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Thanks for the comments. :)  

It's time to continue our little story. I warn you, it will contain spoilers of Initial D. 

Fujiwara Takumi is just a normal highschooler. Like all the students, he got his driving license not long ago during the his last year of high-school. He always looks bored and distant, with a look on his face as if he was always day dreaming. Despite all that, Takumi holds a secret he hasn't told anyone yet.. 

This is where he lives, with his father who runs a tofu shop, not far from the central station.

After school Takumi works part-time in the town's gas station with his classmate Itsuki. It's there they met Iketani and Kenji, two street racers who run the local friendly amateur team Akina Speed Stars.

Every morning, Takumi wakes up very early to help with his father's delivery. He has to drive the fresh tofu all the way up the mountain pass to deliver the hotels. 

Nobody knows it, but it was his father's intention to train him to get better at driving.. 

Everyday for the past five years Takumi has helped his father, driving illegally by all weather.

He knows better than anyone every corner and straightway of this road. For the past five years he has become the legendary "Ghost of Akina" despite nobody knowing it was him..

For Takumi, helping his father is a hassle, he wants to finish the delivery the fastest way possible.. Which is why and the reason he got to the level of driving he is. 


More to come soon..


Entry 5 - Akina..

raynev1 - Drift will come.... Next update. :) 

airman15 - The GTR comes later in a few updates.. :)

KRMill09 - I use a mix of Conifers, Firs, Oaks, Maples, Chestnuts, ashes, bushes and lupins from Girafe, as well as Cherrys from Uki and neko.

Takemethere - I decided not to bother making a clear way for the pylons and instead let the forest run right under it.. The pylons are already quite tall so I don't think the trees are gonna be of any problem in the far future. :)

kschmidt - Well the river is straight because it is build using pieces from neko's japanese rural river.. ;) 


Since the preparations are finished, I'll really start showing pictures from the actual project I had in mind. It's not much really, but I'm just going to showcase scenes inspired by the manga/anime Initial D. Right now for today will be just some shots of the main city, Akina. The next update will start talking about the protagonist of the mini-series.
All pictures are available in full resolution. (1280x1024)

It's really a pain in the bottom to fill large city tiles with farms and trees... Makes the game so slow when you add the shadows..









That's it for today.. I'll be back in a few days with more stuff to show. :) 


Entry 4 - A good Start

Seraf over at SC4D made a good comment about the road still being too straight and not winding enough.. Well I tried by best to make it wind a bit more along the slope. It was hard but I'm happy with the result. 


Some closeup of the road itself.







I'll be back for more. This has been a good OSITM week. :) 


Entry 2 - Revision

I've got some really interesting comments. Thanks to kschmidt and dedgren, I've been looking at the road now I can see that it's very monotonous and doesn't feel organic enough. There are too much and too long straightways and not enough winding. 
I've decided to restart that tile, give the mountain a better feel to it. Use more FAR and wide curves section and make the road smooth out along the mountain slope better. I'll be challenging, but I'll try my best.

Here's what I have now. The mountain was created with the in-game tool.. This is actually the best mountain I've ever modeled, considering I'm really bad at this, this is quite an achievement! 
I'll start working on the road itself tomorrow since I'm tired today. (Just when I was finally getting some good sleep last night, my alarm rang.. It was 7AM already...)




Again, if anyone has any idea what to use for the pass top and mountain top (apart from antenna, I got that covered), I'd gladly use some thoughts about it. I liked the idea of the spa, lodge.. I don't really know any BATs for that so if you have any idea that could fit in my style (Japanese) I'll be really happy. :) 

Entry 1 - Settings

This coming week I'll be participating in the 4in1 OSITM over at SC4Devotion to celebrate the 9th birthday of the site. To start off the week (a bit late because of the downtime) I have a few shots of the work in progress on the settings.. The area is made around a mountain pass where young people often take part in races called Tōge Racing. This pass road is just long straight and wide corners so it really favors grip runs and pure power. However there will be one or two (possible more) scenic roads going up a mount that will favor drift runs. 

But yes, for the moment just a few overview of the setting:


This is the Northern tile. The other side of the pass is located at the south (top) and will consist of the relatively same road.


The top of the pass. If anyone has an idea of what to use there, like some lodge or something that would fit there..


This will be the main city center. The region is very rural so don't expect any large scale cities. :) 


I'll be posting more tomorrow... :) 


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