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  1. WOW! Beautiful town! 5/5
  2. Modern Tn house

    I've seen houses like these outside Tunis in Carthage.
  3. The Little Mosque

    [quote name='panthersimcity4' timestamp='1187570027'] Kinda cute... (never use that word lol) Heheheheh, It would be nice to have a minaret... where is the Imam supposed to do the call for prayer? Well, there's always a cherry picker... lol [/quote] Ha I was gonna say cute too.
  4. Pointe au Baril Ontario

    OMG! This map is so detailed! Greetings from NS. (lol)
  5. RMIP 2 Small Airport Edition Vol 2

    THANK YOU! I needed this badly! Infinity thanks <3
  6. RMIP 2 Small Airport Edition Vol 3

    Ugh I guess this is useless now if there's no volume 2!
  7. Halifax Boxes

    Love my hometown Halifax! Thanks for making these.
  8. Toronto Canada | A City Silenced

    Next, Montreal! MWAHAHA! ...Just kidding, awesome picture of the CN tower though!
  9. Lucienne

    Pas de photos?
  10. Ghufran

    The shacks are boathouses, part of the PEG PPONDS set.
  11. The before last picture angle is trippy haha! But seriously, the developpment is quite realistic and the streets are also well chosen. Arriving at that big intersection would probably scare me! Nice update!
  12. Commercial city, rural setting, and ruins!

    Time is going by fast, it's been a while since I've shown an update for Ghufran. Ghufran has grown into a city! With offices, and shopping stores. But it isn't all good. The more it grows, the denser and larger the slums are. As you can see there are also lots of appartments and tennant buildings. These are the housing projects for the unwealthy residents. I've experimented with a variety of buildings for the city center: That's not all. Outside the city there are beautiful rural settings. Many farmers chose zoned agriculture areas outside the city because of it's expansion and it can cause a threat to crops. Here are some rural pictures: And the picture I saved for last... RUINS! Far outside of town, and the rural outskirts, a lonely hermet discovered a strange pattern of stones behind his shack. He has reported this to the Ghufran government and many South American archeologists are in and out of the country, unearthing these strange walls. There are many old tales that the natives pass down about an ancient civilization. The modern Ghufranians see these as only a campfire story, but the natives were serious. Could this be what they're talking about? Many more walls are to be uncovered, and analyzed to find out wich year they can be dated back to. That's all for now. I'm open for all comments and suggestions of what I can make for the Ghufran CJ. Thanks for viewing!
  13. Vercelli - A Journey Northwards

    WOW! This is amazing! I think you should make it a journey through the nation.
  14. From Slum to City

    dannymc92: I'm glad you noticed! I was thinking of tropico2 while working on this! simfreak1998: Thank you! Glad you like it.  :)
  15. Update 12 | Jordan Hare International Airport

    That's a good layout for a large airport! Transit is also great. But it needs more taxiway to access the runway. I once had a connecting flight at New York JFK (HUGE airport like this) and the planes were just lined up to take off at every runway. But other than that it's pretty good for it's size. :)