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Time is going by fast, it's been a while since I've shown an update for Ghufran. :]

Ghufran has grown into a city! With offices, and shopping stores. But it isn't all good. The more it grows, the denser and larger the slums are. As you can see there are also lots of appartments and tennant buildings. These are the housing projects for the unwealthy residents. I've experimented with a variety of buildings for the city center:


That's not all. Outside the city there are beautiful rural settings. Many farmers chose zoned agriculture areas outside the city because of it's expansion and it can cause a threat to crops. Here are some rural pictures:



And the picture I saved for last... RUINS! Far outside of town, and the rural outskirts, a lonely hermet discovered a strange pattern of stones behind his shack. He has reported this to the Ghufran government and many South American archeologists are in and out of the country, unearthing these strange walls. There are many old tales that the natives pass down about an ancient civilization. The modern Ghufranians see these as only a campfire story, but the natives were serious. Could this be what they're talking about?


Many more walls are to be uncovered, and analyzed to find out wich year they can be dated back to.

That's all for now. I'm open for all comments and suggestions of what I can make for the Ghufran CJ. Thanks for viewing! :]


From Slum to City

Ghufran is growing quickly. Multi-story residential buildings are starting to pop-up around town, industry is growing and polluting more than ever! The fishing and agriculture industries are exporting. Ghufran has became an economic partner with neighbour country Brazil. They've even built a rail for industry to trade. Here is a picture of the growth.


Here is a photo of a small neighbourhood run farm.


The rail station and some heavy industry.


Fishing, as always, is a popular profession. It is pretty traditional for the people here.


Stay tuned!


A growing community

Ghufran is entering a new age. The settlers have discovered something about their new climat/environment: Agriculture! This industry may be the dawn of a new economy in the future. The biodiversity of the land is great for planted different things.

Also, the village shown in the picture is the capital of the young political territory Ghufran. The symbol you might have seen in the banner is the flag of Ghufran, it was adopted from their home land. Here it is:


Here is a picture of the new agriculture, visible on the far right. You may also notice many logging areas cleared to build more houses:


Also, here is a picture of the end of town located on the river (today named Rio Negro) where they get lots of fish, a growing source of food resource:


Stay tuned for more Ghufran!



Welcome to Ghufran!

Ghufran is a small nation founded by the Maronite people of Lebanon, during the Maanid Emirate. The people settled in this region in the early 1600s. Here is the location of Ghufran.


Here is the early settlement/village of the Maronites. The church is the large noticable building of the community. The village is located on the coast of a river.


So that's all to introduce Ghufran. Hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned for large updates of Ghufran.

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