasingly hard to use with each passing day. These issues combined to keep me away from SC4. I now have a new laptop and the school year is long over, and I hope to now have time to resume my journal. Updates will continue to be on a very erratic schedule as my updates always have been, but there should be several a month barring any more circumstances that would impede my playing the game.

So without further ado, welcome to Kaskaskia. If you have followed my CJ in the past you've already been here, but neither of us were aware of it. The city of Jonesboro finds it's home in the eastern portion of the country as you can see in the map below.


Kaskaskia is based off the American Midwest and South, so Jonesboro more than fits here. I decided I wanted to do more in this style and expand on Jonesboro, so I have created a whole new nation. Insulo still exists as well, but it may be a rather long time before it sees the light of day again. This is due to both lack of interest and the fact that since I have had to completely restart my collection of plugins (kept in a much more organized fashion this time) I do not have the vast number of plugins I used in Insulo. At this time I have only restocked my American style plugins.

And now, a few images of areas around Kaskaskia.


A farmer harvests corn in rural Jefferson County as a car passes on the gravel road.


Families enjoy a campsite in Swope Nature Reserve, located in southwestern Lincoln County.


Cows rest while people traverse the roads of rural Alexandria County.


People enjoy the pleasant weather by exploring the galleries and bistros of the South Granger Arts District in Salem.

And now for something a bit different in the second part of this update.


Please allow image some time to load. You can make it a bit bigger by clicking the image.


Big news appears on the front page of the KONA website, the number one online news source in Kaskaskia.


Workers rush to complete a fire break, the last line of defense for the town of Ross Grove.


Buses rush past the roadblock to pick up the last evacuees from Ross Grove.


By 11PM, the fire has reached the edge of town, and embers blown in on the wind spark small fires in the eerily dark town center.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this, hope you enjoyed it.

- Jon



Hello everyone, sorry I didn't get this out earlier this week, I wanted to polish some things in the rural areas but my game has been difficult, but I think I've got it working right again. Today we revisit Talia, a city in the hilly interior of Insulo. Nestled in a valley along the Rio Vino on the western end of the Terrefuego mountain range on the border of the provinces of Terrefuego and Vinola.


Without further ado, let's get into the pictures. I only have three new pictures today, but this is the first part of this update. The next portion will be posted sometime later this week.


Most of you probably recognize this picture, as this is the one from my teaser on New Years Eve. This image shows the Plaza de la República, the main square in the city. On the left you can see the Talia Cathedral, which is the only building that directly bordered the original square on this place. This square was the site of a horrific massacre of 306 protesters in 1984 by the ruling group at the time, the Insulonian Nationalist Party, a fascist faction that ruled in a totalitarian manner from 1910 until their overthrow in 1985. The new mayor of Talia in 1984, Don Capel, opposed the nationalists, and allowed a rally to be organized in his city demanding reforms. Troops surrounded the square and arrested Don Capel, and when a protester reportedly threw a rock in the direction of a line of soldiers they opened fire. The event turned most of Insulo against the regime and ultimately resulted in its downfall. The fountain is part of the memorial for the victims of the massacre that extends further to the right out of view. We will see that in the next part of this update.


Now, to mix it up, we venture far outside the city to Lago Espejo National Park, a relatively small park surrounding it's namesake lake, which is home to rare alpine marshs. Here we see a cabin that can be leased in the park.


Here we see a house under construction on a high plain in the mountains outside Talia. This area is prime for cattle ranching and many people who wish to escape the bustle of the city to build their dream homes and live a simpler life on a ranch. This homeowner has chosen to camp in his caravan while his house is being built.


Lastly we see a stadium built for Insulo's most controversial pastime, bullfighting. The stadium is busy place most weekends, with many events other than bullfighting being staged in it as well.

Hope you enjoyed this short update,

- Jon -


Talia Preview

Happy New Years to everyone from Kansas City and Insulo!

I don't have a flashy New Years related pic, but I have a little preview of a city I'm working on right now. The city is Talia in central Insulo, it's often referred to as the birthplace of the revolution that freed Insulo from it's Fascist regime in 1985. The scene you see below is the historically important Republic Square. I'll get more into the History in the full update.




Hello everyone, time for a real update. Today we are visiting the Insulonian Special District of Borola, a small sliver of land on the island of Borola and the poorest area in Insulo. It is bordered by North and South Borola, two nations that have traditionally engaged in war. North Borola is currently ruled by a military junta, and has seen massive amounts of political violence, resulting in an influx of refugees to Insulonian Borola. The special district is almost entirely comprised by the massive city of Lakit, which with an estimated permanent population of 8,995,462 is far and away the largest city in Insulo. It is believed there may be many more people here living for who have not been accounted for or are living in the city temporarily as migrant workers or refugees.

We'll start in the far western sector, outside the city, where one of the last parcels of forest left in the Special district has become home to many refugees and impoverished people. The government is attempting to reduce the amount of squatter settlements by building cheap housing, but construction has been mired by bad weather and cannot keep up with the massive numbers of people coming into the special district. In this shot we see the edge of a slum called Sungai Sedikit.


And here we see a highway embankment through a frequently flooded area that is known as Setanrawa.


Now we move into a more dense area, Cendawan City. This was once a smaller city but has now been enveloped into the giant city of Lakit, and has since become a less than desirable area of town, but is famous for it's lively markets and celebrations.


One of the areas where there has been the most progress in Borola is the creation of employment opportunity through the bringing in of industry. Here we see the Lilin Industrial Park, where there are many oil refineries.


Finally we visit a nicer area of town, a suburb called Teratai. Many people who would be considered middle class live here, and it is typical of many of the wealthier suburbs around Lakit.

This image is large mosaic, click the below placeholder to see it in it's full glory. It will take a while to load, as it is close to 20mb in size and comprised of 20 smaller images, but I think the wait is more than worth it.


Hope you enjoyed this update, I hope to get some more out before the new year (maybe even a New Year's Update) as I should have more time during Winter Break.

Until Next Time,



Well I haven't posted an update in a really long time, and I don't have one ready for you today. However, I do have some unreleased pictures I could show you that got cut from some updates or I never made the whole update. So in the meantime enjoy these three pictures and I'll try and get an update out sometime in the near future.

This is really old and related to the Andalusian war, I might have a flashback update sometime with the other pics I took in this scene that are photoshopped for that. This one is just a picture of the area I used to make other pictures.


This next picture is a quick look or maybe a teaser of a Jonesboro Update I may or may not end up making. I've become a bit bored with Jonesboro at the moment.


And finally a picture of something else I'm working on, this is almost definitely a teaser of something I want to work more with. Changing styles is what keeps me interested in this game. This is from Borola, a overseas possession of Insulo in between two war-torn states. This area is very impoverished and home to numerous refugees from it's neighbors, and is also very tropical.


Hope you enjoyed this random assortment, I will hopefully have something more organized for you soon.



Teaser: Fulton Mill

Hello everyone,

Today we take a trip back to Jonesboro for a quick teaser of Fulton Mill, a historical and Industrial district just south of downtown.


A full update of this area will be coming a soon as I can finish it, but I'm rather busy so I'm not sure when that will be. Hope you liked this little sneak peek.



Hello Everyone,

The following is a "simulcast" of the Simlympic Torch Relay leg Insulo hosted today, enjoy and head over to www.simsports.darkbb.com to get full Simlympic coverage and participate in numerous sports simulation leagues.


Welcome everyone to IENC HD coverage of the first leg of the XV Simlympic Torch Relay in Insulo.

The Relay starts at the cauldron spire from the XIV Simlympiad here in Erikkson where the cauldron has been relit. This symbolizes the handing over of the games from Insulo to New Chandler.


Now the torch passes in front of the Casa Nueva, the official residence of the President of Insulo.


Now the torch is passing through the misty city of Cxefurbo which is currently undergoing a rapid transformation into a modern city after years of stagnation. The city council of Cxefurbo worked very hard to get the relay to pass through here.


Now we see the torch passing through Rural Bascla approaching the city of Purto Masculo. This is without a doubt the most beautiful part of this leg.


Now the torch is passing through a residential district of Purto Masculo, the crowds here are not as large as this is not the planned route. A water main break along the original route prompted a last second change.


Finally we see the flame on a Insulonian Naval Boat with a group of Simlympic Athletes and a group of Insulonian High School athletes that won an essay contest.


This concludes IENC HD's coverage of the First Leg of the XV Simlympic Torch Relay in Insulo, hope you enjoyed it.


Hello again everyone, I have a short update for you today. We are once again going to be exploring the area around the city of Purto Masculo, shown in white on the far right on the below map:


This update is going to highlight some more natural scenes outside the city and in the foothills of the mountains.

This photo shows a winery and cattle ranch near the base of the foothills and accessible only by narrow gravel roads, this region is famous for it's fine white wines. The power lines shown provide power from hydroelectric dams in the mountains to the city.


The next picture shows a group of loggers working in front of a dried river bed. Logging in the region is heavily restricted with age limits and quotas to prevent deforestation.


The final picture shows a rest stop along TIE-284 heading toward the border with Posillipo in the beautiful and peaceful forest east of the city.


Hope you enjoyed this rather short update, I might not be able to do updates as often for a while because I have returned to school. I will, however, try to get at least one update each month.Sorry about that.



Hello everyone, we are again visiting the picturesque seaside, and mountainside, town of Purto Masculo.

Here is the map just for your reference, the city is on the far right in white:


To start this time we see the beginnings of a beautiful sunrise in the mountains outside the city as a sheepherder tends to his flock.


Now as the sun reaches it's full brightness we arrive in the small hamlet called Dedí along the winding road into the mountains.


Now we find our selves in the jumbled narrow streets where car traffic is banned for the safety of everyone, drivers and pedestrians alike. This particular neighborhood is called Lehoikumek, or Lion Cubs in the Basque language native to the region.


Finally we see St. Peter's Cathedral flanked by two massive columns from ancient Insulonian times that have be made into decorative pieces adorned with christian sculptures.


Hope you liked this update, I very much like working with this city and have put a lot of extra work into it with all the lotting. I very much appreciate comments, both complimenting and critiquing, so feel free to respond.



Hello everyone, today we're going to go back to Insulo! The city we'll visit is one that has hardly got any mention before now, Purto Maculo in the far-eastern Basque-speaking region of Insulo.

Here is a map of Insulo, Purto Masculo is on the far right in white:


First we'll see some anchovy fishing boats out at sea near the city. The waters here are plentiful in seafood that plays a big role in the diet of the city.


Now we go to the border between the city and the beach. The beach here, called Hondartza Harrigarri, goes very far inland and is one of the most famous beaches in Insulo.


A picture of the Lehoikumek neighborhood showing a canal that brings water to the city from a nearby river. The canal was once an important shipping route to inland towns, but with the advent of roads and railroads became largely recreational.


A wide boulevard near the main plaza of the city featuring numerous sculptures from a variety of time periods. Purto Masculo has long been a favorite location of artists of all kinds. Also shown are two cannons that once guarded Purto Masculo's strategic position between the Insulonian and Posillipan Kingdoms.


Finally we go even further back in the history of Insulo, here you see an ancient Insulonian temple. The temple itself is in ruin, but an urn inside that will soon be extracted to the national history museum is remarkably intact.


Hope you enjoyed this city, I put a lot of hard work into this and you can expect to visit it again.



Now for a quick preview of the next place we'll visit in the Jonesboro Project: Jonesboro West, Missouri. That also bring another teaser, I've decided on a real world location for Jonesboro, which I will detail in the next update.


Hopefully that got you interested. I'd really like your opinions of this before the next update, so feel free to share any opinion positive or negative. I may even include your suggestions in the next update if I like them.



Hello again everyone, this is the first real update in my side project, Jonesboro. I've tweaked the formula to have a lot less text, so without further ado:

The first Image is of Liberty Boulevard cutting through the heart of Edenderry. The wide parkway in this picture is based on the Parkways in Kansas City, Missouri. The rest of the scene is influenced primarily by urban areas in the states of Missouri and Illinois.


Here we see some rowhouses in Edenberry. This area was influenced my many larger American cities with rowhouses, though most of the actual models used are typical of Baltimore.


This image shows a wealthier are of Edenderry, Millionaire Row along Washing ton Avenue, which is the street seen horizontally. This is based rather specifically off of Millionaire Row in Cairo, Illinois, with some additional influence from areas in Kansas City.


The next picture depicts another scene with rowhouses, as well as some small commercial, along Liberty Boulevard. This image has the same influences as the other picture of rowhouses


The last picture is of Thames Street crossing I-257 with the interchange built to give Edenderry better access to the freeway system. This is influenced by urban freeways in Kansas City and other cities in the Midwest.


I hope you enjoyed this, I put a lot of work into it. Next update may be of Edenderry or another area of Jonesboro, or possibly even a jump back to Insulo. You'll have to wait to know, as I haven't made up my mind yet.



It's been so long since I've done this. Sorry about that by the way, real life has been incredibly busy then we went on a cross-country road trip. I'm back now though, and have been working on a little side project called Jonesboro, an attempt to create a realistic American city, showcasing everything from it's Sunday best to it's dingy nightwear. Then after each picture I'll explain the influence on the picture from various American cities, mostly in the Midwest. I hope you enjoy this break from Insulo, it's been something I've wanted to do for a very long time, and now I have time. So, with no further ado, a little something to wet your whistle.


This particular picture, our unceremonious welcome to Jonesboro, is of the inner-city neighborhood known as Edenderry. When I made this section of the city I tried to incorporate my experiences with low-class inner-city neighborhoods, and one depressing small town. The wide parkways were inspired by the Parkway system in my hometown, Kansas City. This is a minor parkway, nothing like a major parkway like The Paseo in Kansas City, and thus has fallen into disrepair, though pretty flowers have been proven to do very little to pierce through the crime and poverty anyway. The rest of the general dilapidation is inspired mostly by again the Northeast side of Kansas city, Missouri, and my recent travels through the North Side of St. Louis, Missouri, East St. Louis, Illinois, and Cairo, Illinois.

Well that's all you get for now, sorry! Hope you're looking forward to seeing more though.



Update Nine: Contrast


Here's a map for your Reference:


Today we'll start with a mosaic from San Sebastian, just to set up the contrast:


Now we move to a very different place, the former Capital of Insulo, Cxefurbo. Cxefurbo is a planned city, and the original phase build in 1947 after the Viboras Swamps were drained. The city was designed to be inexpensive and simplistic, the realization of the utopian dreams of the Insulonian National Party. In 1971, the outer levee broke, and now the swamps have reclaimed large tracts of the city.

Welcome to the Swamps:


When man attempts to outdo nature, well you can see who won (Mosaic):


On the other side of the wall we see a typical, gloomy day in Cxefurbo:


So much concrete (mosaic):



Hope you liked this contrast to other parts of Insulo. I really do enjoy doing things that are different, being one dimensional is just so boring, and I want to like the game. It is after all a game, even if I use it more like a canvas.



This is just a preview of a place we will be visiting soon, a place very different than what you have seen before. The place is the depressing city of Cxefurbo and it's equally depressing surroundings. The city, the former utopian pipe-dream of the Insulonian Nationalist Party, overthrown in 1985. The city now reeks of a past that people want to forget, which further leads to the dilapidation of the city as people flee the collapsing concrete blocks.


This one is a mosaic, on some sites you will need to click the link:


There should be a full update about this place next weekend, if not earlier.



Update Eight: Introduction to San Sebastian and More

This is a short update but with something else attached at the end. We're visiting a new locale, the city of San Sebastian in Maresa. It is on the bottom left of this map:


The Villate Manor was constructed as local merchant Hugo Villate's personal palace in the year 1734, and is now a public park and bed and breakfast. The site is a extremely popular location for weddings, and provides a leafy oasis in the middle of the urban jungle.


The Playa Calmante completely surrounds the main city of San Sebastian. When the wall surrounding the city were constructed in 1971 to prevent the city from sliding down into the ocean there were many protests against the destruction of the beach. Faced with riots, the local government made an unusually friendly gesture for the time and compromised by building the walls back away from the water, preserving the beach below the walls. The beach is one of the major attractions of the city.


The old town is another major attraction, filled to the brim with street vendors and quaint boutiques, this area has become extremely trendy lately, even though it was recently on the brink of abandonment during the Federation years because people could not afford to maintain the structures.


And now I have two large mosaics, they are wider than most forums will permit so I have provided links.

Mosaic of the Old Town:


Mosaic of the new CBD:


Hope you enjoyed the update, scroll down for something extra. 1.gif


Recently Insulo bid to host the XIV Simlympiad, this is part of the reason it's been a while since I posted an update. To see all the bids and for more information on the Simlympics visit [url=http://www.simsports.darkbb.com]SimSports{/url]. The host will be selected later this month and the games will be held in June. I have some really good competition bidding, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

(You may have noticed I directly used some of the images from the bid in my update, sorry to do this but I lost the originals that)

Here is the full bid, it contains a number of pictures of places we haven't visited yet, so it's kind of a teaser.






Welcome to Insulo! I am the official bid presenter, Valentina Castillo. Insulonians are ready with open hearts and world-class venues to accommodate the best athletes the world has to offer along with their many devoted fans. Insulonian hospitality is unrivaled, nowhere else will athletes and spectators feel more welcomed. Our vibrant, unique, diverse, and friendly culture surrounds you, and once you feel it's embrace you may never want to leave again. We have funded and constructed stunning world class venues to play host to the intentional spectacle that is the Simlympics. We bring all this to the table because we want nothing more than to welcome the people of the world into our home, and show them a Simlympics like they have never seen before, an event where you can see the excitement hanging in the air, and can feel the dreams coursing around you. If we are successful in acquiring the privilege of hosting this glorious event, it will be the first time the flame has found it's destination in Insulo, and we hope to show how that flame can thrive in our beautiful nation. Please sit back and enjoy the bid, and good luck to all the bidders aspiring to host these games.

!Bienvenido a Ensuña! Yo soy el presentador oficial de la candidatura, Valentina Castillo. Ensuñanos están listos con el corazón abierto y lugares de clase mundial para dar cabida a los mejores atletas del mundo tiene para ofrecer, junto con sus fans dedicado muchos. Hospitalidad Insulonian no tiene rival, en ningún otro lugar se los atletas y los espectadores se sienten más satisfacción. Nuestra rodea cultura vibrante, único, diverso y amigable usted, y una vez que sienta que el abrazo que nunca quiere dejar de nuevo. Hemos financiado y construido impresionantes salones de clase mundial que acogerá el espectáculo intencional que es el Simlímpios. Traemos todo esto a la mesa, porque no queremos nada más de dar la bienvenida a la gente del mundo en nuestra casa, y mostrarles un Simlímpios como nunca hemos visto antes, un evento donde se puede ver la emoción en el aire, y puede sentir los sueños que cursan su alrededor. Si tenemos éxito en adquirir el privilegio de acoger este evento glorioso, será la primera vez que la llama ha encontrado su destino en Ensuña, y esperamos que para mostrar la forma en que la llama puede prosperar en nuestra hermosa nación. Por favor, siéntese y disfrute de la oferta, y buena suerte a todos los postores que aspiran a acoger estos juegos.

The Bidding Committee has carefully selected four cities fitting to play host to the XIV Simlympiad. The four cities are Erikkson, Scio, San Sebastian, and Alcelago.

Erikkson is the cosmopolitan, political, and economic center of Insulo, boasting numerous international countries, a population over nine million, and the seat of the national government.

Scio, a suburb of Erikkson, is an intellectual center of Insulo, home to two major universities and a unique collaborative and educational environment.

San Sebastian is a center of historical culture and a site of immense natural beauty, contrasted with new ultra modern growth due to an economic boom in its tourist economy.

Alcelago is the center of the Basque culture in Insulo, and is surrounded by picturesque landscapes in every direction. Alcelago provides an interesting contrast to other Insulonian cities.

El Comité de Licitación había seleccionado cuidadosamente cuatro ciudades apropiado para el anfitrión de la XIV Simlympiad. Las cuatro ciudades están Eriksson, Scio, San Sebastián, y Alcelago.

Eriksson es el cosmopolita, político, y el centro económico de Ensuña, jactándose numerosos países del mundo, una población de más de nueve millones de euros, y la sede del gobierno nacional.

Scio, un suburbio de Eriksson, es un centro intelectual de Ensuña, el hogar de dos grandes universidades y un ambiente único de colaboración y de educación.

San Sebastián es un centro de cultura histórica y un lugar de inmensa belleza natural, en contraste con el crecimiento de nuevos ultra moderna debido a un auge económico en la economía turística.

Alcelago es el centro de la cultura vasca en Ensuña, y está rodeado de pintorescos paisajes en todas las direcciones. Alcelago ofrece un interesante contraste con otras ciudades Ensuñan.

About Insulo

Sobre Ensuña

Insulo is a country of many faces, from the snow-capped mountains of Bascla to the sun-baked beaches of Maresa. The nation covers nearly all of the Pontusian Peninsula and a number of islands in the Alcadean Sea. Below is a map of the Republic of Insulo showing all fifteen provinces and their capitals. Erikkson, the main host city, has been national capital of Insulo since January 1st, 2011.


Insulo traces it's history as an organized state back to the year 113 BCE, when the Insola people conquered the various people of the Southern Hogara Peninsula and established the city of Insulo on a site located just outside the modern city of Nueva Valencia. The city's had a short life, shrinking from influence after a fire in 72 BCE, but the country it created went on to combine with the Puertian Federation to create the Insulonian Empire, one of the most powerful nations in the Alcadean. Current-Day Insulo traces it's beginning to the 1985 overthrow of the tyrannical Regime of the Insulonian Nationalist Party, replacing the Federation of Insulo with the Republic of Insulo. Since then the formerly repressed economy has burst into the 21st Century as the nation quickly modernized and the people looked to pave over the generic and reserved culture and architecture of the federation years. The building boom that ensued saw thousands of generic concrete blocks bulldozed to make way for the construction new glimmering ultra-modern cities. In contrast to the ultra-modern new construction, in the long neglected historic cities around the country a massive project to restore the areas to their former glory occurred. Today Insulonians take great pride in their country and it's vibrant culture, and under their beloved blue and white flag they hope to bring this enthusiasm to the world stage, and have started to show interest in hosting a number of international events, including of course this bid for the Simlympics.

Now, here are a few facts about Insulo:



CJ Union


Official Languages

Spanish, Portuguese, English

Regional Languages

Basque, Catalan, Galician




2,839,709,782,135.14 USD

Government Type

Tricameral Republic

National Animal


National Dish


National Sport


Simylympic Appearances


Most Popular English Sports Network

IENC Sports



Percent of Population with Internet Access


Largest Internet Service Provider


Number of International Airports


Percent of Roads Paved


National Freeway System


National Freeway Standard Speed Limit

125 kmh (77.7 mph)

Percent of Population with Access to Public Transportation


Ensuña es un país de muchas caras, desde las montañas nevadas de Bascla a las playas soleadas de Maresa. El país cubre casi toda la Península Pontusian y una serie de islas en el Mar Alcadía. A continuación se muestra un mapa de la República de Ensuña que muestra todos los quince provincias y sus capitales. Eriksson, la sede principal, ha sido capital nacional de Ensuña primero de enero de 2011.


Las huellas de la historia de Ensuña sucomo un Estado organizado de nuevo al año 113 AC, cuando el pueblo insolación conquistado las diferentes personas de la península del sur Hogara y estableció la ciudad de Ensuña en un sitio ubicado a las afueras de la moderna ciudad de Nueva Valencia. El de la ciudad tuvo una vida corta, la reducción de la influencia después de un incendio en el 72 AC., pero el país se creó fue el de combinar con la Federación Puertian para crear el Imperio Ensuñan, una de las naciones más poderosas del Alcadíá. Actual en el día rastros Ensuña es principio hasta el 1985 derrocamiento del régimen tiránico de los Ensuñan Partido Nacionalista, en sustitución de la Federación de Ensuña con la República de Ensuña. Desde entonces la economía antes reprimidas ha irrumpido en el siglo 21 como la nación rápidamente modernizado y la gente miraba para pavimentar más de la cultura de genéricos y reservado y la arquitectura de los años de la federación. El auge de la construcción que siguió vio a miles de genéricos bloques de hormigón demolido para dar paso a la construcción de nuevas ciudades brillantes ultra-moderno. En contraste con la construcción del nuevo edificio ultra-moderno, en las ciudades descuidado durante mucho tiempo histórico en todo el país un proyecto masivo para restaurar las áreas a su antigua gloria ocurrido. Ensuñanos Hoy sentimos muy orgullosos de su país y su cultura vibrante, y bajo su amada bandera azul y blanco que esperan llevar ese entusiasmo a la escena mundial, y han comenzado a mostrar interés en la organización de una serie de eventos internacionales, incluyendo por supuesto, esto licitación para la Simlímpicos.

Ahora, aquí están algunos hechos sobre Ensuña:



Unión de CJ


Lenguas Oficiales

español, portugués, inglés

Lenguas Regionales

vasco, catalán, gallego




2.839.709.782.135,14 USD

Tipo de Gobierno

Tricameral República

Animal Nacional


Plato Nacional


Deporte Nacional


Apariciones Simylímpicos


El Más Popular Canal de Deportes

IENC Deportes

La Alfabetización


por ciento de la población con acceso a internet


Más Grande Proveedor de Servicios Internet


El Número de Aeropuertos Internacionales


El Porcentaje de Carreteras Pavimentadas


Sistema Nacional de Autopistas


Autopista Norma Nacional de Límite de Velocidad

125 kmh (77,7 mph)

Porcentaje de Población con Acceso a Transporte Público



Sitios de Eventos


Planned Events

Opening Ceremony, Athletics, Cultural Events, Football, Atheltics Closing Ceremony

Eventos Planificados

Ceremonia de Apertura, Eventos Culturos, Fútbol, Atletismo, Athletic Ceremonia de Clausura


Planned Events

Sailing, Rowing, Modern Pentathlon, Swimming, Triathlon, Night Events

Eventos Planificados

Navegación a Vela, Remo, Pentatlón Moderno, Natación, Triatlón, Eventos de Noche


Planned Events

Mountain Biking, BMX

Eventos Planificados

Bicicleta de Montaña, BMX


Planned Events

Handball, Badminton, Volleyball

Eventos Planificados

Balonmano, Bádminton


Planned Events

Basketball, Volleyball

Eventos Planificados

Básquetbol, Voleibol


Planned Events


Eventos Planificados



Planned Events

Football, Field Hockey

Eventos Planificados

Fútbol, Hockey sobre Hierba


Planned Events

Football, Rugby, Field Hockey

Eventos Planificados

Fútbol, Rugby, Hockey sobre Hierba


Planned Events

Beach Volleyball, Night Events

Eventos Planificados

Voleibol Playero, Eventos de Noche

Please Note that not all of the beach is shown, the beach completely wraps around the city of San Sebastian.

Tenga en cuenta que no todos los de la playa se muestra, la playa completamente envuelve alrededor de la ciudad de San Sebastián.

(Not Shown: Erikkson Rowing and Kayaking Complex, Sofia Roja Stadium (San Sebastian - Rugby), Erikkson Baseball Park, and Erikkson Velodrome. All are currently under construction.)

(No se muestra:. Eriksson Remo y Kayak complejo, Sofía Roja Stadium (San Sebastián - Rugby), Erikkson Parque de biesbol, y Eriksson Velódromo Todos están actualmente en construcción.)

Accommodations and Sights

Alojamiento y Atracciónes


The Athlete Residence in Erikkson will be the Heywood Resort at the Simlympic Park. The resort was just completed and is fitted with all the modern amenities you could ever want. The Resort will not open to the public until after the Simlympics, but is expected to receive a five star rating. There are training facilities in every building of the resort.

La Residencia de Deportistas Eriksson será el Resort Heywood en el Parque Simlympic. El complejo se completó justo y está equipado con todas las comodidades que usted podría desear. El complejo no se abrirá al público hasta después de la Simlympics, pero se espera que reciba una calificación de cinco estrellas. Hay centros de formación en todos los edificios del complejo.


The Athlete Residence in San Sebastian will be the Picturesque Las Velas Resort, constructed in 2002, it is a five star resort outfitted with all the amenities Simlympic Athletes could want, with trail access and training facilities on-site.

La Residencia deportista en San Sebastián será el pintoresco Las Velas Resort, construido en 2002, es un resort cinco estrellas equipado con todas las comodidades que pueda desear Simlympic atletas, con posibilidades de acceso en pista y la formación en el lugar.


The Athlete Residence in Alcelago will be the historic five-star Gorri Arrano Hotel, constructed in 1939 after the Great Alcelago Earthquake to show the resilience of the Insulonian Basques. The hotel has been updated with modern amenities and has a training facility on-site.

La Residencia de Deportistas Alcelago será el histórico cinco estrellas Gorri Arrano hotel, construido en 1939 después del Gran Terremoto de Alcelago para mostrar la resistencia de los vascos Ensuñan. El hotel ha sido actualizada con todas las comodidades modernas y cuenta con un centro de formación en el lugar.


The historic old town of San Sebastian, a very interesting place to visit. Just be careful it's extremely easy to get lost in the maze of narrow streets.

El casco histórico de San Sebastián, un lugar muy interesante para visitar. Sólo tenga cuidado de que es muy fácil perderse en el laberinto de calles estrechas.


The Republic Museum, housed fittingly inside a modern building designed to resemble sails with wind behind them, representing the future of Insulo, is an extremely interactive and engaging museum of the History of the Modern Insulonian Republic.

El Museo de la República, ubicado apropiadamente dentro de un moderno edificio diseñado para parecerse a las velas con el viento detrás de ellos, lo que representa el futuro de Ensuña, es un museo muy interactivo y atractivo de la Historia de la República moderna Ensuñan.

There are a number of highly rated hotels in the vicinity of all the venues, many of which will be offering special deals to spectators who show share their ticket identification number when reserving your room. The government plans to reserve a large number of rooms that can only be reserved by persons who possess a Simlympics Ticket. More Information in this aspect of the bid will be presented if the bid is selected, due to time constraints.

Hay una serie de hoteles valorados en las proximidades de todos los lugares, muchos de los cuales se ofrecen ofertas especiales a los espectadores que muestran compartir su número de identificación del billete en el momento de reservar su habitación. El Gobierno tiene previsto reservar un gran número de habitaciones que sólo pueden ser reservadas por personas que posean un billete Simlympics. Más información en este aspecto de la oferta se presentará si la oferta es seleccionada, por falta de tiempo.






Insulo, especially in the Erikkson Metropolitan Area, has invested a large amount of money and planning into developing a 21st century transportation network utilizing all forms of transportation. Two of the three host cities are served by an International Airport. Erikkson International Airport serves Erikkson and Scio and is the largest and busiest airport in Insulo, with 144 gates. San Sebastian is served by Cecilia Martinez International Airport, a major regional airport in Maresa, with 36 gates. Athletes will reach Alcelago, the only bidding city not served by an International Airport, via government owned aircraft to Alcelago Airfield. Spectators can reach the city by transit helicopter from Casa Barrera International Airport, by automobile via TIE-67, and by rail via the Águila Line. During the games the helicopter route to Alcelago will operate at quintuple normal capacity, and this is expected to be the primary mode of transportation to the events in Alcelago. Within all the cities there are highly modernized light rail networks, both above and below ground. The bid cities are all connected by the Insulonian Transit Helicopter System, and San Sebastian and Erikkson are connected with ferry lines. During the Games Simlympics Tickets will permit you free use of all modes of public transit, including taxis. The Insulonian Government will bear this cost for the convenience of the visitors to the games. The goal of the transportation plan is to provide the smoothest possible transit between venues.

Ensuña, especialmente en el área metropolitana de Eriksson, ha invertido una gran cantidad de dinero y la planificación en el desarrollo de una red de transporte del siglo 21o utilizando todas las formas de transporte. Dos de las tres sedes son atendidas por un aeropuerto internacional. Eriksson aeropuerto internacional sirve Eriksson y Scio y es el aeropuerto más grande y concurrido de Ensuña, con las 144 puertas. San Sebastián es servido por Cecilia Martínez del aeropuerto internacional, un gran aeropuerto regional de Maresa, con 36 puertas. Los atletas llegarán Alcelago, la ciudad de licitación sólo no son atendidas por un aeropuerto internacional, a través de las aeronaves propiedad del gobierno de Alcelago aeródromo. Los espectadores pueden llegar a la ciudad en helicóptero de la Casa Barrera de tránsito del aeropuerto internacional, en automóvil a través de TIE-67, y por ferrocarril a través de la línea Águila. Durante los juegos de la vía helicóptero a Alcelago funcionará a quintuplicar la capacidad normal, y esto se espera que sea el principal modo de transporte para los eventos en Alcelago. En todas las ciudades hay redes de luz altamente modernizado por ferrocarril, tanto por encima como por debajo del suelo. Las ciudades candidatas están todos conectados por el Ensuñan tránsito helicóptero del sistema, y San Sebastián y Eriksson se conectan con líneas de ferry. Durante los Juegos Simlympics Entradas le permitirá el uso gratuito de todos los modos de transporte público, incluidos los taxis. El Gobierno Ensuñan asumirá este coste para la comodidad de los visitantes a los juegos. El objetivo del plan de transporte es proporcionar la más suave posible tránsito entre lugares.




Join in the Celebration

Insulonian Culture is alive and welcoming; when you are immersed in it you can feel the energy around you, and the custom of friendliness and hospitality insures you will be embraced and surrounded by it. Fiery is a fitting adjective in more than one way, Insulonians are fiercely patriotic and independent, and they love nothing more than a good festival celebrating this surrounded by bursting fireworks in the air laden with smoke and the sweet sounds of music. Festivals area major facet of Insulonian Culture, they bring together the different people in a community, whether it’s the farmers in a hamlet in Varmeta or the youth of an urban university. From subdued rural barbecues to the bright and sparkler filled carnival celebrations, Insulonians take their celebrations seriously, to miss a local festival for anything short of an emergency is practically unheard of.

Únete a Ca Celebración

Ensuñan Cultura está vivo y acogedor, cuando se sumergen en él se puede sentir la energía que te rodea, y la costumbre de hospitalidad y servicio asegura que se abrazaron y rodeado por ella. Fuego es un adjetivo adecuado en más de una forma, Ensuñanos son ferozmente patriótico e independiente, y que el amor no es más que un buen festival celebra este rodeado de fuegos artificiales estallan en el aire cargado de humo y los dulces sonidos de la música. Festivales faceta importante área de Ensuñan Cultura, que reunirá a los diferentes personas en una comunidad, ya sea a los agricultores en una aldea en Varmeta o los jóvenes de una universidad urbana. Desde sometido barbacoas rurales a las celebraciones de carnaval brillante y lleno de bengala, Ensuñanos tomar sus celebraciones en serio, a perder un festival local de nada menos que una emergencia es prácticamente desconocida.

Artistic Expression

The arts are not only embraced in Insulo, they are the way of life, community art displays fill city centers and music is frequently heard echoing through the evening air in a kind of perfect melody with sounds of night and the voices of the townspeople mingling around the square. The art of Insulo is distinctively Iberian, as is its music. As such dance is another important art, and the spinning of brightly colored flamenco dresses in squares and on stages almost always signals the beginning of summer.

Expresión Artística

Las artes no son sólo abrazó en Ensuña, son la forma de vida, muestra de arte en centros comunitarios de la ciudad y la música se oye con frecuencia haciendo eco a través del aire de la tarde en una especie de melodía perfecta con los sonidos de la noche y las voces de la gente del pueblo alrededor de mezcla la plaza. El arte de Ensuña es claramente ibérica, como lo es su música. Tales como la danza es otra de arte importante, y el giro de trajes de flamenca de colores brillantes en las plazas y en escenarios casi siempre marca el comienzo del verano.

Religious Harmony

Another important part of Insulonian society is religion, Insulo is primarily Roman Catholic with a significant Islamic minority. Since the beginning of the Republic, the government has strove to create a completely free, equal, and respectful society. For the most part this has succeeded, and all degrees of religious practice from atheism to the most devout exist in harmony. Insulo prides itself in this, and thus in addition to the usual local celebrations, art displays, and markets, religious festivals are a frequent sight in the town squares and streets around the country.

Armonía Religiosa

Otra parte importante de la sociedad Ensuñan es la religión, Ensuña es principalmente católica con una importante minoría islámica. Desde el comienzo de la República, el gobierno ha esforzó por crear una sociedad completamente libre, igual, y respetuosa. En su mayor parte, esto ha tenido éxito, y todos los grados de la práctica religiosa del ateísmo a la mayoría de los devotos conviven en armonía. Ensuña se enorgullece de ello, y por lo tanto, además de las habituales celebraciones locales, exposiciones de arte, y los mercados, fiestas religiosas son un espectáculo frecuente en las plazas y calles de todo el país.

Community Unity

The center of Insulonian cultural life is the city center, whether it’s a small plaza at the junction of two streets in the smallest village to the Plaza Mayor in Nueva Valencia, the meeting place of every community is its square. All the major events in Insulonian culture take place on this local stage, creating an unwavering sense of community and fierce local and national pride. This pride creates some very interesting rivalries in sports and other competitions. In many places the entire community will come out to attend sporting and musical events, from the primary school plays to the most bitter football rivalry.

Unidad de la Comunidad

El centro de la vida Ensuñan cultural es el centro de la ciudad, si se trata de una pequeña plaza en el cruce de dos calles en el pueblo más pequeño de la Plaza Mayor de Nueva Valencia, el lugar de encuentro de toda comunidad es su plaza. Todos los eventos más importantes en la cultura Ensuñan llevará a cabo en esta fase local, creando un sentido firme de la comunidad y fiero orgullo local y nacional. Este orgullo crea algunas rivalidades muy interesante en los deportes y otras competiciones. En muchos lugares de toda la comunidad va a salir para asistir a eventos deportivos y musicales, desde la escuela primaria juega a la rivalidad futbolística más amargo.

This culture with its hospitality, incredible national and community pride, unique harmony of a great diversity of peoples and beliefs, and its insatiable appetite for celebration and friendly interaction is the perfect environment to give birth to a Simlympics no one will ever forget, if they even want to leave.

Esta cultura de la hospitalidad, el orgullo increíble nacional y comunitario, la armonía única de una gran diversidad de pueblos y creencias, y su insaciable apetito por la interacción celebración y amigable es el ambiente perfecto para dar a luz a una Simlympics nadie va a olvidar, si incluso quieren dejar.




Tradition of Tapas

Insulo has unique and diverse culinary tradition. Food in Insulo is an entire cultural experience in itself. The tradition of tapas makes going out for food at night an exciting adventure that is different every time. At night the streets come alive with people "van de tapas", which literally means going to tapas, expressing it's status above a simple trip to a restaurant.

Tradición de Tapas

Ensuña tiene tradición culinaria única y diversa. Alimentación en Enusña es toda una experiencia cultural en sí mismo. La tradición de tapas hace salir a los alimentos por la noche una aventura apasionante que es diferente cada vez. Por la noche, las calles cobran vida con las personas "van de tapas", que literalmente significa ir a las tapas, expresando su estatus por encima de un simple viaje a un restaurante.

Influence of the Sea

Seafood is an important aspect of Insulonian gastronomy, with plentiful fishing grounds encircling the country. The diet in most coastal regions, such as the Hogara region that contains Erikkson, consists mostly of seafood, served in just about any manner imaginable. The specific seafood served depends heavily on the season and the "Catch of the Day", so you can experience a variety of seafood options and explore new flavors.

Influencia del Mar

El marisco es un aspecto importante de la gastronomía Ensuñano, con abundantes zonas de pesca de cerco del país. La dieta en la mayoría de las regiones costeras, tales como la región que contiene Hogara Eriksson, consiste principalmente en pescados y mariscos que se sirve en casi cualquier forma imaginable. Los mariscos específica servido depende en gran medida de la temporada y la "pesca del día", así que usted puede experimentar una variedad de opciones de productos del mar y explorar nuevos sabores.

The Art of Jamón

Ham is Insulo is not you basic deli meat ham, Insulonians take their ham seriously. A special variety called Jamón Alcadía is prized above all others. To bear this prestigious name the ham must come from an Alcadean Black Pig, raised with free range of a specified amount of area per pig in the traditional manor. The ham is then dried for two weeks, after which it is cured for 12-48 months until it is ready for sale. The ham is traditionally served in very thin slices, sometimes as part of a tapas offering.

El arte de Jamón

El jamón en Ensuñá no es que el jamón de base carnes frías, Ensuñanos tomar su jamón en serio. Una variedad especial llamado Jamón Alcaldía es apreciado por encima de todos los demás. Para soportar este prestigioso nombre del jamón debe provenir de un cerdo Alcaldíano Negro, levantó con aire libre de una cantidad determinada de la superficie por cerdo en la casa tradicional. El jamón se seca durante dos semanas, tras lo cual se cura de 12-48 meses hasta que esté listo para la venta. El jamón se sirve tradicionalmente en rodajas muy finas, a veces como parte de una oferta de tapas.



The Bidding Committee would like to end the bid presentation with a thank you to everyone for taking the time to read through our bid. Thank you all, and especially thank you to the other bidding nations that have given us such great competition. Good Luck to all, we hope we get the opportunity to truly show you what Insulo is all about in June.

¡Hasta Luego!

El Comité de Licitación gustaría terminar la presentación con una oferta gracias a todos por tomarse el tiempo para leer a través de nuestra oferta. Gracias a todos, y especialmente gracias a las naciones de licitación otros que nos han dado la competencia tan grande. Buena suerte a todos, esperamos tener la oportunidad de mostrar lo que realmente le Ensuña se trata en junio.

¡Hasta Luego!



Well we're taking a break from the media barrage for an update on the town of Paxí on a small island in the far south of Maresa near the Andalusian sea border. I worked really hard on this relatively small town, so I hope you like it.

Although it is in prime location for a tourist mecca, Paxí has managed to retain it's small town charm through extremely restrictive zoning laws that essentially prohibit all new growth, which has kept the town true to the form of the town that have occupied these islands for as long as anyone can remember.

We start with a glimpse of Paxí pristine beaches, rarely traversed by the sandal-clad feet of tourists.


More of the beaches glistening in the warm sun.


You can only wish you lived here, most of the towns residents wouldn't sell these homes for their lives.


The town center with the mission built in 1298 to convert the citizens of these islands to Christianity. Services are no longer held inside the building, and are instead held outside in the square until the parish can gather enough funds to build a new church.


Another square and the town football pitch, where citizens enjoy their favorite pastime, other than sitting on the beach and watching the sunset of course.


A winery just outside of town, with a villa building that was built in 1566. The land has been in use for wine making for longer than any other parcel of land in Insulo.


Now here's something I've never done before, but I think it turned out quite well. Mosaic!




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