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About this City Journal

There are a lot of eye candy CJs that use money cheats or mods that make the game easier, this one does not!

Entries in this City Journal


As the city of Vista al Mar has grown so has the amount of congestion on the roads. To combat this a dense network of motorways was constructed around the city. This did help quite a lot, but over time the congestion has moved leaving some parts of the motorway network to be little used. This has meant that some areas of it have been removed. This has helped to redevelop parts of the city that were cut off quite badly by the motorways...

Region view...


The completion of The Shoreway. A ocean front motorway that bypasses the whole city...


The proposal for Vista al Mar...


Once the removal has taken place...


A few years later, everything has built up...


The traffic on the surface roads has been reduced in the central area. The city centre has been expanded, however, the subway network has got a lot of congestion now, so expansions may be required soon.


No Cheat - Subway expansion, Oakwood & Brooklands

Vista al Mar has got quite an extensive subway network, but there are a few places in the north and west of the city that are not served at all. This has led to an increase in car traffic in those areas. The subway map has been updated to show these changes...

New map, also shows new logo and line names...


Oakwood is the central area of Vista al Mar and had suffered many years of neglect as the city spread outwards. Recently there has been a lot of redevelopment in the area which has included the construction of Saint Paul's Cathedral...


In the west of the city, Brooklands is a world away from the subways of Vista al Mar. A new flyover has been build to distribute the traffic from the central area and miss the congested roads below. A full size Motorway was not built as it was felt it would cause too much damage to the area and the capacity is not needed...



No Cheat - Redevelopment of Oakwood

Vista al Mar has been financially very successful, but some of the urban layout has meant that some areas have become run down. Oakwood is in the centre of Vista al Mar and had 2 motorway spurs that dumped huge amounts of cars into the small sized roads. To help the area improve one of these routes was removed.

Oakwood Northway cut the area in half and caused a lot of congestion. This motorway spur has been removed and a lot of the medium density buildings, and redeveloped with a surface avenue and high density affordable homes.



After (Buildings still under construction)...


Overview of Vista al Mar...



Not using the money cheat is a lot easier than I remember haha. This is a continuation of my no cheat region...



A new flyover built to reduce cross traffic on the avenue bellow...


The controversial new motorway across the ocean front to bypass Brooklands...



Vista al Mar has become over crowded and more people needed houses, so the only option was to built out. To the east, along the shoreline Sunny Hollow was laid out in a similar format, keeping the orbital motorways and grid layout.

Region view...


Transport view...


Finance...(no cheats!)


Early overview image...


Building of Maple Woodland...


Close view of Maple Woodland...



Just a small update as I have been busy this week...

This map shows a number of motorway proposals in and around the city. The most likely to be built is the Forest Plains Bypass as it is an on-line upgrade of an existing avenue. The West Cross Rout would for an important part of the 2nd ring road, which currently only has 3 sides built. The most difficult to build will be the Downtown Expressway. Oakwood Northway already forms part of the route but some demolition would be required in the south to link it to the Al Mar Parkway...



A lot of the inner ring road has now been upgraded to full size motorway and also some of the arterial roads. This is due to the increased congestion on these routes. Due to the reserved land on each side of the avenues, very little demolition has been required when building these routes...

The new southern bypass South Cross Route. The long term plan is for it to bypass the entire eastern industrial area and join onto the North Cross Route to form a second ring around the city...


Upgraded ring road...


To address the problem of traffic on Oakwood struggling to get to the motorway, this short spur (Oakwood Northway) was built to reduce congestion, however the future of this spur is in doubt as it is felt that it has generated a lot of new traffic congestion around the roads that join onto it. So one way slip road were built before the terminus of this spur to address this problem...



Still not cheating, and financially doing very well. Vista al Mar is expanding north and south, there has also been a lot of investment into transport. Boulevards and rails!

The boulevards have a lot of space on each side to allow for potential motorway expansion.

Budget and population:


Development in Oakwood:


Parkland Vale apartments:


Vista al Mar overview:




Transport view:


More coming soon :; xxx


My no cheat town is expanding. Not everything has gone to plan though. I forgot how many fires no cheat cities got haha...

One thing that did go to plan is the building! Al Mar Parkway is a new ring road that surrounds the original town. Traffic congestion was getting too high so this works as a bypass. The long term plan is for this to be converted to a full size motorway, which is why there is a lot of land on each size to allow for this.

My budget! Making a good profit :D


First phase of the ring road...


Al Mar Parkway is completed, and some of the radial roads...



This is an all new city journal that unlike most of the ones here, there are no used cheats! There are no mods that make the game easier. The only mod that I have is NAM and NWM, but thats just as it add more realistic features.

No casinos for money and no 'youdontdeserveit' cheats.

Vista al Mar:

This is a new town next to the shoreside. It has been newly laid out and after a few years the population is 45,000+

Take a look so far!



The new town is laid out...


After a few years...


The new town hall in Oakwood...


Low wealth apartments...


Industrial area...


Next will be more expansion and improvement to the road network.

More coming soon!

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