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  1. Getting to know the country

    thanks everyone, i actually like some of maxis' buildings, but, i agree that perhaps i need to rely a bit more in CC
  2. ・Simlympic Special | Arriving at Atarashima...

    many hispanian tourists are already in Atarashima, and the athletes will arrive in the next few days
  3. Getting to know the country

    The Kingdom of Hispania location: The Pacific Ocean, near the islands of Hawaii population: 107 million Capital: Ciudad Celeste, 50 thousand inhabitants Largest City: Belfont, 9 million inhabitants (13 million in the metropolitan area) Currency: Cortes 1C = 1.4 american dollars Celebrations: October 12th, victory day; June 3td, King's Birthday Languages: English & Spanish Religion: Catholics 85%, Jews 5%, Ortodox Christian 5%, Protestant 4%, Others 1% Favorite sports: Baseball, Soccer Administrative Divisions: 16 provinces and 2 royal counties The Flags Hispania has 4 flags in official use, altough the "royal" is the most commonly used. Royal Great Provinces Flag Small Provinces Flag (used mainly by the Catholic church, since the 4 provinces depicted here are also the seats of the four cardinals) Parlament flag As stated above there are two counties which are under direct rule of the King, the most important of these is the island of San Eduardo, located 250 miles south of the country's main island. San eduardo has less than 60 thousand inhabitants, half of which live in the city of "Bahía de Esperanza" who, right now, is hosting the basketball qualifyiers for the october symlimpics. Bahía is a famous tourist destination and has bothe the only airport and the only university of the island,
  4. Harishna's Mexico City Bat Collection

    wow! es como estar en el D.F. excelente trabajo!!! wow! is like being in Mexico City itself, great job!!! 5/5
  5. A Taste of Kita Port

    I liked your pic, it's a nice combination of wide streets and medium skyscrappers, it looks like a nice place to live
  6. Presentation

    Welcome to the Kingdom of Hispania's city journal, here, i'll be sharing with you the history and places, comings and goings of this SC4 based country. I invite you to take this journey and hope You'll like it. Here is the map of the country, which is located in the mid pacific (The region name is Phuket Thailand by Blunder and can be downloaded here: )
  7. aTx_ParliamentWestBlock

    You're definitely improving, congratulations! downloading right now!
  8. Mega Complexe Sportif

    I Actually like it , and all those complainers, please cheer up, laissez faire, laissez passer, or, in more simple words, le it be :)
  9. Cities XL 2011 Large Loans

    great! thanks
  10. NYBT The W Times Square

    Great, keep up the good work!
  11. CitiesXL 2011 beta

    great news! i'll surely be buying
  12. NYBT Morgan Court (Sliver) Building

    the file only contains a lot and the building is missing, please reupload,
  13. Paeng's Waste Management Set

    this is just a whole bunch of trash!!! EXCELLENT! :) 5/5 aGREAT work!
  14. Sim Nation Police

    a great mod, keep up the good work! :)