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  1. AGS Parsons Memorial Speedway

    Something I think ST has lacked for a while 10/10.
  2. BLaM Modular Railyard System

    WOW. Now I'll have to redesign my inner-city yards. But thats a good thing with this pack. 10/10.
  3. Plopable Farm Field Pack

    Something I need so much. Great idea. Keep up the good work.
  4. marrast Road Loop

    This would make morning commutes a little more interesting. :)
  5. Doppler Radar Tower

    Very good. Will add nicely to another smaller doppler radar building I have.
  6. Hotel Gran Sol

    Good way for them to make the hotel standout. Looks cool.
  7. Fire Station Cul De Sac

    Simplisitic design that lends itself to almost anywhere in a town. Looks very natural to me. Good work.
  8. Amtrak GE P42DC

    Very realistic. Good work.
  9. Particle Accelerator

    This could go well in my major science/university center in my region. Nice work.
  10. SFBT Cooling Tower by Mathe Man

    Cool. SFBT never stops amazing me with your quality and inginuity.
  11. Welcome Signs GMAX Files and Textures

    Cool. I can so use this. Great work.
  12. The Cobb Emperador Hotel

    Great looking. Really reminds me of one of the old grand Canadian railroad hotel. I think its in Toronto?? 10/10
  13. NDEX Old Post Office by Ardecila

    You my man are very talented!! Looks great.
  14. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    The biggest city in my region: Shawnopolis. http://img244.imageshack.us/img244/5954/shawnopodowntown5ac.jpg align=baseline> Union Station and the Sports Complex included.
  15. My region is set up as a State of the US. The State of Franklin (it actually existed, look it up) is set up as a bicamural legislature, a governer and a state supreme court. Below that are various County and City governents.