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Season 5: Entrum

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Nowoimiasto -> Umyasto


The train have passed through the gentle slope of the Mountain's forest, it is now passing through Umyasto, the new town project just at the edge of Entrum.

Umyasto is a typical new town in the 'Nation', we can see the basic apartment towers for the population again. Umyasto is also a freight transition node, resources and products from other place go into the city through here.

Umyasto -> Progresja Tunnel


Progresja Tunnel connects Umyasto and Entrum. It is a pretty old rail tunnel that served as an important route getting in and out from Entrum. While traffic was getting heavier, the authority built a bypass at the foot of the Mountain that somehow have mitigate the traffic of the railway.

Progresja Tunnel -> Siga's Place


What welcomes the trains for entering Entrum is the 'Wheel of Leadership'. An engineering for promoting tourism and national order, the Wheel of Leadership is built to commemorate the reign and leadership of certain 'Great Leader'.


Siga's Place is surrounded by mountain and water, which is not a common thing in the 'Nation'. A few blocks of guesthouses are also available for visitor who wished to come and experience the landscape and the city.

Now Entering Entrum. Thank You for Travelling with National Rails.



slickbg56, tankmank, TekindusT: Thank you, sure there are pros and cons for building on slopes, I hope the results are pleasing.

MilitantRadical: That's what cable cars are for :), it is challenging and at the same time quite satisfying if I managed to build what I imagined.

Richie99, fan o SC4, Arvenix24, 3ZZZS, Tonraq, Konstantinll: Thanks a lot!

sarthakknight, sejr99999: be mindful for landslide though :)

Casper3141: Maybe one should just sit back in his house and employing drones to look after his life LoL

LnX: The main issue of this season is always the stupid retaining walls form VanillaSC4 or external lots...I probably will cover those up with MMP trees later



Denadoro Mountains ---

Weather has never been stable in the northern mountain region of the 'Nation'. After the long period of snow, there comes the rain season and the beginning of the short summer of the mountains.

The city at the east of Denairsk is 'Entrum'. Entrum is a relatively old and historic city in the 'Nation'. Modernization of the city is moderate, but lacks of signification progresses due to the complex terrain and inland position. However, the rapid development of nearby cities has started to affect Entrum, there will be no exception as development is a 'norm' of the 'Nation'.

The physical position and historical context have made Entrum crowned the name of 'National Backyard'. Since the completion of traffic network connecting Denairsk and the southern cities, Entrum is receiving many visitor, or they call it 'the gift from the Nation for being modest and hardworking'. They use Entrum as a live case of lovely mountain living to encourage (and educate) the citizens to work and live according to the Nation's order -- an great goal of life.



So the new season started. I should admit that the urban structure is kinda loose this time due to extremely uneven terrain. There are many restriction on building on slope, not to mention the limited appropriate growable lots. I don't even bother doing landscaping for the whole mountain anyway, just simple god-mode-trees.

The theme is mid-size mountain city. We can still see traces of socialist influence (as a part of the 'Nation' project). We also have some smaller, classical structures to enhance the historic, or perhaps 'less modern' atmosphere.

I am planning for around 6 to 7 updates on this season, so stay tuned :D

I thank you for all your support, if you have any comment or idea please leave it below :)


Huston: Thanks! It actually don't have much details, except on several to-be-presented area

jmsepe, Richie99, MilitantRadical, tankmank: Thanks for the appreciation!

Tonraq: Thank you, and they are 98% Mayor mod trees with tree controller LOL


Hi There! This has been a while since the last update. As you may have notice I am working on two separated journals - one is this and the other one on Macau Stories, which emphasis on scenery, custom BATs and Lots rather then city making.

The progress on this journal is, well, slow. Mostly due to difficulties on terrain and buildings selection. The actual 'theme' for next season is also constantly changing so I can't tell when will the next entry be published. I got many ideas in my head and it takes some time to test and experiment with them :ooh:

Anyway I would like to show you the current progress of the Northern Region - the Denadoro Mountain Area. Current idea is to make a neighboring city of Denairsk and the capital city of the 'State', the three will eventually merge together to form a sprawling socialistic metropolis.


Still a long way to go :rofl:



Gugu3, NielsC007, MatTSW, Schriefer, Tonraq, Leszczyk, Neto Dari, Crazyforsimcity, Konstantinll, Urban Constanta, TekindusT: Thanks!

jmsepe, Prophet42: Thank you! It sure takes time to select the 'good' industrial buildings, but once you have building your own 'category' on building style it will get better

tankmak: That is the most appropriate excuse for the mistake LOL

MilitantRadical, DonVitoCorleone: Don't worry, wait for the new one :D

rewright: Worker pubs now open!

SimRico, spursrule14: Our honor and enjoy!


This is the last entry on Denairsk. Unfortunately there is no schedule for the next update…Originally I would like to make a Spring season but I am afraid the plan has to be postponed.

I would like all of you to know that I really appreciate your support and comments.

To sum up this season. I have wanted to build a soviet-style city for a long time. By combining knowledge from classes, inspiration from literature, and a cold winter that everyone was experiencing recently. Denairsk was born - a cold, quite depressing but 'grand' city. Luckily I didn't experience great difficulty in building or finding related plug-in. The resources for this type is actually quite abundant.

One great challenge is the problem of repetitive architecture. In my imagination such kind of city would have a vast area of similar-looking apartment blocks, but the result is not very satisfactory, it was hard to take a good angle on such repetitive cityscape without making in boring. I should study more on this but this time I just focus on several area instead of taking a whole picture. Another problem is the functionality of the city. I actually have more different type of apartment blocks in my folder but I wonder why some of them are so hard to grow, causing there are only 3 to 4 different apartments blocks that is truly 'residential' in game.

I would not comment on the snow effect more, sometimes I find it looks like volcanic ash more than snowing anyway.

In general I guess this experiment on snow and soviet city is kinda successful? I get the atmosphere, and I also have that urban structure.

Anyway, please enjoy the last entry. Comments are welcome :)


Turgikorsk Industrial Area


Denairsk didn't come from bare land. The fact is that the city lays at the bottom of Deradoro Mountains - where mineral and natural resources are abundant. This entry introduce the industrial sector of Denairsk.

Timber, Stone and Coal


The Deradoro Mountains have vast area of Coniferous forest, which is considered as the main timber supply of the Nation. Thus forestry and timber-working is one major sector in the economy of Denairsk.


The government needs to building a fixed amount of pre-fab housing every year-plan, so where do all the materials come from? The quarry provides aggregates and stone for the signature material of pre-fab building: concrete.


The entire city is powered by coal. The coal deposit is more than enough for running the electricity for Denairsk and the surrounding cities. The coal mined here also support the growth of the local industry.

The Heart of Steel


When it comes to the most important industry of Turgikorsk, steel production stand out. Raw iron and coal from local or national supply come here for processing. It is said that steel production of Denairsk hold an important role in the economy of the Nation.


Production and target increases every year-plan. To meet the target the industrial zone expands very rapidly. After all, trees and stone removed for expansion go into the production account books, and it strength the heart of worker and the economy.


High production have some costs - including the polluted atmosphere. However by comparing with the bright numbers and the guaranteed bright future, the government, thus the people, has chosen the latter.


Trains of steel products are sent to construction sites and new cities in the border. With blocks and blocks of concrete apartments, tons and tons of new road and rail and the never dropping numbers from the Economy Department, all people in the city are content -- yes, their sweat is the founding stone of the Nation, and the future is always bright and joyful --- propaganda from the national broadcasting channel, every 15 minutes once.


This is the end for Denairsk, thanks for viewing and the support.


Gugu3, gigius76, MilitantRadical, Schriefer, TekindusT, Magneto: Thanks you very much!

Leszczyk: Sure it is!

tankmank, KaZZ: I think open area is like a motif of this style.

Nirwanda, UndercoverNinja12: Well I can say that the city welcomes everyone -- provide that you show your loyality, LOL

Alex_1210, jmsepe: This takes some time and practicing. Basically I use photoshop, Image -> Adjustments -> Replace Color, and replace all the 'green' tone with white. I also replace some grey with white as well for the roof and road. Sometimes when the result is not very satisfactory I would have to merge parts of the original image with parts of the 'snow' image. Once you know the degree of tuning it gets faster and faster for each image, and generally it may take 10 or 20 minutes for me to tune the colour of each one.

MatTSW: Thanks, and the Polish building is very helpful in such theme. There is a hospital on the top of it and I consult Google for that word, which means 'health' I guess? I don't speak Polish myself so correct me if I am wrong!

rewright: yeah…huge amount of empty space :S

SimRico, Benedict, spursrule14: The People of Denairsk are honored.

Bastet69008: Thank you for the appreciation! I am pretty happy with the atmosphere here.


Today we come to the city centre of Denairsk and this would be the second last entry for the season. We have more and longer images today so please take your time and enjoy.


Comparing to the residential area, the urban centre of Denairsk gives a different atmosphere. There are governmental organizations, sculptures and monuments -- artifacts which are related to the Nation (and also the People, of course).



A main urban centre after 'regeneration'. Gorgeous, straight and long avenues flanked with modernist buildings.


Nowoivokzo Station is the landmark of this area. In general movement within the city is not restricted. However if people want to travel beyond the city, 'sensitive region' in particular, they may need special permission to do so (for security, they said). For your information, checkpoints are located on highway as well.


The south end of Centralny Street has neat and uniform offices and apartments, and the station square at the north end. From the square roads radiate and expand. All this layout enhance the presence of Nowoivokzo Station and is a reminder of the great regeneration of the city.


Behind the hill foot of the Station there is the Federation Building of Denairsk. This huge complex of the government represent the spirit of the Nation.



Vokzorgka has not been regenerate too much. What are still visible are the not-so-uniform buildings and streets. Vokzorgka still maintain its old age atmosphere.


Yet everything changes in this city. Vokzorgka is currently surrounded by modern communal apartments. It has been said that old things are not rational in a city like Denairsk.


In additional the Civil Works Bureau has already announced the future plan for Vokzorgka:

"For the gorgeous future of all fellow citizen and the Nation, Vokzorgka will become the medical hallmark of Denairsk. New hospitals, New facilities and New department of medical training will undoubtedly bring us a healthier, more affluent and better life. Current citizens in Vokzorgka should prepare yourselves and related department would bring a more beautiful living environment for you. Thank you for all your sincere corporation for our bright future!"


End of entry. Thanks for viewing and comments are welcomed!

Also I would like to thanks all who have replied and commented on the last entry, your supports are very helpful!


恭喜發財! (Cantonese: Gung Hay Fat Choy or in Mandarin: Gong Xi Fa Cai 恭喜发财, literally 'Congratulation and be rich')

This is the New Year time in the traditional Lunar Year, a.k.a. Spring Festival, in my region. To celebrate we will leave Denarisk for one entry, and visit a distance village in a far away land from Benzihor Region.


'Everything renews itself after hearing the sound of the exploding firecracker'. Last year was the Year of Snake, and as the Snake is gone now, villager welcomes the new Zodiac Animal: The Year of Horse.


The Spring Festival is the greatest festival for the people in the region. Each year people who leave their hometown for life and work come back to their own village for reunion and celebration. The stress of crowded long distance commute fades away as the scene, sound and scent of old town approaches.


Interestingly, although people tend to be very busy before the New Year, during Spring Festival the streets are actually more quite than usual. It may be true that the Spring Festival is a time to take a break and relax with the family, and preparing self for the coming busy year.



I have been pretty busy recently, for work and the preparation of the Chinese New Year. Yet the Year of Snake is coming to its end and I wish all of you have a good year in the Year of Horse!

3 pics are selected for today entry; it is hard to find suitable plugins and models for the topic, and I have done some photoshopping as usual. I hope you like them.

This is also the first time that most part of the image are done in LE. LE is free and good for details, but I think it gets harder to build large area and 'lively' city in the game. Nevertheless LE is great tool to make independent works.

As for Denarisk, choose the right scene is not easy (the buildings are, well, too repetitive anyway), and post-editing of the image needs time. Still I would like to give another update before my holiday ends, as winter will be gone very soon.


coolwiththecool2, evanalmighty, Huston, TekindusT: Thank you very much! I think the atmosphere I havedone here is successful too :D

Benedict: Lol, I am just too lazy to find a less distinctive one anyway

Hellken, Tonraq: "For the people!" They said.

MatTSW: Many of the blocks can be found in STEX, and some from a Polish webside http://www.simcitypolska.pl/index.php?action=downloads ,Google Translate is my best friend in this situation!

bokrif: Thanks for the comment and I agree with you. I found it hard to place identical blocks together as they tend to be occupying at least 80% of the lot, yet it gets weird when I place them one tile after each of the blocks, perhaps further re-lotting can do a better job.

sejr99999: You know what? The very centre of the Nation MAY be unveiled in the next season…


To clarify: 'Modernism' do not have actual forms, styles of elements. The word 'modernism' presents the concept of pursuing new social order and new human environment through the mean and adaptation of new technologies and By changing, reforming the old and classic, human creates a new society with efficiency and order, which is long-wanted for our people -- Notes on the Establishment of the State 037


To achieve the new society, architecture in Denairsk embraces the so-called modernist style. Brutalistic but simple forms and the absence of 'completely useless' decoration, independence and functions are the priorities. Uniqueness and trademarks cannot be found on ordinary building, as people are suppose to remain the same, not special, not wasteful, and not outstanding.


Such concept vastly applied on the public housing project of the city. For the bright future, population growth is necessary. The housing project of Denairsk has to cope with the rapid growth population of the city. Authorities employ the monotonous, massive but ordinary building style for the large number of the population. Under such environment, personal characteristic is not encouraged, and common lifestyle is much more important.


Thanks to the modern industry and technology, monotonous architecture becomes easily available. In particular, prefabrication. 'Prefabrication' means breaking down a building into components, and once the components are done in the assembly line, they are shipped to the site and can be assembled quickly and with ease. This method of construction is quick, efficient, capable in mass production, allows easy quality control, and provide controlled variation for actual construction. To achieve the target of housing for the 7th year plan, prefabrication has the greatest share of all construction activities. The old city will be knocked down, and be replaced by new, modern, dense and monotonous communities, one by one.


Although people in Denairsk are supposed to remain the same and simple, at the same time they are being educated to be highly competitive against each other. This is done to ensure the high efficiency and productivity of the workers. The slogan "I am the best" is being imprinted inside the heart of every citizens, and they even have an official, statistical standard for all achievements in life. You can score in school, in sport, in work, and in innovation. 'We are all the same, and I am the best one'.

Contradiction? No a problem. Contradiction is one base of social stability, anyway.


We continue to have roughly made snow scenes. You have find they may vary in terms of the quality, as the photoshopping process varied each time I attempted to make one :S

The story may be a bit gloomy to some of you. I did these to reinforce the cold as well as dystopian feelings for this season. If you like it, thank you but if you don't, don't bother, that is what dystopian fictions are for.

As always, comments are welcome :)


pasqualegiò: Thank you :) yeah I spent quite some time for building the city, and the other half to PS them LOL

Eclipticalstorm, Huston, Schriefer, TowerDude: Thanks for the support!!


The first day of 2014 and with some spare time, I have finally managed to finish the city of the season.

Building such kind of cities really takes time. Although my cities has never been too big and complex, I wish they suit the preset theme well: architectural theme, transport, terrain and the connections with its neighbour on the regional map…… Snowy theme also make the production take longer than usual.

I hope you enjoy the update, and I also wish you have a wonderful new year!

As usual, comments and replies are absolutely welcome :)


Besides from winter and snow, one big topic of Denairsk is the socialist style. Major parts include social housing, flag and symbols, modernism, nationally owned industries and governmental organizations. Creation is based on my perception on the topic, with influences from books, films and literature, plus references from real cities in the former Soviet and Eastern Europe. Most plugisn are specifically used for such themes, particularly those from Poland.


For better, larger image, click:


More than half of the map is mountain and forest, and the population concentrates in the social housings of the new town, mostly low-wealth. Railway connects to east, south and west through the entire city, and roads to east and north. Steel production is the core of the economy of Denairsk, and mineral extraction as the supportive role.


(I know the naming is very lame and please bear me, I just want to give some foreign feeling for the city!)



feeroz123, IL, pasqualegiò, Prophet42: Thanks for viewing!

Huston: Lol, no citizens in Denaisk are allowed to forget the 'true' source of joy…… if you know what I mean.

Benedict: Thanks! I don't give heavy touches on the story, but just some thin background concepts to aid the picture.



For a larger image click:


Although festivals and religions helps to maintain integrity and identity of the state, these, however, tend to become excuses of indulgences, over-consumption and un-controllable consequences. Therefore the state do not encourage its citizens to participate related events -- Notes on the Establishment of the State 058

While it is holiday seasons in the rest of the world, Denairsk remains its usual low-profile and officially it is just a normal working day in Denairsk. However the state does not actually banned celebrations, it is allowed to have minimum decorations and preparation for the custom (provided by local groceries and workshops by authorized department). Still, the night is calm, snowy and ordinary, and most people in Denairsk believe that being ordinary is good, for both themselves and the state.


Happy Holiday everybody :D

I am having a short break so I can spend some time on making today's update (snow scene at night is hard and takes even more time than daytime), hope you enjoy both the season and the update :P


Huston, sejr99999, weixc812: Thanks you very much!

otty8116: Yeah…but it also make some grey colored part very weird :S

Titanicbuff: I am looking forward to that :D

darkaliendude: It is true, while related plugin are not in scarcity but I don't find many of them.


A brief introduction for the creation concept this time:


Denairsk is different from the economically and culturally independent cities outside the boundary -- the creation of the city is based on 'order'. A clockwork mechanism, pursuit of efficiency, coordination of life, and unity of spirit.

The inland location means a relatively harsh climate due to the distance from the ocean. This is December, the land is usually covered by snow, and the atmosphere seems to get even more monotonous and lonely.


For the reason of 'Management', 70% of its citizens live in the nationally built, owned and managed 'communal housing'. Thus many aspects of life from cradle to grave, from work to leisure, expendables, transportation, all shall be 'under control' to achieve the ideal 'order'.



As I said this season will experience slow updates… in fact many aspects have not been settled yet. Moreover snow scene is HARD… the effect of photoshopping the original 'green' landscape into snowy white land looks fair to me, although they are a bit blurry… I am looking of advice for that.


Pioneer: Kinda. The idea is to present that the city is currently under isolation from the previous world.

agunter999, spursrule14: Thanks a lot and stay tuned ;)


First I would like to thanks everyone who have seen and commented on the latest entry, I really appreciate that!

It has been a while since last update. I haven't spent much time in game since September as there are quite a lot of work to be done before Christmas...But yet I promised to bring some new stories to you guys and here it comes.

It is winter now, to be honest winter is the least favourable season for me base one two reasons: The air quality is often bad in winter in my place and nasal allergy is killing me; and I HATE cold weather (My place don't snow, though)

But wait, it is winter, meaning the holiday season. The greatest feasts and celebrations occur in winter (again I am referring to my place, just in case that you may have a different perspective :) ) Since Christmas is coming, I am quite delighted to see Christmas decorations and hear holiday songs. Moreover, holiday posts in Simtropolis tend to be very inspirational and awesome!

This brings back to our update today. While I said I would like to try something different, I also feel the need to improve my stupid Photoshopping skills. The new city is about to be started soon and let's have some appetizer first.


Denairsk, located in the North East Mountain Ranges, is quite far away from the estuary of Benzihor Metropolis Area, and has some quite different to offer...

Snow will be a major role in this season. We know that the game itself don't support weather (without mods) that making snow scenes would be a challenge, plus I don't have direct snow experience, anyway.

Even snow-related mods are limited, I probably will relay on Photoshopping the images to create the atmosphere, therefore I also kindly ask for tips in snow scenes, please!


Hello everyone. I have been stopped updating for a while and sorry about that. In fact the city was complete way before the first entry, but I just don't have much time to take pictures, editing and composing the journal, and I have even less time after I've started working. Well the true is I wished to finish Cyrus Harbour before winter start and here it is now :)

This is the last entry on Cyrus Harbour. Personally I like it very much. Although there are plenty of space for improvement, but I somehow succeed to realize pictures in my head by the game. My personal favourite is Friendship Harbour, which is actually the first to be imagined and to be built.

And for the next project, well… as I said I don't have much time, it won't be out in the near future… but I have quite a lot of ideas in my mind. Since I will have a great days-off near Christmas, let's see if I have the time, energy and will to do so during that period…

I should stop talking now. Please enjoy the last one on Cyrus Harbour. As always, I welcome your feedbacks and comments!


The whole area is the industrial area for East Cyrus. The highway cuts Linkton into half: east and west. East Linkton is the energy centre for the city. Key aspects are electrical generation, fuel storage, water treatment, and waste management.


West Linkton is kind of old. The previous industrial playground, although they are still running, they are less hot that they were. But yet, the unique atmosphere of the industrial cityscape is a key feature of the city



While being a residential area, Hank has some nice story. The only landmark is the Ruin of Hank Fortress. Hank Fortress was an important military observation point in the beginning of the settlement. It has a good view towards the bay of Cyrus. However a fire had destroyed the main building, leaving the platform which we can see today. The ruins is now a part of the park, and people come to imagine the old landscape of the city.


Hank tunnel goes through the entire Hank area and connects Linkton and The City network. By this the traffic problem of Hank is solved.


Friendship Harbour

Friendship Harbour is one important landmark of Cyrus Harbour. Being a yacht club and coastal park, Friendship Harbour is also a place for culture, shopping, entertainment, sightseeing and leisure. From the left we have Cyrus Harbour Art Museum, Friendship Harbour Underground Shopping Street, East Cyrus Town Hall, Malls, Coastal Parks, Hotels and the Commerce and Entertainment Complex on the middle height. All these are the great people magnets in Cyrus Harbour.


You can go for the bigger image for details here:


At the east side, after going through the mountain roads, as well as the Cable Car transit, there is the Mountain Lines Terminal. Trains go through the mountain area to other destinations like Betono or Barlon. Although the rail is not the fasted, the experience is quite entertaining.


And lastly, here is the regional view for those who want to see. It is not finished, though…


This is the end for Cyrus Harbour, thanks for viewing and the support. I hope you enjoy it!


Aaron Graham, Luiz P. Romanini, raynev1, tankmank: Thanks very much!!! I hope you love it :D


Hi everyone. Here I present to you the 3rd part of the city area. We have quite a lot of information today, most of them are mosaics, and I hope you enjoy this journey :)

The overview, I wished to try some rainy screen but I forget to turn of the shadow in game so this is the only rainy image of the city…


We are going to explore the east side of the city. The east harbour is a bit younger than the western area, and there are many redevelopment projects happening in recent years, therefore east harbour has sort of young atmosphere which is different to the west harbour.


Guratap is one of the three suburbs of Cyrus Harbour, although it is further to the ocean but the coast is still pretty attractive -- and the houses are not cheap to many.


Guratap is built at the foot of Guratap Hill, and it has several iconic park and biking trail. These open area define Guratap itself and without the parks, it is not Guratap.


Ocean Avenue connects Guratap and East Cyrus, which is also the route for tram entering east harbour.


East Cyrus

East Cyrus is active in development -- great geographical location, nice and iconic view of the harbour and smooth infrastructure are the main factors for businessmen to choose here. Shopping malls, exclusive and designer hotels, and museums are opening for business.


The coast facing Hank still have some small houses, which creates an interesting contrast to the tall buildings at the back.


The east end of East Cyrus is the Friendhab Interchange. It is also the terminal station for the tram system. At the bottom here is Guratap Hill, which means Guratap suburb is just at the other side of the hill.


Southeast passage runs through East Cyrus, and it is the major artery of the transportation system of Cyrus Harbour. There are coastal parks at both side of the strip, which are great spots for lunch break and fresh air.


Another mean for coastal park is, obviously, bringing up the land value.


Outer Bay Bridge is truly the icon of Cyrus Harbour. The bridge is the border line for outer bay and inner bay, the unique shape and the buildings at both side are the famous shots on postcard.


This is the end of today, thanks for viewing and comments are welcome! I have 3 more area to show and I believe the next entry will be the last one, so stay tuned :)


Huston, nirwanda: Thanks :D These are all the themes of this city :D

infamousjbe: Lol

Lahn266: Thank you :yes:


The second part of the urban tour presents 3 areas: Truce, Inner Bay and Derado. To be honest I didn't pay much effort on the building style for these areas, and a majority of them grew by themselves. Therefore the style may be a bit messy for these areas and I apologize for that.

Truce and Inner Bay

Heading to south, opposite to Glendlloyd is Truce the residential area. There is also the Inner Bay Terminal for small and middle sized cruise ships. Due to the small size of the bay larger ships can only be anchored in the newer Cyrus Docks. Nevertheless Inner Bay

Terminal is very accessible and visitors can easily go into the city.


On the shoreline of Truce and Inner Bay there is a beloved coastal passage. Citizens enjoy an evening walk along the coast. Goes up and it is the Cyrus Museum of Art. It exhibits artworks from different ages: from clay potteries to digital display.


Museum Road is convenient and accessible by people. Shops are busy selling replicas of artworks and souvenirs to visitors.


Go up along Truce Avenue you will reach Rossland. On the top of this image is the Hillside Public General Hospital, and at the bottom is Truce.


Southwest passage links Cyrus Harbour to the neighbouring city at the south. The buildings in Inner Bay and Truce are relatively old and unplanned -- which is the result of the lack of planning in the past.



Most part of Derado is low-density residential houses. Derado also has the only sub-line of the Cyrus Tram System - the Derado Line. This line brings citizen to the city centre and the east side without the use of cars. Thanks to it properties near the tram track are hot and further development is expected in the future.


Derado Pier is an alternative way for citizen of Derado to visit the east side or the downtown.


We have already done with the west side of Cyrus Harbour. Next time we will continue to explore the east side of the city. This is the end of today and thanks for viewing! Comments and feedbacks are welcome!


CorpusDei: I am aware of that as well. But for some reasons I really like the effect of that building as a turning point. If and only I can re-lot it somehow……

gil_alves, gman28, JGellock, RepublicMaster : Thanks for viewing!

sejr99999: Thanks! I believe that most of them are available form STEX or sc4devotion, and some of them are from capitalsim (a Spanish website) and SCCN (a Chinese website). A few from Japanese creators as well.

StormBoonen: Thanks! They are basically NAM's pedestrian plaza, but the texture is changed by Gobias HD Sidewalk MOD.

TekindusT: Thank you! The making smooth highway corner is always a challenge for me I guess…


Today we get into the city (finally!). And I am introducing two area: Vermillion and Glendlloyd, and I am presenting in a zoomed angle for higher details.


As usually we start with an overview. At the left is Glendlloyd, and Vermillion at the right.


You are welcome to look at this image with higher resolution here:



Vermillion, aka 'Red Area', is the western end of the Outer Bay Bridge. The name Red Area comes from the fact that there is a group of red-coloured buildings. Geographically it links to the Outer Bay Bridge to the east, close to the Port district to the north, near the city centre at southwest, and facing Inner Bay to the south. Although not the highest tier in terms of classes, Vermillion is known for its mid-price guesthouses and hotels, as well as places like shopping centre and department store.


Vermillion Pier is one stop of the Cyrus Harbour Water Transport System. Passengers can take the ferry across the bay or get to other places of West Cyrus. Next to the Pier is Vermillion Shoreline Park.


We have got different styles of buildings from different ages in the city. Such as the Entrance Garden, to the left there is a classic building from the previous century, on top there are functional, modernist office building, and on the left top is the contemporary department store. In Cyrus Harbour some would like to ride with the tram, travel through the city centre and appreciate different surroundings and architectural styles.



Glendlloyd is the traditional commercial area of Cyrus Harbour, this L-shaped land is filled with different offices, malls and restaurants. High-rises are common and business is a great deal there.


Upper class retails, classy restaurant and bar as well as service apartment and hotel can be found along Commercial Avenue.


The area around Market Street is predestrianized and surrounded by tall buildings. In the leisure time people would come to spend time, shopping and window shopping, or visit the cinema for the latest blockbuster.


At night the red and white lights brighten up the city. Billboards and signs make the city looks as busy as daytime.


This is the end for this entry. Comments and ideas are welcome :D


Ace, sucram17, tankmank: Thanks you for viewing!

Alex_1210: Thanks! The third one is my personal favourite.

Huston: It will be an honour for Cyrus Harbour!

ftwly: 謝謝!

TekindusT: Thanks, I found that building and its shape is quite suitable for a harbour terminal too.



This entry brings 2 residential area of Cyrus Harbour to you. In this city housing options are mostly low and mid rise, and the arrangement is quite common in US, Canada and Australia. The suburb keeps the convenience of the city while preserve the greenery and openness of the rural area, and the citizens are mostly the middle class and higher.

Anderson Head

The Anderson district is located at the northern tip, to north there is the view of vast North Sea, and to south it face the harbour city. The awesome scenery has attracted a lot of higher class residents to settle down here.


(click the following link to see a bigger image:)


The part near the city is mostly mid-rise apartments. Land is getting more expensive and people are starting to build high for more space.


The headland at the north remains low rise with villas and mansions due to the physical and planning restrictions. Some of them even have their own mini beach at their back yard.


The western part of Anderson Head is a key location for the promotion and development of sport and physiological sciences in the region. The white building facing the sea is the Cyrus Institute of Sport and Physiology, which is at the top of the list.


The complex across the road is Lena Stadium. The whole complex also includes dormitory for staff and sport players, as well as the training school at the right.



If you are less wealthy, or simply don't like the smell of the sea, you may choose the properties in the inland suburb. Rossland is a very typical residential suburb of Cyrus Harbour. While the view is ordinary, the houses are cheaper, and it is convenient and livable provided that you have your own car.


One of the topics of building Cyrus Harbour is topography. Most area in the city do not use the common layout of checkerboard or 'irongrid' pattern but roads are laid according to the contour in order to present the non-flat and vary terrain of the city.


The road goes through Rossland is Rossland Road. This is one route for people who want to get from the seaside to the city. The alternative way to do so is by the highway system.


We have quite a lot of image today and this is the end. Hope you like it. Replies and comments are welcome.


cmdp123789: Thanks. I have actually tried to smoothen the roads and highway wherever possible. But sometimes it may look even more odd…

jwsteele: You are welcome :)

Papperonni: I wish I can see and visit that!

Aaron Graham: Thank you for the support!

VMIUJcadet09: Thank you!


I don't like to make a journal too long -- thus this time it follows what I have done for Betono, 2 different zones for each entry, and aims to control the number of pictures below 8. This time, let's start with the north-west side of the city.

One long image would sum up the entry for today.


Cyrus Docks

There are two main parts of the Docks: the New and the Old. The old docks has been used for a long time and it is no longer act as a major port, the construction of the new dock is hoped to bring new life into the docks area.


The new dock is also the new Cyrus Cruise Terminal. The project includes a series of shopping area, as well as leisure and entertainment. It is now the hottest area for tourists and locals.


At the end of the complex here is the historic Poseidon Market. In the past goods from different area, included the fresh catch from the sea, were sold here. Today the market still function like this, in addition the famous Night Market of Poseidon is a must-see attraction for tourist.



Next to the docks is Northshore. It has been a local industrial area for decades, and after the plan of the high-tech incinerator and other eco-friendly industry Northshore is now known as the 'eco-tech zone' of Cyrus Harbour.


The Marine Avenue connects to the highway towards west and the city.


I am thinking about the next journal, would it be the City centre or should I introduce the nearby residential area first? Tell me want you think.


Huston, LemonLime, TowerDude: Thanks a lot!

kagamiya, Tekindus, tankmank, zahrul3: Thank you! Yeah the details are coming, as I would like to make it part by part :D

Ace, Alex_1210: Absolutely agree. The city is very small and 'condensed' as I tried to put quite a number of different element into this hilly and complex terrain…

NielsC007: Thanks, I use Adobe Photoshop CS5 for the editing work.


Just like the previous work, let's start with a bird eye view of the entire city


You can visit the uncompressed version (3215x2001) of this image for higher level of details here:


Cyrus Harbour - Introduction

Founded at the river mouth at the north-west side of Benzihor Region, Cyrus Harbour is one of the cities those are built along the coastline of the North Sea. The advantageous terrain of the area has made Cyrus Harbour a complex yet elegant harbour city. The main economic drivers of Cyrus Harbour include leisure and commercial tourism, trade and finance management. In addition the beautiful landscape of the Cyrus Harbour has attracted a considerable number of mid and high level of income citizens to settle and invest, whose villa and detached houses can be found alone the coastline, together with their luxury yachts.

Challenge and Theme

Obviously, the theme is Harbour City. One of my favourite theme is coastal city and I am going to implement it once again. Port and coastal landforms, ships and bridges, as well as buildings vs terrain are the major topics. The greatest challenge of this is probably the non-uniform landmass of the city. Aside from the water, only limited amount of land are flat and most of them are quite 'hilly'. Hopefully the strategy of building around the hill and along the coastline is a successful one.


Reference to the Real Cities

Cyrus Harbour is heavily influenced by Sydney in Australia in terms of landform and urban typology. As a real 'Harbour City', I think Sydney has a lot to offer in urban creation and management (I mean, in both the game and real world application). Moreover, the city is also being influenced by several other cities like Melbourne, San Francisco and Hong Kong.


Transportation System

Cyrus Harbour is a car-based city, as highway (the yellow route in the image) goes around the hills and across the sea to connect neighbouring cities at the east, south and west. There is also the light rail system (the purple line in the image) as a supplementary method to travel. On the other hand sea transport is well-developed, there are numbers of ferry terminal connecting from point to point. Cyrus Harbour has 2 cruise terminals, Inner Bay Terminal is smaller and older but it is near the city, yet Cyrus docks is bigger and brand new. The mountainous region at the east has train terminal connecting the mountain lines, an additional touch is that people can also use the helicopter terminal to fly to other area.

This is for today. As always comments and feedbacks are welcome :D


Kruness: Thanks! I hope you have enjoyed the moon!

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Hi guys, I am back. As promise I am now introducing the new city as in this teaser.


The updates will be online a couple of days later so sit back and enjoy :)

[And For Your Information, tonight is 15th of August in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, which we called 中秋 (Zhong-qui in Mandarin Chinese), meaning 'Mid-Autumn'. This is a festival celebrated by the East Asians. People go to enjoy their night with the full moon and their family and friends, as the moon is so full and round that it symbolizes 'union' in the East Asian Culture. Depends on where you are living, you may have picnic or barbecue under the open sky, visiting festival grounds filled with paper lanterns, and eat mooncakes (There are variations, but for us who live in South China enjoys small cake of lotus seed paste filled with salty duck egg yolk. As so I encourage you guys to look up to and admire the silvery moon tonight. :) ]


nedal2001: Thanks for your support!


There is a saying:

The ocean is able to receive the flow from hundreds of rivers, as it is so vast.

Research from modern hydrology and oceanography shows that 97.5% of Earth's water are seawater, and only 0.007% of all Earth's water, in fact, is surface fresh water.

The statistics above may have make the rivers and lakes sounds less significant, but still, it tells the facts to us that the ocean is big.

The sea is, indeed, still largely a mystery of human beings despite from extensive exploration and exploitation. The sea is the home of all life; the current carries heat and nutrient around the globe; wind and waves influences the habitats and trades; the great varieties of organism provide food and economic growth; and after all, the highest land was risen from the ocean floor.

As so, no body on Earth can say they have no relationship to the sea, even if you are living at the centre of the continent.


Today we will see some more coastal region of Barlon Peninsula. This is the last journal on the Peninsula, and unfortunately I don't have many good shots for this journal. Still, I hope you like and enjoy the stay of this scenic region of Benzihor region.

Barlon Beach Resort


The historic building has undergo several renovation and it is now a luxury resort complex. The beach under it is exclusive to the hotel. You can enjoy your sunbath, meet new people, and try local delicacy bought by friendly staff...If you have the money, of course.

Barlon Rocky Shore


Protected by the Environmental Protection Act, Barlon Rocky Shore is a sensitive intertidal-zone with high ecological significant. The complex environment has enriched the biodiversity of the rocky shore, over 70 different species are discovered here.

Western Cape Platform and Observatory


Here is the western end of Benzihor Region. The view towards the open ocean is spectacular and attract a number of natural-seeking people for picnic, photography, or just the nice see breeze in the afternoon.


Okay. There are all for Barlon Peninsula. I hope the themes of naturalness, agriculture and small townscape are well presented. As always comments are welcome :)

Oh yes. I am now starting a new project, the first phase is the terrain and major road network and here is an image of the work.


I just get a new job. Which means I will be busy from now on and the construction will be slow. I aim to make the first entry for this new area at mid-autumn.


Ace❤, Luiz P. Romanini: Thanks! That was the idea, to make the picture looks vivid buy yet toy-like, like a miniature creation

Sylvio Jorge, raynev1: Thank you very much :D


Hello to all. Today we enter the main urban area of Barlon Peninsula, Barlon Town. Hopefully the town is able to liven up the atmosphere of the journal :D



The Town of Barlon, according to the year 19 census, population 8212. It is the main population settlement of the Barlon Peninsula, the terminal town of Benzi Southwest Railway, and more recently, a popular investment ground for villas and summer retreat properties.


Main Roads

The town of Barlon is small, and traffic routes are limited. The traffic system is relatively simple. The busiest one of all are surrounded by retails and restaurants as well as major buildings, and these are the main area for its citizen to spare their time.





Place of Interests

Some more popular buildings and area of Barlon Town includes:




Thanks for visiting Barlon Town. The next journal will be the last of the Peninsula. As always comments and ideas are welcomed, definitely :)



AC76, Gugu3, Sylvio Jorge: Thanks for the support!


Greetings. Here comes the third entry of Barlon Peninsula. Today we will explore more about the environment and industries of the area. As I have said these are experimental projects for new ways to play with farms, scenery and image editing technique so you are welcome to make and share your comments and new ideas :D

Bear in mind that the number of images in recent journals are reduced as I don't have much time to capture and edit every time, I hope the quality is still acceptable...


We are moving south, leaving the beach and getting into the inland of Barlon Peninsula.


Kulau Lagoon

Kulau Lagoon was formed as the result of retreated sea level and accumulation of inland run-off, creating a half-salty-half-fresh water body in the depression. It has been a quite place for decades, but development are happening recently.


Peninsula Agriculture - (II)

We have more farms to go this time.



...and then we are now arriving the outskirt of the town of Barlon, which will be presented in the next journal. :yes:



Lately, I want to build a new city again, no more rural or suburb but another urban area but yet I am still figuring out the appropriate style...well I do admit that urban region is my weakest point in SC4 anyway. :noway:


Ace❤: Thanks for the idea. Well those stuff are not leaves but dirt, I realize that the problem of the original terrain is that it is too smooth and textureless, and I intended to roughen that with dirt but it doesn't seems good.

BrJason: LOL. Who doesn't like a bit of grassy texture under their feet after the beach walk? I like it anyway :D

dlsni: Those are Mas71's Japanese wall set, his also have addons for ramp and bridges which is awesome.

Liszak: I hope you can make something great and show us next time!

Sylvio Jorge: Thanks. The ideas came from one of my trip in Australia, rural-suburban landscape with coastal features like beaches. Thanks for the mod as well, I would like to eliminate those plants when they get too annoying :D

JGellock, magalenin, MilitantRadical, sejr99999: Thank you very much!


Let's start the journey around Barlon Peninsula and enjoy our last part of summer!


Barlon Peninsula was named after the one of the governors of the Southern Benzihor: Mr Steele Barlon. It was him to recognize and acknowledge that the peninsula has great value for recreational beaches and ecological significance, and had decided to make the peninsula a retreat from the city.


Eastern Beach

Eastern Beach is the hotspot of beach-lover. The sand and the sea-breeze are just so great that everyone loves to come hereduring their spare time.


Peninsula Agriculture - (I)

Barlon Peninsula offers various agricultural products! From fresh, green veggies to gourmet cheese, farming here is kept in a small but diverse, healthy scale. Some farms also welcome occasional visitors to experience and learn how their food are produced from the solid ground.




I am experimenting with farms and agricultural mechanics of the game, and I am trying my best to make default, maxis farms look better than they were by using various combination of maxis and CSX farm lots plus MMP...hopefully it works. :) As always, comments are always welcome :thumb:


Alex.B: Thank you! If you are talking about the building at the right bottom corner it is the Maxis landmark Natural History Museum without reloting, and I am using PEG's Limestone cliff mod.


Hi guys, it is me again. How is everyone going? Today we are starting a new area, which is less urban and more rural as you may have expected, and I would like to think it is a challenge as the game is Simcity, not Simfarm, anyway.


Barlon Peninsula


Depends on your preference, depart Betono by car or train towards southwest and there is Barlon Peninsula. The area is a beloved summer retreat and farming region of citizens of its neighbouring cities. People can enjoy the sea air, the coastline, the less-congested town and recreational farming on the peninsula.

130814_BPLarge.jpg?psid=1(Click image to enlarge: 3000x1616)


(Oops I just realize that I haven't turned off the grid :( , whatever)

Things those I would like to test something new on this map: farming area, coastline, natural scenery, small towns, railway system and beaches. Comments and new ideas area always welcome :D


monomass: Thank you. But trust me the normal view (ie. not transport view) is a mess 8)


Hello guys, I have just finished my final stay in Australia and now back to the sun-baking Northern hemisphere. Well the heat is not the problem, the humid and dusty air is, anyway :(

And I have to finish Betono by this time. I suppose they are not so bright and lack of character this time as they are basically the remaining parts of the city which I yet to introduce, still I would like to give you a complete view of Betono. Not all area of a city are stars after all.

Finally I wish you like and enjoy the journey in Betono. Feedbacks are appreciated, as always :D



Today I introduce Triace to you. Triace is a small, non-flat area which sit next to Gass Stream, a stream that running into Benzi River. The district is filled with housing and industries.


Triace also has the major highway connecting the neighbourhood region, which makes it a great location for fright transport and industry.



As an early inner suburb of Benzihor Region the area has every necessity that fulfill the life for the citizen.



North Oak

North Oak is the so-called green suburb of Benzihor which is just located at the edge of Midtown. Yet the greenliness of North Oak is merely physical, greenery here doesn't necessary associate with ESD living. However thanks to the greenery the area is probably the wealthiest among the other neighbourhoods, it is a good choice for the well-to-do to live near the city yet escape from the concrete jungle.




That is all for Betono. I hope you love the city, hill, waterfront here and have enjoyed the stay. Next time we will go to a new area which is just off southwest of Betono.



brunno_abreu: Thanks :), the new map is under construction, so wait and see.

Hazani Pratama, SimCoug: Thank you!

Daan300: I search for harmony of default and customization :D

noypi07: LOL :lol:


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