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  1. Industry Demand Problem

    Thanks JJ and duack. I will definately try them.
  2. Industry Demand Problem

    Thanks JJ for your advice. In one city which I have about 50 K population. Probably 10-20k people (most low wealth, some medium wealth) had no jobs at all. I only had very little demand for low wealth commercial demand. I do have very high agriculture demand, no I-D and I-M demand for industry. The demand was not changed after run almost 2 years. In another big city (> 600K population-very educated people)-actually this is an old city I made before, I just wanted to revisit it to check the demand after I had this problem. Wow, once again I got very high agriculture demand (this is very weird-usually you wont get it in a big city), no I-D, I-M or high Tech industry demand at all. I did have very high low wealth residential demand, small medium wealth demand, no high medium wealth residential demand; I had no commerial demand at all. After a while, the unusual high agriculture demand disappeared:-) and I got a little low wealth commerical demand, nothing else is changed. Anyone have a comment on it? Thanks.
  3. Industry Demand Problem

    Just realized I made a mistake in my previous post. I did have very high demand for low residential demand, but very little demand for low commercial demand (hardly got any medium commercial demand) and no industrial demand at all except for very high agriculture demand.
  4. PEG UT Large Subway Plaza

    Amazing job! Will download. Thanks.
  5. Industry Demand Problem

    Recently I resumed playing SimCity4 game again and found a problem I never had before. Once I started a new city, no matter how I push the number of population I just could not get any demand for dirty, manufacture or IT industry. I could still had low, medium wealth residential demand, I could have a little low wealth demand (hard to get medium wealth demand) even though i pushed the population to 30k-50k. The only industry demand I got is very high demand for agriculture. That's very weird. A lot of (most residents) people had no jobs. But still no demand for other industry and only very low demand for low wealth demand. I had radical mod in my plugin. After I took it out of my plugin, still the same thing. Anyone could give me a hand to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.
  6. MP W2W McDonalds Only

    I love it!!! Thanks.
  7. Alexander Column

    Speechless!!! 10/10 no question!!!
  8. Berlin Friedrichstrasse 1

    Bad link!!! Pls fix it!!!!
  9. TSC Team bridge tower

    Please help us!!! Couldn't download it here on STEX!!! Fundertist, nice BAT, we want it here please fix it!!! Couldn't get it from toutsimcity.com. Don't know the language:-(
  10. MP Corner Market

    Awesome lot! Well done Goofyguytpa! A definate 10/10!!!
  11. Chinatown Gate

    Very cool! Absolutely worth 10/10!!! Finally we have a Chinatown gate in our city...
  12. Stage# vs Population Table

    Thank you everyone. Esp. Ballon_Man. That's really helpful.
  13. Can anybody explain? I have no idea what those stage #1-8 (for lots) mean and their relationship to the regional or city population. Is there any table available? Thanks for help.
  14. NEXIS buildings

    I had the same problem. I have all the major mega prop and texture packs and a fast computer... Anyone can help? Thanks.
  15. Toyota dealership and automata

    Excellent!!! I have two toyota vehicles. This lot is awesome although it may be a little bit too bright, esp the cars. But it is understandable... Dealership always has those fancy, immaculate new vehicles in stock, no contest for their old and dusty clones on the road... 10/10