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  1. Questions about Steam

    Well, I'll give it another shot. The game does look pretty cool. Right now just looking at youtube demos
  2. Questions about Steam

    Steam may be fine, but maybe they need to be more accessible for beginners and offer easy help, rather than having to comb through thousands of threads to try to resolve your issue.
  3. Questions about Steam

    I purchased Cities: Skylines through Steam, what an ordeal trying to get it to work. Download took forever, then the icon on my desktop did nothing. I asked for a refund, and they obliged. I think this whole system of online purchases is ridiculous. I notice gamers aren't being tortured so in Australia or the UK and can purchase the hard disk copy. Online so-called "ownership" is complex, difficult, confusing and a rip-off.,
  4. DK1 Quiznos Sub

    Just an overdue thank you for all your fine buildings, I download everything you create, they all are an important part of my smaller towns, less affluent areas. Your police and fire stations also are cool. I appreciate your sharing of your talents.
  5. Simtropolis Site Bugs

    Thanks, &v=1 works for me, just a few extra steps to download. I never had firefox installed, so don't think that's the issue as some have suggested.
  6. MP High Wealth Row Houses

    I agree they look a bit ragged for high wealth, but love them anyway. Everything you've done so far has been terrific in the game, so I know I'll enjoy these as well. Kudos! Keep on trucking, fellow!
  7. BLaM Power is in the People

    nice job--i use this a lot in my cities
  8. St BLaMs Boarding School

    Nice looking building in the game, but causes problems in that funding doesn't go above $0, and therefore a teacher's strike occurs whch can't be resolved. I think another comment refers to this above. It would be nice to update this, it's good visually.
  9. MP Low Wealth Apts 05

    Love all your stuff--creates just the right dingy ambience when I want it for my less affluent neighborhoods or run-down towns. Thanks for sharing our artistry with all of us.
  10. vda Rotterdam Hoofdsteeg 39 43

    I've downloaded all your stuff and you've enhanced my enjoyment of the game and the look of my cities immensely. Thanks for sharing your creativity.
  11. BLaM Small Observatory

    much needed on my college campus
  12. RLM Industrial Parking Lot Set One

    just got brown boxes, any dependencies you didn't list? Good idea and much needed anyway
  13. BLaM HIDP Single Furnace Steel Mill

    Yes, my comment right above yours takes note of this. I think people aren't noticing the flaw, just assuming it's providing the jobs. I agree, though, that it's a splendid industrial addition, hope this can be fixed to make it better.
  14. BLaM HIDP Single Furnace Steel Mill

    Looks good in my game but I am having problems with 1) any jobs being produced--the query box in my game just says "0/0." Also 2) I can't link RR tracks up on one side of the project. Are others having similar problems, or is it just me? Anyway, the creation certainly deserves a solid "10" rating if these aspects are working for others. For me right now, it's good eye candy.
  15. Nofunk's BAT Thread

    Hi, I didn't realize how many of your wonderful buildings I was already using in my game! Thanks for sharing your talents. Dave