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  1. Civic Vehicles Pack 1

    Yet another great pack from you.. Do you take requests?
  2. HBS Ashley Furniture Homestore

    Fantastic! Keep them coming!!! I think there are only a handful of furniture stores on the STEX but the only true chain store a recall was a Lazy boy BAT & LOT. I hope you continue to choose some of the better known chain stores that have some how have been eluded.
  3. PEG CDK SV Carousel

    Very Nice. I like the boardwalk amusement theme. It reminds me of summer vacation at seaside heights NJ when I was young. All I need is skee ball and a Midway cheesesteak stand and I'll be 13 again.
  4. MP W2W Taco Bell

    Pnce again a masterpiece! Any plans for a popeye's chicken?
  5. MP McDonald Complex

    Simply Stunning. More please. Much more.
  6. October Bridge

    Fantastic! I hope this is just the start of more to come.
  7. Can't Find It? Ask Here!

    The Airbus A340 Air France and other aircraft can be found at http://homepage2.nifty.com/tabinohito/newpage12.html. They are props so you will have to create your own lots
  8. Toyota dealership and automata

    Hurray!!! Mike has a new BAT. Love all the dealerships. I hope this is just one of many more that you have planned
  9. SR and his first BAT!!!

    Love the shopping center. Any chance of making a little larger perhaps "L" shaped? I love the smaller national chain stores. I don't believe I've ever seen a BAT with Century21 or Papa Johns. Here are a couple of other popular small chain stores that I don't recall seeing in any released BAT Hallmark cards, Carvel Ice Cream, Pearle Vision, Dress Barn, Zales Jewlery, Supercuts, & Allstate Insurance
  10. Can't Find It? Ask Here!

    I'm looking for a multi-lane highway toll booth. I believe it had 7 or 8 toll booths in the center
  11. MASS PAK Number5 Traffic Restrictions

    looks great! Is the ground texture just grass or is there a cyty sidewalk variant?
  12. New Official BAT Request Thread

    Car rental lots such as Avis, hertz, alamo, national, budget Famous Factory Icon lots. Bravo to the person who created the Domino Sugar plant 1) I can't find a decent picture yet but I'd like to see the Maxwell House plant formerly located in Hoboken NJ. It had a cup of coffee neon sign that couldn't be missed at night. 2) St. Louis Budweiser plant After all, who doesn't like beer???? Again looking for a decent picture 3) Hershey Chocolate Please do not double post. ~ VT
  13. I have great airport thanks to the good folks who created the RIMP series but I can't seem to find any rental car lots. Does anyone know if an Avis, Hertz, Enterprise, Alamo, thrifty, budget, national, or even a Rent-A-Wreck exists?