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  1. I see the merged.dat is pretty tiny, and you say it is or was a dependency for your lots. I'll just remove all my other added plugins and try your Obelisk lots with and without the merged.dat. But not tonight. Tomorrow I should be able. I'll report back here with the results.
  2. Logistics Centres MegaPack

    I do have those four dependencies also. They don't Juice out of the Logistics Center download itself, I had to download them separately of course. But I downloaded the SG Megaprops you linked, and though its creation date is 2006 and the one I must have gotten from the LEX is dated 2007, that one is only 12.8 MB in size, whereas the one you are using is 17MB in size. That's a big difference. I will swap them out and see if that is it. I sure hope so, because nothing else makes sense about this. Keep in mind I have this exact same problem with no other plugins being used, so it's pretty obviously not a number of plugins problem. I'll be back shortly to update this, hopefully with good news. Update: No change at all with the swapped SG prop. Arrrrrgh. This is a really weird mystery. I'm at a complete loss. And...oh, I see what seems to have happened with the SG files: the textures from the older one probably got moved into the BSC texture packs and out of his prop pack.
  3. Maps, maps, maps

    Ha ha, it's true, isn't it. Well, it's as easy as understanding what is lost when you convert a 16-bit png to an 8-bit jpeg, which apparently is required for in-game rendering along with the config.bmp. I never realized jpegs were only 8-bit. I learned something new.
  4. Oh my, soooo many dependencies. So very many. OK, I downloaded everything needed from the Obelisk Place link and its dependencies, but your merged.dat link is dead now. How about you post any remaining necessary files in one zipped file somewhere I can download, and I will be happy to test any configuration which would be helpful. Please note I am running SC4 on Snow Leopard OS 10.6 on a MacPro 1,1 and the original cd version of Rush Hour, not the newer Universal Binary edition, if that makes any difference to you. Also, there are three versions of the Obelisk Place park through the one download, so I need to know which of these you want tested. Also also, is merged.dat a file of data -you- put together for your lots, or something the general community here uses. If so, I need to know what it is, what it does, and if it might conflict with anything else I have installed. Is it a replacement for the SimCity_1-5 files?
  5. Maps, maps, maps

    Thanks. I'm glad to have a good understanding what the difference is and why we can't just convert an SC4M map using the old-school grayscale jpg for rendering through SC4 itself. And that's a real bit of bad luck for everyone, wouanagaine's laptop theft.
  6. Logistics Centres MegaPack

    Nuts, well so far, growing it anew and plopping both versions renders the same results all across. And actually, now I compare this more closely with your picture @Cyclone Boom, it looks like none of the warehouses are rendering for me, only the railway crane and the semi trailers appearing and disappearing on the parking lots. You can see how much is actually missing from my lot in my original picture a few posts up.
  7. Logistics Centres MegaPack

    Thanks for the sleuthing, @Cyclone Boom @CorinaMarie. I am almost certain I had plenty of water when it grew, but I can raze it and try it again to eliminate that possibility. However, you will note that everything but those three props does show up, so I don't think that's it. I have 771MB of plugins for 854 items presently. I think I've had quite a bit more than that in the past. This being via Mac OS 10.6 and its invisible, built-in Rosetta emulation of a Mac PPC, which is the code the Mac version of the game was written for, I don't think the number of files limitation even necessarily applies to this computer as it might for the newer OS's, but if it does, I never hit it in the past. Plus, it's curious how my one big box and two little boxes is the same missing props that at least one other person described in this thread too as well as being the exact same experience I had five years ago with a different setup. I'll tinker as suggested, but I have this feeling it's still something else entirely. I Juice 33 files out of the exe once I remove the many jpgs and two html files also included. Actually it's 32 proper because "Install_LogisticsCentresPack[68228]-1.un-bzip2ed" is some Windows based installer file or whatnot, which I always just discard. This is the list of what I extract: In looking at my Logistics Center folder in my plugins as used presently, I see I did remove the two Ploppable versions of the lots from the folder since I have no interest in plopping these. I think I encountered one other place where not having the plop lot along with the grow lots caused a brown box or something not to render right...if I recall. I will check this angle out first, though normally you do not need to have a plop version of a lot along with a grow version. Hmm.
  8. Show us your - Region

    I live within eyesight of this beautiful behemoth. It absolutely looms over everything around here, even from 90 miles away.
  9. Subway Strategies

    As a followup to my original thoughts on isolating swaths of residential neighborhoods and/or commercial downtown districts to force commuters onto subways or other mass transit, I realized that you don't want to eliminate -too much- road traffic or your commercial zones, which love having lots of cars and buses drive by, will suffer. So, I can see using this isolating technique to help keep roads out of the red, but not to create a utopian "no cars" society entirely. Though, now that I think about it further....I wonder how commercial zones would develop with no car traffic, but plenty of customers? Does the game count pedestrian traffic as traffic that promotes business? It seems like it should, actually. I might have to test this out.
  10. Subway Strategies

    Yeah, this suggests what the update was about primarily, but it also looks a bit different. "Dependencies: NONE (fixed texture dependency problem)"
  11. My Education Questions

    Ah, I found the article I was looking at here on tax rates before, linked below: The summary chart with the pertinent info, originally offered by Cogeo. Clearly you can leave a developing city's tax rates untouched for a very long time to no ill effect. Here is the neutral tax rate as a function of city population: Population (≤) Neutral Tax Rate 150000 9.0% 450000 8.9% 600000 8.8% 900000 8.7% 1050000 8.6% 1350000 8.5% 1500000 8.4% 1650000 8.3% 1950000 8.2% 2100000 8.1% 2400000 8.0% 2550000 7.9% 2700000 7.8% 2850000 7.7% 3000000 7.6% 3150000 7.5% 3450000 7.4% 3600000 7.3% 3750000 7.2% 3900000 7.1% 4050000 7.0% 4200000 6.9% 4350000 6.7% 4500000 6.6% 4650000 6.5% 4800000 6.4% 4950000 6.2% 5100000 6.1% 5250000 5.9% 5400000 5.8% 5550000 5.6% 5700000 5.4% 5850000 5.1% 6000000 4.8% >6000000 4.0%
  12. Show us your farm land!

    @CorinaMarie You made the plunge! I like those dirt roads for farms too. Where did you get the covered bridge?
  13. Road - failed smoothing terrain

    Without changing whatever you've got in your plugins, I'd do this to get those roads connected: 1. Remove the road coming down the hill several tiles back up from where it ends now, maybe even all the way to the top of the slope. 2. Run the road at the bottom from right to left to the tile where you want it to join the road running down the hill. On the hill side of that tile, make one road dot to flatten the tile next to the road where the hill road will run across just before it joins the left right road. By road dot, I mean hover only over that one tile and drop one road dot onto it. This should not connect the road dot to the left right road, but exist as a separate piece of road next to your road. Doing this will make that tile the same height as the road tile next to it, and will level it also. (This is a great way to level out swaths of terrain precisely and control how intersections will connect. You can extend that flat plane as far as you can, making more such sequential dots tile by tile in any direction from that point. You won't be doing that here, though, just the one dot.) 3. From one spot up the hill from that flattened empty tile now run a rail line up the slope to one or two tiles away from whatever point you removed the hill road back up to. Especially if you have a slope mod installed, the rail line should create a nice smooth, even grade up the hill between your two intended connection points. 4. Delete the rail line. 5. From bottom to top, run your road. it -should- create one flat spot at the bottom where you already flattened one tile, and follow the nice smooth rail line up to the top. You can tweak more than once how far up the hill you run the rail line to smooth it to get the result you want, and then drop your road into that spot.
  14. My Education Questions

    It is my understanding that lowering your tax rate below the neutral rate of 9.0 percent before your city reaches ~130K Sims only causes a very brief bump in behavior, but does nothing lasting to make something more attractive in the long run. In other words, they will be just as likely to develop ongoing hi tech industry at 9% as at 0%, though you might get a flurry of it started at 0% for a few months. After that, you might as well reset it to 9%. So I've read around somewhere.
  15. Post station fix requests here

    I found out that you can drive right through these little garages, out the back side, if there is a road/street right behind it. It effectively operates as one tile of road. No wonder I was getting weird results with it on my route queries. So, for anyone using them, be sure there is no other road as a means out touching it on the other three sides. I also found out that Sims can walk or drive into the back side of a commercial building. Each of these shops is built facing the avenue, but they are driving their cars to work to the back side of the buildings, whether they visually have a parking lot in rear or not.