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  1. KC Power and Light Building

    it's awesome but could we get a version without the parking lot please? -
  2. Small Houses

    your bats are great, i just wish you would also enable them to grown in the chicago 1890 building set (for old-looking cities.) -
  3. SC2K Brickwall Condos

    i like it, especially your imagining of the backside with the patios. great job. -
  4. Steerforth Tower

    awesome. and i like the 4x2, it adds variety. cheers. -
  5. The Fun Palace

    awesome. we need more custom rehabbed lots for the game. now, if only we could get some old mill conversions... -
  6. City Convetion Center

    awesome, original idea. i love it!!! cheers. -
  7. Hong Kong Immigration Tower

    looks gorgeous and detailed in these pics. bravo. -
  8. Sword Tower

    sweet. i like the reused base...i wish that'd been done with the old penn station in NYC. -
  9. BSP Allmendinger Organ Co

    awesome work, and versatile building. -
  10. BLaM Tornado Tower

    awesome. looks like a better version of the original freedom tower/chicago spire hybrid design. 9 for now, 10 once functional. -
  11. Korean Air Head Office In Simcity

    awesome work. -
  12. Warsaw Krakowskie przedmiescie 6

    beautiful building, but could we please get it on the Chicago tileset because this building is more appropriate to that tileset's year than the Euro tileset? thanks for the great building, -
  13. Northgate Office Tower

    awesome!!! someone help him out with nightlighting. 10, even w/o nightlighting. -
  14. Kvassmans Offices

    awesome. 10. fills a need for good, old modern architecture. -