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Return to the nation that started it all. Vercelli.







Although by no means brand new images, I'm bringing them over to this thread so that they can be showcased as apart of the work I've done before with Vercelli. A new take on an old city, Prato is the majestic and beautiful capital of the nation. Divided into several layers, the districts make it easier for the nation to track citizens movement and keeping lower classes from entering Royal and Aristocratic districts.







Prato straddles along the riverbanks and hugs the steep hills that rise up eventually into the mountains that surround the city. Known for its interconnectedness with nature, the city is often less than a mile wide and is usually situated on four levels. The River District is the level that is situated on the lowest built level within the city and is situated on both sides of the bank where the city is located. Open to any classes and with unrestricted access to foreigners, this level is where many shops, international agencies and businesses, government, and union buildings are located. The other three levels are usually only open to citizens in most places, although the more visited landmarks on all levels are usually open to foreigners and most class levels.








The Royal District is located on the highest level in the city and is where Royal and Aristocratic families have their homes and offices. The Grand Palace is located on this level as is the national cathedral ,one of the few churches allowed to be built within the nation. Christian King Axtisis built the church in 1716, and it has been a monument to Vercellian architecture ever since. The cathedral was transformed into a Grecco Temple in 1919. Located one level down is the Royal Temple, built to serve the Grecco Gods in 1783.



The Forgotten Kingdom


Die Katedralen auf St. Marks is the largest Protestant Cathedral in Chloe' and is also one of the tallest structures. All major cathedrals in Chloe sit about 8 to 10 meters above the rest of the city, this was done to put God and his work above the rest of the city. This also ensured that no matter where in the city you stand, you could see the many Cathedral towers throughout the city towering over other city blocks.


Die Katedralen auf St. Christopher is the Largest Catholic Cathedral in Chloe', and sits in the center of the old cities hustle and bustle. Built in the late 1700's it has been the center for much activity in Chloe for over 200 years. Lately though the church has had troubles staying above bankruptcy thanks to very few Lorraine citizens attending Mass anymore. The Government has offered to buy the cathedral, but so far the members of the church have not budged. The Church continues to be very famous with tourists and tours ironically are one of the cathedrals main purposes now.








High Speed rail is a very important way of travel within the nation, and Chloe is a shining example of this. The city's central location has caused 6 major stations to be built, with almost 145 million people using the stations every year.




Lorraine's Central Business District, Panzer Plaza is teaming with billboards and action. Some of the area's hottest clubs sit in the basements or lower floors of the numerous hotels and buildings in the area. The plaze boasts six major buildings, with Lufthansa hosting its second biggest office in city, Continental holding its European HQ, Adidas having its HQ and Nike hosting its European office's in as well. The nations extremely business friendly attidtude has caused numerous companies to set up headquarters or major branches within the city to capitalize on Euro markets. On top of all these companies, many major Fashion Houses host not only their stores and boutiques but also workshops in the city. Notables include the likes of Fendi, Dolce&Gabbana, Coach, Chloe, Jean Paul Guiltier, and Prada.



The Forgotten Kingdom



Reaching the shoreline of Lake Constance, this lakefront district is mostly new construction from the growth of the city post-WWII. Today with close to 1 million inhabitants, it is by far the largest city in the nation and one of the major centers of economics, politics, and education in central Europe.






The Grand Palace is home to the King and Queen when they are not residing in the beautiful Baden Baden Castle (seen in previous update), and today is surrounded by the lakefront district. Prior to the growth of the city this area was home to some of the nations most prestigious manors and palaces, but today is overflowing with new and ambitious construction projects.



The Forgotten Kingdom


The King still reigns supreme in Lorraine and his rule is perhaps only overshadowed by the majestic Baden Baden Palace on Lake Constance. Built out in the center of the largest lake in the nation, its defensive position has made it the pearl of numerous historic nations that have existed in the region.


Located 13km away over the Pfänder hills is the capital city of Chloe. Much of the city was destroyed during World War II, but the three styles of architecture that occurred within the city throughout its history are still visible. In 1865 a large portion of the eastern city was demolished and the nations Royalty had Georges-Eugene Haussmann redevelop the area into the Royal district. Today some parts of this district can still be seen, but the majority of it was destroyed during the heavy bombardment of the city during WWII. It was replaced with a mostly modern and spartan high-density style as the nation began to focus on consolidating the population for ecological concerns.



Perhaps the most recognizable landmark in the city is it's grand train station, the Bismark Zentrum. Built in the late 1800's to match the city's growing Royal District it was rebuilt to the exact standards after it was largely destroyed by fire in 1903 and bombings during WWII. Today it is the main gateway into the city, and a major center of transit.





The Market District, surrounded by the city's numerous canals. Built to provide easy transportation throughout the city's several districts, today the canals serve as parkland but still see moderate traffic with the cities numerous barges and cruises. Unlike most cities however the Chloe market is still used heavily by residents and tourists alike for everything from basic necessities to luxury goods.


Members of Parliament were built apartments in the city during the 90's, and today they continue to be the city's most exclusive residences.



Welcome to the small village of Laupen, the political center of Die Untere Hochland. The only canton with a direct form of democracy, members of the village and surrounding area meet once a week on Saturday afternoons to discuss local politics and to vote on measures, resolutions, and laws.

This alone is a popular tourist attraction, and has lead to the building of a new train station in the newer part of the village.


The GHSR is the national high speed rail company that links the capitol (St. Gallen) with fringe settlements in the nation, along with direct lines to Munich, Zurich, Frankfurt, and Paris.









Still surrounded by the walls that were built to protect it, Laupen is a major tourist attraction in the nation. With many historical charters and resolutions in place, the village has been able to keep it's authentic look that predates the 1700's. The city's main cathedral was built in 1803, and is considered to be one of the finest pieces of architecture in the nation.


Built in 1816, the Bank des Hochlandes is one of the most important sources of jobs in the nation. Although the bank has since moved it's headquarters to St. Gallen, there is still a major branch open in the city. Today Bank des Hochlandes has locations in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and southern Germany.



St. Gallen


Welcome to the Historic District of St. Gallen. The city is divided into two districts of architecture, the western half seen below, and the eastern half which was largely destroyed during WWII and thus has newer and more modern construction.








Like many larger towns in Moritz, St. Gallen is a narrow and very dense city, built to keep it's ecological impact small. There are very few roads in the historic district, citizens and tourists either walk through the crowded and winding streets, or ride the subway which runs underneath the city.

Built in 1992, the U-Bahn has one line that runs from the western portion of the city over to the newer eastern portion. The terminus for the lines are Parliament in the historic district, and the Naturhistorisches Museum der Burgergemeinde St. Gallen (National History Museum of St. Gallen) on the eastern side.

Parliament can be seen in the image above, with the large plaza in front of it. Offices for the staff and Parliament members can be seen across the plaza in the square building.

The most influential Guilds in Moritz all have their houses on the main plaza. To this day Moritz is still influenced by the guild system, which has major control over many aspects of the economy.


These historic Guild houses are still in use today, and are the lifeblood of the Moritz economy.


Parliament is split into two chambers, the House of Commons and the House of Royals. Seen above is the house of Commons, which is the larger of the two chambers.



So I've decided to start on a new project, Die Republik Moritz. A pretty medium sized region, I will be working to completely fill it up with villages, small towns, and one major city (St. Gallen). I will be using this thread, so don't worry, you won't have to find a new thread to continue reading this. I'll give you some basic information, and then onto the first update! 49.gif


Moritz is a small nation located somewhere in-between Germany, and Switzerland. The nation has a strict policy of restoration and preservation over growth, so most of the cities are still very old and small. The largest city, St. Gallen, has about 100.000 residents, and dwarfs any other town in pop. size. There is one airport (see update below!), which has service to most major European cities and to New York.


During the summer the nation is a haven for tourists wanting to visit the historic cities and charming country side, and during the winter the nation is a major ski destination. The economy is mainly based on tourism, but also has a strong banking center and is a tax haven for many billionaires and multi-millionaires.

St. Gallen Basel-Belp International Airport

Basel-Belp is a small international airport that serves both Moritz and the general region beyond the nation. On top of serving as the only airport in the nation, it also hosts the HQ for the national airline and some other offices. There is a small cargo base for Fed-Ex and other European carriers. Rumor has it that Qatar Cargo will starting flying into the airport soon

View of the main terminal, taxi-ways, and the runway.







Although modern on the outside, the inside of the main terminal is a better reflection of the nation with it's historic main entrance modeled off of Berlin Tempelhof.


Main terminal outside view. The only jetway was built to serve larger airplanes, but is still mainly used by medium sized regional carriers.


National airline: Helvetic Airways.


Darwin Airlines is the only other airline that has a hub at Basel-Belp, and serves other Swiss, Northern Italian, and Southern German destinations.


Cargo portion of the airport, which surprisingly has a pretty high traffic demand.



Moritz - Kloten

So this is something new, with no relation to Vercelli. I emptied my plugins folder and have been rebuilding it over the past few days. Kloten is what came out of it. So far this is pretty basic, I haven't spent a LOT of time in the lot editor, only because the idea is to finish the map before I go back in and pretty everything up. I do want to do a story with this, so this is kind of a teaser.

After I get more of the basics placed and sorted out I will be coming back in to work on more plaza's, putting in some ships, and overall adding some more life to the pictures.

Until then enjoy! 31.gif


St. Gallen







Our story begins 50 years ago, at the height of the cold war...









Prato, Vercelli







Progetto Phoenix

The Phoenix Project, or Progetto Phoenix, is the largest private development project in the history of Vercelli. At a total cost of 19.1 Billion dollars, the Phoenix Project is expected to supply 30,000 permanent jobs and house 5,000 residents within its borders. With four world class hotels, a designer grocery store, it's own police, fire, and hospital services, along many other amenities, Progetto Phoenix is a select community secluded in luxury, class, and exclusivity.

Phoenix Dominion

Aimed at becoming the center of Vercellian fashion, the Dominion is a 1.5 million square foot building that houses some of the finest stores, restaurants, and clubs in the world. The dominion is also home to Prato Fashion week for the next 6 seasons. With 12 designated show rooms, the Dominion will be able to host the majority of the week's festivities.

Assouline, Balenciaga, Bally, Bottega Venata, Brunello Cucinelli, Bulgari, Cartier, Carolina Herrera, Christian Dior, Chermont-Ferrand, Constantin, De Grisogno, Emilio Pucci, Ermenegildo Zegna, Essentiel, Fendi, Gucci, Hermes, H. Stern, Icône, Ilori de Grisogono, Kiton, Kiki De Montparnasse, Lanvin Prato, Louis Vuitton, Marni, Mikimoto, Miu Miu, Nanette Lepore, NATAN, Paul Smith, Philipp Plein, Prada, POGO, Porche Design, Roberto Cavalli, Tiffany & Co. , Tom Ford, Tourbillon, Van Cleef & Arpels, Versace

Beso, Golden Dragon, Maestro's Ocean Club, Social House, The Pods by Wolfgang Puck, Todd English's P.U.B., Wolfgang Puck's Pizzeria and Cucina


Phoenix Trietta

The smaller of the two commercial buildings, the Trietta tower is the new home of Vogue Vercelli, and Aithon Boreas.

Phoenix Fauva

The Fauva building is not only the largest building in the project, but the largest in the nation. The building hosts the northern entrance to the underground portion of the Dominion, as well as the being the nation's bid for the SCJU economic center. It has been rumored that one of the union's largest banks will be moving its European headquarters into the building.

Phoenix Nareem

Located at the tip of the harbor, the Nareem Hotel and Residences is one of two five star hotels in the project.

Phoenix NATAN

Considered the center of the hotel/residential portion of the project, the NATAN hotel and residences are the second of two five star hotels in the project.

Phoenix Trump

The first Trump property in Prato, the Trump hotel and residences are located in the residential/hotel sector of the project.

Phoenix Peninsula

The first Peninsula hotel on Atlantica Alba, it is the smallest hotel in the project and also considered to be the least commercial.

Phoenix Residences

The Phoenix Residences are located along side the NATAN, Trump, and Peninsula hotels. With over 100 units starting at 1.6 million unio's, the Phoenix Residences are some of the most exclusive and expensive units on the market.

Emaar Properties Development

Prato, Vercelli



I promise replies to the past couple of updates are on their way, just have to find some time to do them. 17.gif



Prato, Vercelli





We begin our journey into the nation like millions do each year, by high speed rail. Vercelink is by far the most popular provider in the nation, and is our preferred method of travel. The line from Cergy, Movia to Prato is known for its beauty, ruggedness, and vast landscapes. The line runs in just over an hour, provding quick service between the two major metropolitan areas. Attendants speak Grecco, French and English along the line to inform passengers of their progress, and complementary champagne is served on all lines once entering into the nation.

With that said, welcome into Vercelli.




Okay... so this isn't new work by any means, but I was going through some of my older images on an old photobucket account and I ran into this. It was simply too good to pass up, and I figured I would pass it onto you. Some of you might remember it, for others its a new take on Vercelli.

So yes... before you ask the title of this update is sort of two faced - a historical look at my work, and a historical look at Vercelli. 9.gif

Vercelli - 1624 (KIngdom of Ciampino) (Vercellian border with the Kingdom of Movia)

















The region north-north-east of Prato is still famous for its numerous sunflower fields and more German/French architecture. Unlike the rest of the nation this area still speaks French, and is closely related to the cities and towns you would find in Movia. 1.gif

On another note, I've decided I want to do a more exploration update style of Vercelli, and so the next few updates that come out will follow that theme. Something in the neck of the woods - Airport, train ride, Prato, Prato, train ride, random city... etc. etc.

I dunno, but that's what I'm thinking. I should be home on Wednesday, so expect some new stuff out this weekend. 49.gif



26.5 miles north-north-east of Prato (Vercelli - Movia Border)






I'm still trying to figure out what direction I want to take this CJ in, and I have it down to either some sort of story or a more directed journey through the nation. We will see I suppose... once I get back to my computer at home I can shoot out some new updates of Prato, or wherever else we decide to go.




Lira, Vercelli

Vercelli (Vërsej), or officially the United Kingdoms of Vercelli (Grecco: Ηνωμ?νa Baσ?λειa τςςι Ικτερ?aς , Italian: Regni uniti di Vercelli), is a small democratic kingdom nation located on the southern peninsula of Atlantica Alba, known as the Alban Peninsula. It shares it's western border with Buesti and Ravoi and Monte-Beausoleil, and borders Movia to the north. The independent state of Mount Physus is an enclave within Vercelli, and the Autonomous City-State of Sulla is also considered to be a holding by Vercelli on the north African coast. The territory of Vercelli covers 26,210 km² and is influenced by a temperate seasonal climate.


Vercelli's capital, Prato, was for centuries the political center of Western Atlantica Alba as the leading city-state in the region. Today the nation still holds a degree of importance on the global level, with numerous cultural, economic, and government institutions. The UN has held a branch office in the city of Riga-Turin since 1988, the SCJU Court of International Affairs and the headquarters of the South Alban Union (SAU) are located in Prato, and many charity and non-for-profit charters and organizations have based themselves out of Niccosa. Vercelli was a founding member of the United Nations and the League of Nations, has been a observer in the European Union since 1973, and is apart of countless treaties and other organizations including NATO, No Passports Required, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the World Trade Organization, the Council of Europe, and the Western European Union.





Vercelli is one of the few modern nations that still follows a polytheistic religion, and the only industrial nation to still implement a caste system to help organize society. The United Kingdoms are rated a top travel destination by magazines such as Conde Nast Traveler, National Geographic and Travel + Leisure. Vercelli is a world renowned center for the arts, fashion, and music, and is host to many weeks of culture, namely Prato Fashion Week and the Niccosa Film Festival. The United Kingdoms are also host to some of the strictest criteria for obtaining visa's, and are known for the impossible courts regarding work visa's and citizenship.


- Basic Information -

United Kingdoms of Vercelli

Kingdom of Ciampino, Kingdom of Ponte-Galeria, Kingdom of Veneto

Capitol (and largest city) - Prato

Other cities - Riga-Turin, Niccosa, Rubano, Lira, Dolo

Area: 26,210 km²

GDP (PPP) - $232.43 billion

Per capita - $46,432

Languages - Grecco, Latin, Italian

Religion - Grecco Polytheism




Prato, Vercelli




Castle = Work in progess. The shore side of the castle in the mosaic needs more work. But I suppose it's good enough to show off for now. This is more of a teaser for the next mosaic, which will be coming out next weekend. I actually have it finished, but since I don't have the game at college I have to spread out my updates between when I can build and when I can't. 3.gif




Vercelli - The Marina


Prato, Vercelli








Have yet to post a CJ on this part of the site, and I figure after so many successful months ... or years ... of CJ's being posted over here I would give it a try. Maybe pick up a few new readers? Anyway this will be the new thread for my CJ, which will be random postings from around the nation in any particular order I do fancy I suppose.

We begin in Prato, the capitol city of Vercelli.



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