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Gateway to the Americas!

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I'll be starting up my CJ again, as it's summer time, which means more time for stuff I enjoy. The question is, how should I start it up. Should I focus on building a fully-HD suburbia viewed exclusively from zoom-6?


Or should I focus on a more contemporary metro area, such as one inspired by Boston or Chicago?



You decide! Tell me what you'd like to see. Before you do make a decision though, keep in mind that the suburban area is 95% HD (only 1 in 20 props/buildings are meant for zoom-5) and it will focus on hyper-detailing and realism. On the other hand, the metro area centers around a sunken highway flanked with some pretty cool skyscrapers and sunken highway walls (which I BATed).

Let me know what you think, and be sure to click on the pictures for full size, there is a big difference! I love to hear what you have to say, especially now.


Secret Sector

I bet you didn't expect to see a teaser for my Robenia CJ today...


...I also bet you'll be surprised to hear that no photo editing was done, save for the border, to this image. This is exactly how it appears in game, but what is it?


Secret Sector

I bet you didn't expect to see a teaser for my Robenia CJ today...


...I also bet you'll be surprised to hear that no photo editing was done, save for the border, to this image. This is exactly how it appears in game, but what is it?


Secret Sector

I bet you didn't expect to see a teaser for my Robenia CJ today...


...I also bet you'll be surprised to hear that no photo editing was done, save for the border, to this image. This is exactly how it appears in game, but what is it?


Secret Sector

I bet you didn't expect to see a teaser for my Robenia CJ today...


...I also bet you'll be surprised to hear that no photo editing was done, save for the border, to this image. This is exactly how it appears in game, but what is it?


Secret Sector

I bet you didn't expect to see a teaser for my Robenia CJ today...


...I also bet you'll be surprised to hear that no photo editing was done, save for the border, to this image. This is exactly how it appears in game, but what is it?



The development of communities in the Cape Coronado Suburbs is underway...


Every house lot you see in each and every one of these pictures was compiled in Lot Editor.


As you can guess, this took a lot of work. Especially since most props are HD. So on that note I hope you enjoyed this small update!



I have as of recently taken a break from the Robenia CBD, although this does not mean I have taken a break from SC4. Right now you're probably thinking that I took an unnecessarily long hiatus, but you'd be wrong. You'll see why in the next nine photos. On that note, let me present to you...

Cape Coronado


The suburban area of Cape Coronado; considered to be both the newest and largest of Robenia's Residential areas. In fact, it is so new, much of the area is still under construction, not unlike Robenia itself. Here we can see construction crews working the land in preperation for a new super-tall structure. Why in a residential area, you may ask? You'll find out near the end of this post.


We continue down the right side of the coast to find the work of landscapers. This beach area has been "spruced up" by expert landscape designers. The addition of trees and fine white grain sand has transformed the beach area all along the coast of Cape Coronado. In fact, it's transformed it so much that Sims seem to come here, just for the beaches, even though there aren't really any houses built yet. :P


Sims are already exploring the beautiful beaches of Cape Coronado. They come by boat from the Robenia CBD or older suburbs around Robenia, looking for a fresh, new place to go.


Moving along now, we'll be skipping the first inlet. You'll get a better taste of what these inlets look like in the upcoming pictures. This one is a bit small, which means it's packed with boat traffic. Not a good place to be now.


Coming around the coast, we can see another; larger inlet. It's just as busy as the last one, although there is much more room. Let's go explore!


Moving along the channel, it's easy to see the boat traffic can get quite heavy, even in this largely undeveloped suburb of Robenia! The beaches along this channel are protected from the pounding waves and strong currents. It's the perfect place to anchor your boat, just bring it up to shore and get a ride back to the beach with the harbour pilot.


Here we can see some of the first few residential developments at Cape Coronado. Developers expect to mix residential and low density commercial along the avenue. Note how the driveways go right up to the asphalt sidewalk/bike lane. The developers of the Cape Coronado were tired of seeing cars driving over the grass divider between the sidewalk and the road to leave their driveway. 17.gif


Well, that's all folks! We come to the end of yet another Robenia installment, right back to the inlet of the channel we were just in. Be sure to tune in soon though, as Cape Coronado is constantly growing, in fact landscapers have already completed the unfinished area at the top of this picture. If you haven't been able to figure out where all these inlets lead to, perhaps the next; final picture will help:


Still not sure? Oh what the heck, we'll just tell you. This large suburban island will, when completed be in a shape similar to that of the Palm Islands in Dubai. My goal here was to create a North American version of the Palm islands. This is what I believe the North American counterpart would look like, and I put a lot of hard work into it. Months in fact, as I had to restart the region twice. A super-tall structure will be built near the bottom left of the above picture. It will serve as a key and defining piece on the island. With that out of the way, I hope you enjoy this large update as much as I do, and feel free to suggest which skyscraper or other tall building should go at the end of the island!



As of late, I've taken a break from the Utopian Robenia for a more, dirty and dangerous class of a city; an industrial slum. Sector 15 is a significantly older area from around Robenia. The slums that are Sector 15, were at one time, anything but slums. This was a time when industrial cities throughout North America thrived, when the steel and vehicle industries were in full swing. These days, Sector 15 is merely a polluted industrial wasteland on the outskirts of Robenia. Many of the residents who once occupied Sector 15 have moved out, only the poor, working class citizens have stayed, although there are quite a few. Steel and vehicle industries are relatively strong in Sector 15, although nothing like what they were many years ago.


The desolation; the abandonment is quite evident in Sector 15, or is it? While many buildings appear to be abandoned, only a handful of them really are. Many of the residents live in sub-par conditions. Although they appear to be content with it and are in fact quite proud of the industries they run, almost all industrial materials are made and processed in Sector 15.


Part of the reason why Sector 15 is still (somewhat) alive, can be attributed to the area being a major transit hub. Three major highways and a rail yard for both industrial and a small amount of commercial train traffic can be found here. The municipal government had recently decided to upgrade its aging infrastructure, although a lack of funding meant only part of the project could be completed. This is the reason why there are so many unused elevated highway pillars near major interchanges.


The center of a three-highway junction can be seen here. The lone EMIS on-ramp is for quick access from the residential/commercial zones to the rail stations and industrial area. The rest of the EMIS joins up with the third highway.


Over here, drivers are able to chose between several off-ramp options. As for the MIS near the top right corner, drivers can chose either an express route to the rail yards by taking a right, or merge onto the 8C highway, where they can later chose to enter the industrial zones, or continue on the 8C.


There's that train hub I mentioned. Well, at least what I've built so far.


Observe all the different levels for different kinds of traffic, and notice how they all weave together. We've got elevated EMIS, elevated MIS, concrete roads, sunken rail, and soon; ground level rail.


Back to the interchange... Here we can see another entrance tunnel to the industrial and rail areas of Sector 15. Again, note the variety in elevations to make this area more compact.


I'll leave you with this final image of a typical compact diamond interchange, something common in older industrial North American cities.

I hope you enjoyed this update, I wanted to try something different and I believe I succeeded. Please comment and critique on just how successful I was. You know I love to hear what you have to say! :)



I haven't been away from my first CJ, Robenia, without reason. After fixing some critical issues with two of my three functional computers, I've been back at it, building bigger; sprawling skyscrapers here, there and everywhere. The downtown area of Robenia, positioned within a Pinavia interchange, is where it's at now. As you'll soon see in this update, the majority of the CBD has been completed. Other areas will gain more focus in following updates, which you'll learn more about near the end of this post.

Enough with the talk though, lets get on to some pictures, all twelve of them! Get comfy, take a seat, relax and watch...


We return for another visit to Robenia, let's see what has changed since we were last here. That sign and those boats could be a hint.


Nice shiny new lane control gantry there... That should stop those Sims from running into the barriers ahead. 44.gif


While we're at it, why not add another gantry; for metering, this time?


With Robenia on its way to becoming a major city, architects and engineers made sure to design all aspects of the CBD to be compact and and well integrated with infrastructure as one can see here. This saves space and has less of a negative effect on the environment. Something a model city should be concerned about.


Not only did engineers integrate buildings into the infrastructure, they also included natural settings within the CBD/island area. This has many positives, including absorbing CO2 emissions,


Yet another metering station, a fixture that will become common for all of the major onramps in the Robenia region.


Continuing along the primary ring of the Pinavia, we find ourselves on the other side of Robenia's CBD/island. The Pinavia ring road passes over a sunken network terminating at the core of the CBD, Perhaps theres more to learn in the next picture.


As an alternative to taking a ramp to one of the surface roads beside, drivers can chose to continue on this sunken network, connecting directly to the surface RHW-10 spreading out in 3 directions from the Robenia CBD. This particular stretch of RHW-10 that the sunken network is connected to, heads right into the residential regions of Robenia. How come such a large network would have to cut right through the CBD, and how come the network is even sunken? It's as if someone would want to put a runway over top that freeway...


Well, it appears we have nearly completed our tour of Robenia's Pinavia/ring road. We're back to where we started the beginning of this update.


I'd say that calls for a couple overview shots!


It seems Robenia really is prospering!

I hope you tune in next time, and I hope you enjoy this update. I put a lot of hard work into it, and made sure to create the layout of this metropolis with the utmost care and attention to detail. Comments are, as always, more than welcome! 17.gif


- The roads of Robenia need naming! Suggest names for the stretch of avenue in the CBD, the sunken network, and six different names for the roads of the CBD.

- Feel free to suggest buildings for the CBD. If the building is picked, it will be named after you!



The CBD of Robenia will be, like in most other cities, the central hub in which commercial functions occur. But until roads are built leading to the CBD, nothing can happen. After experimenting with various interchange designs, the following configuration was chosen:


While this design is functional from the perspective of those using the highway, it wont be of much use to the downtown core if it takes up too much space. That's why Robenia's architects took the time to design the CBD skyscrapers to be both space-saving and well integrated into the road infrastructure. Let's have a look at what they have come up with:


Note the AVE-2 under the building and over the tunnel entrance:


If anyone wants a link to a higher resolution copy, let me know. I hope you enjoyed this update, just a quickie to show you what I've been working on lately. The main complex pictured here is from a Japanese BAT site, for those who are wondering, and it took me about a week to track down.

Enjoy, and feel free to comment. You know I love it when you do that! 44.gif



I have begun designing the community center for the first residential community in Robenia. Each community will have a community center, library, park(s), as well as all the other amenities one would expect in a modern suburb. So let's take a peek at what this community will start to look like:


Just a short teaser entry, but please enjoy, and feel free to comment. Feedback is appreciated!



Welcome to Robenia, gateway to the Americas!

The city of Robenia rests atop a man-made peninsula expanding outwards from what used to be A border region between Canada and the United States of America. Both countries still exist, of course, although they each have given up a fraction of their own land to create a neutral region.

This newly-created region is named Pandea; which one might notice is close to the name Pangaea. Pangaea was at one time, a single continent comprising of all the current continents, just as Pandea is in it’s own sort of way. The region of Pandea connects with Europe with a multi-deck train and vehicle bridge; only possible with recent yet astounding leaps forward in technology and architecture.

The city of Robenia was constructed in a prime location, one with a few major advantages. The city of Robenia is in the perfect place to contstruct the foundation for an intercontinental bridge. As well, Robenia can utilize the choppy seas and ocean swells to its advantage with hydroelectric power in the form of “underwater wind-mills”. When complete, Robenia will become a model city.. One which is both environmentally friendly and designed for maximum transit efficiency.

Now that the region history part is over with, let’s see how Robenia’s contruction is going! Its been decided that the CBD area will be constructed first, with a ring-road/beltway around it. Massive 10-lane, wide lane highways will then be built branching out from the CBD into residential and low density commercial.


The ground has been broken! Construction crews have begun the first stage of the construction of Robenia.




But what good would an avenue be if it went nowhere? Maybe theres a hint somewhere... Like in the title bar.

I hope you enjoyed my first entry! This is the first time I have ever created a CJ or MJ, and I don't expect it to be the last. I put a lot of hard work into my city design and especially the landscaping. Feel free to comment and critique, I'd love to see what you have to say. 4.gif


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