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Cape Coronado | Suburbs of Robenia




I have as of recently taken a break from the Robenia CBD, although this does not mean I have taken a break from SC4. Right now you're probably thinking that I took an unnecessarily long hiatus, but you'd be wrong. You'll see why in the next nine photos. On that note, let me present to you...

Cape Coronado


The suburban area of Cape Coronado; considered to be both the newest and largest of Robenia's Residential areas. In fact, it is so new, much of the area is still under construction, not unlike Robenia itself. Here we can see construction crews working the land in preperation for a new super-tall structure. Why in a residential area, you may ask? You'll find out near the end of this post.


We continue down the right side of the coast to find the work of landscapers. This beach area has been "spruced up" by expert landscape designers. The addition of trees and fine white grain sand has transformed the beach area all along the coast of Cape Coronado. In fact, it's transformed it so much that Sims seem to come here, just for the beaches, even though there aren't really any houses built yet. :P


Sims are already exploring the beautiful beaches of Cape Coronado. They come by boat from the Robenia CBD or older suburbs around Robenia, looking for a fresh, new place to go.


Moving along now, we'll be skipping the first inlet. You'll get a better taste of what these inlets look like in the upcoming pictures. This one is a bit small, which means it's packed with boat traffic. Not a good place to be now.


Coming around the coast, we can see another; larger inlet. It's just as busy as the last one, although there is much more room. Let's go explore!


Moving along the channel, it's easy to see the boat traffic can get quite heavy, even in this largely undeveloped suburb of Robenia! The beaches along this channel are protected from the pounding waves and strong currents. It's the perfect place to anchor your boat, just bring it up to shore and get a ride back to the beach with the harbour pilot.


Here we can see some of the first few residential developments at Cape Coronado. Developers expect to mix residential and low density commercial along the avenue. Note how the driveways go right up to the asphalt sidewalk/bike lane. The developers of the Cape Coronado were tired of seeing cars driving over the grass divider between the sidewalk and the road to leave their driveway. 17.gif


Well, that's all folks! We come to the end of yet another Robenia installment, right back to the inlet of the channel we were just in. Be sure to tune in soon though, as Cape Coronado is constantly growing, in fact landscapers have already completed the unfinished area at the top of this picture. If you haven't been able to figure out where all these inlets lead to, perhaps the next; final picture will help:


Still not sure? Oh what the heck, we'll just tell you. This large suburban island will, when completed be in a shape similar to that of the Palm Islands in Dubai. My goal here was to create a North American version of the Palm islands. This is what I believe the North American counterpart would look like, and I put a lot of hard work into it. Months in fact, as I had to restart the region twice. A super-tall structure will be built near the bottom left of the above picture. It will serve as a key and defining piece on the island. With that out of the way, I hope you enjoy this large update as much as I do, and feel free to suggest which skyscraper or other tall building should go at the end of the island!


Recommended Comments

Every once in a while I'll come across a city journal whose name seems very familiar. I'll think to myself, "Hm, have I commented here before? I wonder what it's like in there..." Then I click on the link and, such as in this case I think, "Oh, that's RIGHT, it's full of AWESOME." Great pictures, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product! 5/5!

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Hmm, now how come I have never noticed this CJ before? Well, I can assure you I am now a dedicated visitor. :ohyes:

Your attention to detail is fantastic- can't wait for more :thumb:

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I use Flickr because both Imageschack and Photobucket decrease the quality of JPEGs. The issue with the unavailibility is now fixed. Thanks for letting me know.

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