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  1. Tisnov Area - Part 3

    @ Mutton noir: thanks very much! The amount of time I spend on a city is variable, varying from a few days to sometimes several months (I don't have time to play SC4 on a regular basis). This means I have dozens of unfinished city tiles and every now and then I finish one. I don't really plan the layout. I usually have a general idea about the layout, but it always changes several times while building a city. So, the end result is never as I first imagined it.
  2. Horice

    Hi there and welcome (back) to one of the infrequent updates of my journal. Horice is a small town in the Illyrian mountains. I'll hope you'll enjoy the visit.
  3. Tisnov Area - Part 3

    Thanks very much everyone for your great comments!
  4. Tisnov Area - Part 3

    Finally back with a new entry. After a long time I finally managed to finish the last part of the Tisnov area. This update will feature the city of Tisnov, several villages and a few overviews of the entire area. The city of Tisnov was founded in 1061 and to this day it is the seat of the diocese of Tisnov. The old city consists of two parts: the Old Town and the left bank of the river which runs through the city, and the so-called Bischop's Town where the city's cathedral is located. Inbetween, on a tiny island in the river, is the old city hall. Let's have a look. The cathedral and the Bishop's palace. The old city hall. An overview of the Bishop's Town. The Old Town and its main parish church. Two overviews of the old city center and the surrounding areas. Adjacent to Tisnov is the ancient village of Hlohovec. On the other side of the ponds (see part 1 and 2) is the town of Klárov. An additional view of Lednice with the gardens of the local chateau(see part 2). And finally, two overviews of the Tisnov area. For orientation (first picture): on top the city of Tisnov, to the left Valtice (see part 1), bottom left Klárov and to the right Lednice (see part 2).
  5. Tisnov Area - Part 2

    Thanks everyone for your comment and sorry for the delay in answering them. I have been very busy lately. agunter999:thanks! Hope to see you back. golpes_secos: thank you and always welcome to upcoming entries! Kaalakiota: Thanks very much! Lord Branham: thanks!! pingpong: I was also under the impression that the aquaduct would fit in nicely. Thanks! RepublicMaster: Thank you! Conneticuse: Wow, impressive comment, so thanks very much! The only thing I changed in the pictures is the contrast androidboi: thank you! Poconopits: thanks. These are the good old simfox trees lesgaz: thanks very much! Hazani Pratama: thank you! MilitantRadical: careful planning I guess. Thanks very much! Lance83: good to see you bakc here. Thanks!
  6. Kácov

    This entry is not about the third part of the Tisnov area since I didn't finish it yet. Since I haven't updated my journal recently I thought of entertaining you with something I did manage to finish: the coastal town of Kácov. The town of Kácov has a long and distinguished history as center for trade and culture on the Illyrian coast. An independent commune within the Illyrian Empire during the 15th to 18th centuries, it was an important naval base with strong encircling town walls and protected port.Cultural life thrived as prosperity grew, and Kácov is the site of one of the oldest surviving theatres in the empire, opened in 1612. The seven-century old town walls still survive, as do many of the noble houses and public buildings from 15th - 17th centuries and several churches. I hope you will enjoy the visit.
  7. 07. City Brains - Government District and Etabourn

    Nice work. Like the mixture of Maxis and custom buildings.
  8. Nogovicka 1700.

    Great job! Especially like to photo editing.
  9. Eerikki City - The $24million make over!

    Beautiful work! Well done :)
  10. Tisnov Area - Part 2

    The second entry about the Tisnov Area. Today, we will visit the village of Lednice and its immediate surroundings. The village was founded in 1344 and never gained any importance. The only reason for its existence is its main attraction: the Lednice Castle and the extensive castle gardens. The village itself is rather small and consists of no more than the main square with the oversized parish church and a few surrouding streets. Traditionally, we'll make our first stop at the village square. The square, parish church and the castle. Next stop is the castle. Originally founded in 1344 the present day buildings date from the early 17th century. Surrounding the castle are the extensive castle gardens. Part of these gardens are formal gardens from the 17th and 18th century and the other parts date from the 19th century and consist mainly of wood land. The area between Valtice (part 1) and the village of Lednice. Connecting the two is the so called Castle Avenue lined with many old trees running across the Lednice ponds. The village of Lednice is to the top right and Valtice is situated at the bottom of the picture (but not visible here). To the right the 13th-17th century monastery of st. Anne. To the left is the village of Hlohovec (more about this village in entry 3). Two overviews of the village to conclude. Hope to see you back soon for part 3.
  11. Tisnov Area – Part 1

    TekindusT: wow, thanks!! Alex_1210: thanks very much :) agunter999: thanks, I try to do the same k50: good to have you back and thanks! dalgould, lew1984, monomass: thanks :D thorbald: tahnks and check out the new entry I am about to post spursrule14: thanks everyone for the nomination and for the win!
  12. Trebon

    Thanks everyone very much for the great comments and your continuing support!
  13. Tisnov Area – Part 1

    This is the first entry about the Tisnov area. This area consists of the city of Tisnov, the town of Valtice and the two villages, Lednice and Hlohovec. At the end of the 18th century, the local lordship of Valtice began to create this unique manmade landscape complex. During the 19th century, the area continued to be transformed into a large landscape park with three centres: Valtice Castle (and town) – entry 1 Lednice Castle (and village) – entry 2 The city of Tisnov (and the village of Hlohovec) – entry 3 In 1715 Valtice and Lednice were connected by the so-called Castle Avenue. Between Lednice, Valtice and Hlohovec, the Lednice Ponds are situated. A substantial part of the complex is covered with pine woods and with riparian forests. Except for above mentioned, there are a lot of bigger or smaller pavilions and castles scattered throughout the whole complex, often serving as hunting lodges that we will encounter during our visit to the area. As mentioned before, this first entry is about the town of Valtice. The town is dominated by it late 17th century castle. The town's main street with the early 20th century school building (red roof with green domes) The town square with the 17th church of Our Lady and the small town hall. The castle gardens and surrounding farm fields. One of the pavilions surrounding the town is the so-called Rajstna collonade. The Belvedere Castle to the north of the town. And two overviews of the town. Hopefully I can add the two other entries soon together with an overview of the entire area.
  14. Beam me up, Scotty.

    Looks great. Nice work!
  15. Kalvarie

    Replies: Forthwall: thanks very much! ggamgus: yes, it is SC4 ;). Thank you very much for your comment. k50: Thanks :D. Schulmanator: thank you, you're always welcome to visit. ROFLyoshi: the trees are a mixture of girafe trees (link 1, link2, link3, link4). Thanks for your comment! CyprusTM: Thanks very much! See the links above. Wraner, fatjuice888, Alex_1210, dabadon5: thanks guys! Paulobergonci: hope to see your region soon. Thanks for visiting. Leszczyk: Thanks :D. Wimbo56: you can find the terrain mod here. The links for the trees are above. darkaliendude: Thanks! The only thing I change in the pictures is the contrast, otherwise no touch-up or other changes. spursrule14: thanks everyone for nominating. Fox: thank you very much for your great comment!