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  1. Buenos Aires Pack

    Hey I love your job, I'd like to ask if you could please release a functional version of some AMAZING commercial buildings of yours like: Coca-Cola Nordic HQ Kansantorni Huomisaukio 3 Keski-Pasila Building Sanomatalo Thanks in advance!
  2. Network Addon Mod (NAM) for Windows INSTALLER

    There are some puzzle piece transitions in NAM 34 already, but IDK about NAM 35
  3. Network Addon Mod (NAM) for Windows INSTALLER

    After installing NAM 35 it seems that I'm still using NAM 34 and nothing has changed. I can't find the NWM transition that appears in the thumbnail, for exemple. Hope you guys can help me.
  4. Prefeitura de Goiana, Estado de Picui

    Amazing! Simply Amazing! The trees, the name, the BRT and the references to Sertanejo music is a little homage to my beloved Goiânia ?
  5. Chevrolet Dealership

    Amazing , dude! Keep doin' them. We miss a lot of dealerships as well as updated fast-food and hypermarket chains.
  6. Burger King v2.0

    You're welcome, I love your job!
  7. Burger King v2.0

    Oh, this is so "aaaawn" Amazing!
  8. Are there any "year" sc4 mods?

    Well, once I changed the date in a city set in 1978. Using only the "extra cheats" mod.
  9. KFC

  10. Oakland Tribune

    Simply amazing! I love the neon sign. We need more neon in SC4! haha
  11. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I have this building too, but what I want is a different one. Thanks anyway.
  12. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hello Guys. I'm looking for a building called "4 King Street West" and is a real life 20 storey high-rise office tower situated in Toronto's financial district. I Can't find it anywhere and I used to have it in my former plugins folder, but I've lost everything since my hard disk went broken down. Maybe somebody can tell me where I can find it or even have the file in the plugins folder. Unfortunately I don't have any picture with zoom closed enough to identify it. But there goes the picture of the real building.
  13. San Andrés, Estado de Boyacá

    Simply amazing. I love that latin american feel. 
  14. Tropical Paradise in the San Theodoran Riviera: Playa de los Cocoteros

    SanTheodoros, always a sunny nice place. And I keep looking for those amazing kiosks and umbrella tables (same used in the copacabana beach sidewalks lol)