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  1. Ah that's great, thanks for letting me know!
  2. I'm trying to create a map, but whenever I lay a track or road, it's a little bit raised, like the screenshots show below. Why is this? No mods or assets installed - this should be a vanilla version of the game. Can anyone help me stop this from happening?
  3. Hi all, I'm venturing into creating stuff for the community for the first time. I eventually want to learn 3D modelling, but that's going to be a while. In the meantime, stmSantana made these repaintable lorries which I downloaded. I then used Photoshop to edit the _d and _lod_d files to repaint the lorries and create these UK branded lorries which I uploaded to Steam. There's one thing I'd like to do which I'm not sure about. At the front of the lorries stmSantana made, there's a logo for CHIRPER. I'd like to change this to SCANIA for added realism, but I'm not sure how to do do that. I know there's a normal map I need to create, but when I took the Lorry_s file and made a normal map with it, it looked very different from the normal map which came with the file. I'm very new to all of this (normal maps, etc), but I wonder if someone could give me a step-by-step guide on how to amend the logo decal on the front of the vehicle. I'm keen to create more stuff for the community and if anyone has any tips for me based on what you see I've already created, I'm happy to learn! Thanks.
  4. Sim City: Wishlists

    These are some of my ideas. 1. Transport. Living in London, there's a big commuting culture and I'd like to see this included in the game with some workers happy to consider the following commuting types: - Pedestrians: I think should be able to cycle or walk to work. Loads of cyclists in London, let's have this in SimCity! And some pedestrians should be happy for a reasonable walk of up to an hour each way, with others not keen on more than a ten minute walk. - Road users: Cars/motorcycles will make up the majority of commuters, but I'd like to see taxis, as well as buses and coaches, included as options. - Water: boats and ferries take people across and down rivers. So let's have more water taxis in SimCity please! - Air: Helicopters, private jets as well as chartered and scheduled flights from municipal and major airports in the game. - Rail: In London, we have regular rail, subway, the DLR, trams and high speed rail links and I'd like to see these all implemented into the game. Trams can run on roads, and the DLR is a semi-automated rail network that is low capacity, but quick service that runs almost like a monorail in that it rides above the city for the most part. 2. Communication. We live in the communication era, so I think we should be putting up telephone poles, mobile phone masts, high-speed Internet, WiFi hotspots and all that sort of stuff. Postboxes should grow in residential areas by default and we can grow a national postal service with links to air, sea and rail freight, 3. Zone Realism. Residential: I would like to see five different wealth levels and five different density levels. The lowest wealth level with the lowest density would basically be a caravan. The lowest wealth level with the highest density would be a scummy tower block. The highest wealth level with the lowest density would be a sprawling mansion, whilst the highest wealth level and highest density would be an exclusive apartment block (usually with river views and underground parking). In between, all the different housing types you can think of from detached/semi-detached and terraced houses, to high-rises, to medium apartment blocks housing nine flats each and three stories high, to huge housing projects and so on. Commercial: I would like to see Commercial split into four different types: Offices, Services, Retail and Entertainment. Zone some low-density services in a low wealth area and expect to see laundromats/laundrettes and the like. Zone some high-density offices in a high wealth area and expect to see a law firm or a media agency. Put some entertainment zoning in a mid-wealth area with good transport links and expect to see nighclubs, bars, cinemas, etc. With retail you can get 99p stores to high class jewellery stores depending on the wealth of the area. Industry: I would have four different types: farming, manufacturing (inc construction), technology, and consumables. Consumables would basically be companies making things that are consumed, e.g. food factories, pharmaceuticals, drinks companies, breweries, tobacco companies (probably not appropriate in SC, maybe we could have a "Bubble Ring Factory" or something instead), and so on. Similar concept to before, so high density manufacturing would bring car manufacturers, plane manufacturers and so on, where as low density should be, I dunno, cardboard and zips, and warehouses and stuff. Farming is obvious. Technology is also pretty straight forward, high density is a massive tech organisation, like a Robots Engineering department, low density could be some .com startup. 4. Distinct Areas: Ghettos, projects, whatever you want to call them, I want to see them in SimCity. From "the ghetto" to "Millionnaire's Row", I want to see clusters of people flock together. I want to see Little Italies, Chinatowns, areas full of Irish, Portuguese, African, Eastern European and British in certain areas. The looks could be as simple as putting up different flags in houses, and street decorations. The businesses could be named accordingly "restaurant called Mr Wu's" in Chinatown, "Mario's Pizzaria" in Little Italy, "Seamus O'Connell's Blarney Stone" in the Irish quarter and so on. Celebs hanging out in the "Millionnaire's Row", and this could tie in with some nice Maxis style humour when a fictional celebrity is spotted in the salubrious part of town. Those are my ideas for now.
  5. The ST 6.0 Department of Technical Affairs

    Yeah, it's still pitifully slow.
  6. Graphical Glitches

    Compatability mode didn't work, and that's despite having DX9.0c installed (as well as DX11). Installing XP as a second boot did, however, resolve the problem.
  7. The Classics

    Great work!
  8. Graphical Glitches

    The GTX 260. Yeah, I tried setting it to Software rendering and it didn't really improve things. I've read that Windows 7 isn't FULLY compatible with SC4, so I'm adding a Windows XP boot to my computer to see if it runs any better there. I'll report back if it improves things.
  9. Hi, I'm experiencing some weird and annoying graphical glitches. There must be something I can do to resolve this, so any ideas are much appreciated! I've inserted the image below and highlighted the glitches. I'm playing SC4 which I've downloaded via Steam, but this has happened on another version I borrowed as well. My system: Windows 7 (x64), E8400 Dual Core CPU, 6GB RAM, GTX 260, DirectX version: 11. Any ideas at all? It's quite frustrating.
  10. Creating a new region

    That makes perfect sense - thanks!
  11. Creating a new region

    That is brilliant help, thanks a lot for the reply. Re: #2 I get how to create the config.bmp but what do I do to actually load this as a region? Re: #4 I hadn't heard of SPAM so I'll check that out right away, thanks!
  12. Hi, I've been away from SC4 for several years and am very rusty. I want to create a new region loosely based on California, and containing an array of different landscapes, e.g. beaches, cliffs, mountains, hills, bays, etc. The region will be set in the US. I also want to dictate how many large, medium and small cities I have in my region. I have read the OmniMaps articles at www.simtropolis.com/omnibus/index.cfm/OmniMaps. I have several questions: Is there a limit to how large my region can be? How do I determine how many cities of each size I can have and where they are in relation to each other (I have read the custom config guide, but am a little confused)? What tools should I use for terraforming cliffs, beaches, realistic mountains and valleys etc? Are there any essentials you would recommend I get from STEX apart from NAM in light of what I've said I aim to do? I have done a couple of day's worth of searching and have found answers to the majority of my questions, but not these four, so thanks in advance for your help. Cheers, GM.
  13. Old Threads

    I'm returning to SC4 and Simtropolis after a bit of a hiatus. I've gone through my bookmarks and noticed that a lot of links to useful tutorials (to do with BATting) are dead. E.g. the "Creating a Pyramid/Obelisk Tutorial", "Making a Functional Landmark Lot", "Darkmatter GMax Tutorial", "Spline Modelling Tutorial", and "Modding: Basic & Advance [sic] Tutorial" are all missing, and Google doesn't bring up any results either. So what happened to these excellent guides? Are they gone forever? Were they lost in some forum upgrade or something? Edit - Just found SimGoober's "Making a Functional Landmark Lot" tutorial in the Omnibus - but many of the tutorials I mentioned aren't anywhere to be found.
  14. UK Localisation Modd British English

    Hi all - thanks for the comments. @Minifig666 - pretty sure I edited this all using iLive Reader @astondb9 - good point, I'll change that. @Minifig and others - dustcart is, I assume, used in the South East. What term do others use then?