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  1. AS Googie Playground 1

    I remember there was one here in Indianapolis,IN at Rhodius Park on the west side of town good job
  2. Edgeton Cliffs

    nice looking terrain 10
  3. Supertower Center

    Very nice like it 10
  4. NDEX Riverside College by Superstar

    Nice to see more of your guys work really nice its a 10
  5. The Exhibition Tower

    It would look nice in say a downtown plaza or something its not really all that useless if you come to think of it its a 10 since its your first STEX bat not bad.
  6. SYM Productions Modern Diagonal Buildings

    Very nice these will look good in the city
  7. Commerce Bank Complex

    Yes more triangular buildings SC4 needs em there`s really a lack of these nice job nice job 10.
  8. Olympus Mons v7

    Very nice to have a martian region for SC4 it would have looked more martian with sand around the mountain instead of green land and water though thats just an opinion it`s nice looking though
  9. Tribute to 2005

    This is a Communist way of doing things
  10. Tribute to 2005

    Im going to have to check this one out to see it !!!
  11. Berkner Bank

    This building has the LA (Los Angeles) style written on it love the curves the helipad and the dark color it`s another definite 10
  12. Bank One Tower Indianapolis

    Looks nice in game im shocked to see my hometown`s and states tallest building modeled to perfection nearly excellent job its a definite 10
  13. HSBC Bank Tower

    This definitely has the 60`s New York look with great job it`s a 10 for you.
  14. Miracle Mile Megalith

    Yeah I did`nt get the building either just the Bank of China building to I dropped the RCI plug-in to in C:\my documents\Sim City 4\plugins with the lot file.
  15. Auckland Skytower

    Looks like the tower from NZ ive seen it in pics looks identical.