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I post pictures. I talk about pictures. You (hopefully!) comment on pictures.

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Thanks! I try and keep it fresh ;)


Glad you liked the mix! Thanks for the comment!


Oh, don't think I'm not embarrassed by them. Heck, there are some things I built in Condor Bay that I'm not proud of! :P But it's good to look back and see where I started, and to be able to share them with folks.


Thanks, man! Happy that people enjoy having both SC4 and CXL here ;)


Oh, thanks man! Condor Bay's never been called "inspiring" before :blush:...certainly happy you remember it, too. And it went through a few names before I settled on Condor Bay. It was supposed to be called Condor Valley, and the city itself is called Fordville. I can't remember why I settled on Condor Bay specifically, but I guess it doesn't matter much anymore. Thank you for commenting! :thumb:


Quite a few people appreciated the mix of CXL and SimCity 4 in the last update. Dunno how long I can keep on mixing them, to be honest--I haven't played either game in ages, so the number of pictures from each game is limited. Still, I'll try and do it whenever I can :golly:.

Anyways, three or four more pictures:



This picture, from the early days of Condor Bay, was quite a bit of fun to make! This was actually an exercise in how to build houses on hills and have it both look nice and function properly (with electricity, water, etc.). I took the picture after I was satisfied with what I had built, and on a whim I blurred everything but the hill, just to see how it would turn out. As it is, it's not bad. Not the best, really, but not bad. My favorite part of the entire picture is actually the way the road leading down the hill disappears behind the trees. I didn't plan that, I promise :P

2.) (Looking north)


This is Fordville International Seaport, which was featured in the very first update of Condor Bay. I won't lie: this took a bit of work to get right. The [layout of the arms of land started out way different] than how they ended up, since they more closely matched [the SC3KU version]. I looked up a lot of source material to build it: Google Earth pictures of real-world seaports, seaports in other people's CJ's, all the different "Show Us Your Seaport" threads, etc. The thing that probably helped me the most, though, was emilin's [building A Port...The Hard Way] thread on SC4 Devotion, truly one of the most in-depth, informative building tutorials I've ever read. Without that, I don't know if I could've built this port :wub: .

The layout is pretty haphazard, to tell the truth, because I've never been to a real seaport before (only skirted by them on freeways and such). From what I saw looking at real-world ports, though, it's not uncommon at all to have a recreational port adjacent to or very near a commercial one, hence my having recreational harbor on the opposite side of the main port (on the inner harbor, with Peg's boardwalk and all those instances of marrast/Criquette's boat docks). It's just really supposed to look very busy, which in my country, it is (see [entry #1] for a map of "my country"). Oh...and the top-right corner is cut off because in my CJ, the opposite shore was built up, but I didn't want to show it yet. The only thing I wanted visible was the lighthouse there in the niche of the corner.

So yeah...that's the seaport. It's the only modular seaport I've ever built in SC4, and it's one of the best things I did in Condor Bay, in my opinion. :D



This is, very simply, a street map of Buonocitta from CXL (actually, it's a traffic data map, but enough about that). This map actually got me my first (and so far only) city-related Trixie :thumb: . I really would like to get back into playing this game, as a city map like this would be VERY hard to replicate in SC4, but I feel so out of the loop with this game (kind of sad, considering I'm a moderator for its board here on ST :P).


So yeah...that's that, I think. Is three pictures enough for each update? Should I do more or less? And do you guys actually read what I write, or just look at the pictures (answering truthfully won't stop me from explaining each photo...I'm just curious)? Let me know! Also...I'm running out of punny "Mas" phrases to use as titles. I may have to change the convention here in a bit...

Thanks for checking this out! Comment, if you please! 8)




Thanks! Glad you enjoy it!


LOL, thank you! I enjoyed typing your name out :P


Perhaps they are, I just think they look weird. Even now ;). Thanks for the comment!


Thank you very much! :blush:


Six years now. :P Can't believe I've been around so long. And we finally get a NEW SimCity, too! I don't think I've really taken time to understand what that means to our community--a true, EA/Maxis-developed SimCity sequel. Who'd've thought we'd ever see the day!? Also, thanks for the compliment!


Oh, thanks! I can't believe the reception it's gotten; the first time I showed that picture, it wasn't nearly as positive! :P


"Perhaps the next update won't be so long coming," I think is what I said 9 months ago. Guess I was wrong on that... :dead: Don't think an apology would suffice for the long wait, but I suppose I'll make one anyways: I do apologize for not updating in so long. I haven't been here in a good while, at least not until the new SimCity game was announced. But coming back, and seeing how ST has changed, and seeing all the excitement, I looked upon this old place and felt the urge to update. So, because most of the folks have been waiting waaaaaaaaaay too long for it, here are five random pictures from SC4/CXL:

1.) (Looking north; click the pic to see it filled in)


This is my attempt to create a

suburban layout in Cities XL 2011. If you know anything about fused grids, you know that I really didn't get the overall concept right here, as a fused grid is supposed to make getting back to the arterial roads easy (cul-de-sacs usually only branch off from those) but with limited space and huge lots to work with, I think I was lucky enough to get even this ;).

Still, I'm rather happy with how it looks in game all filled in. As one of the major advantages of using the fused grid suburb is naturally-integrated green spaces, I made sure to create some small lakes and parks in between the blocks. To take a look at the completed block, simply click through the picture above.



This picture, from Condor Beach, is in my opinion one of the best I've ever produced from SimCity 4. I LOVE the intense colors of the palm trees and sky (though I think I artificially made it sunset). It also doesn't hurt that

is in the picture, which can single-handedly make any scene better :golly:.

3.) (Looking north)


This area is INTENSELY nostalgic for me, as this suburban neighborhood in Power City is the very first area I ever built in SimCity 4 Deluxe. Most of my early suburbs in SC4 looked exactly like this: tight blocks, plenty of cul-de-sacs, and no diagonal streets (because, at the risk of showing my age, this was built before those became available

:P) I later went back and slightly updated this block by adding in NAM street roundabouts and Jeronij's Street-Side mod trees, but other than that, this neighborhood had remained pretty much untouched--I want to preserve the nostalgia for as long as possible :] .

And this time, because it's been so long, you'll get two bonus pictures:

BONUS 1.) (Looking north; click the pic for unedited version)


This is a neighborhood that, as the caption hints at, sits along a riverside (very close to the neighborhood in picture #3, actually). This is also a very old neighborhood, one of the first I built when I got the deluxe edition of SC4.

BONUS 2.) (Looking east; click the pic for full resolution)


Another CXL 2011 picture from Buonocitta. I love the view of the city partially hidden by the ridge here, and the very exclusive neighborhood that the mountains hug (those are mostly elite houses). I figured the super rich would live somewhere like this in my city

:yes: . As I said in a previous update, I haven't been able to successfully move Buonocitta over to CXL 2012, so I haven't yet played that game extensively. At some point, however, I imagine I will (considering I bought the game). Until then, I simply have these pictures that come from building this great, great little mid-sized town.

...and there it is! I won't be so naive as to put a projected update time frame; I will, however, say that I hope you enjoyed the update, and that I encourage you kind, happy people to express your opinions in a comment. Thanks!



#6 - Mas Infection!



Thanks! The same could be said of your comments...they certainly are inspiring :thumb: !

Been a while, right? Lots of exciting stuff going on in my life...but since I have a bit of time, I'll throw up three more pictures ;) :

1.) (Looking East)


Emerald River, from Power City. This is just an example of the suburbs I used to make way back then; that neighborhood on the west side of the river (bottom of the picture) is actually the very first suburbs I ever built on SimCity 4 Deluxe. That happened back in December of 2005...dear goodness! I can't believe it's been FIVE-AND-A-HALF YEARS since I started playing this game and have been part of ST...man. Good times... :]

2.) (Looking South; reversed)


A reversed shot of the courthouse near Condor Beach in Fordville (Condor Bay). This picture is one of my favorites from the CJ, just because it's one of the ones I did the least amount of editing to, but it came out rather well. I think I just softened it a bit and reversed it...perhaps changed the contrast a bit. I used to darken pictures to post online, but this is about when I embraced brightening them instead.

The park behind the courthouse is pretty weird, though. It's pretty...just, what's the point of the diagonal plazas? :???:



LOL, this picture :P ! This is a picture of an early version of Condor Bay that never really made it beyond the first city tile (because I actually had no idea how to go about building on mountains back then; I still don't). The picture itself is a terribly un-interesting shot, but...that water. I cropped everything but the water out of the original, then used a bevel-type filter to get it to look like that; then I just added a light-source somewhere off the picture (I really wish I'd've put a bit more yellow/orange in it).

It's hard to tell, but I also blurred everything except the three hotels in the foreground, which also took a bit of work (because I cropped out the hotels in order to fade the rest of the pic). All in all, I did A LOT of work on a picture that, in all honesty, isn't all that interesting to begin with :dead: . Oh, well...I did it FOR SCIENCE :thumb: !

That's all! Perhaps the next update won't be so long coming. Please leave a comment if you so desire! :blush:


#5 - Critical Mas



Thank you, I'm glad you think so! :blush:


Hahaha, I'd imagine! I'd love to visit that park in real life, actually...I imagine it would be very picturesque (especially considering the setting).

Sorry for the long wait; got caught up in school and Portal 2 :P. More pictures:

1.) *Looking North; click through for full-sized picture*


This is the overview of Buonocitta I promised an entry or two ago. This isn't Buonocitta in its most current form, but it's the only overview I have (I don't want to take one now because I've been deleting so much stuff to try and get it over to CXL 2011). It's the first city I ever created in CXL (it was my Planet Offer city 8) ), and it remains the largest one I've created in the game, at somewhere north of 100,000. The odd thing about it is that I never even got to the "main" part of the city--that's almost all suburban sprawl and edge cities!



A picture from Fordville Int'l Seaport. I don't know why I edited it like that, really...probably because I just wanted to. I will say, though, that building and sharing the seaport in the CJ was really fun :D!



I've only once ever dabbled with the M.A.P.P., and the fruits of that dabbling, known as Onyx Park in the Emerald Plaza area of Power City, have been lost for years now, remaining only in the form of pictures. This, of course, is one of those pictures. I think I really just like the way the Cyclone sits against the freeway there. I'll probably show some other pictures from the rest of the park sometime in this CJ, but we'll see ;-).

BONUS! *click through for full-sized pic*


Buonocitta at night. I think I just really like the angle of the road in this picture (and the fact that it's the most European thing I've ever done in either CXL or SimCity ;) ).

...and that's all, folks! Leave a comment if you wish, please! :thumb:



DCMetro34 -

Hmmm...maybe that's why enjoy it so much. I always do enjoy a nice urban scene, especially one at sunset or at night. As for my full screenname...well, it was just a word I thought was cool at the time. I didn't understand the connotations of it, nor did I get how offensive some people might take it. In fact, I'm surprised the admins let me keep it :P!

Thanks for another great comment :thumb:!

Reikhardt -

Thank you! I hope you enjoy this update, as well!

Hey, I was up on the front page for a couple of days 8)! Good stuff...three more random pictures:

1.) (Looking west)


This is Coco Park, in a section of Power City known as Emerald Plaza. This picture is insanely nostalgic for me. I think this is the first one I can remember being truly proud of, even as unremarkable as it seems to me now. Coco Park is an amazing B.A.T., one of my absolute favorites, but everything else in the picture is pretty lazy (and thank goodness for Dedgren and those smooth Maxis curves now!). Oh, well...I still like it ;).

Also...this was the picture I first used when I created the picture contest on SC4D. I've tried entering it three times, and all three times it lost on the first round. :no:

2.) (Looking north)


This is Travis Park in Western Fordville, named after SC4 community member Travis. Not only is it the only modular park I've ever built in SC4 (other than the raised plazas in the same city tile), but it also marked the first time I'd ever used both Peg's Pond pieces and ShadowAssassin's bike paths in a city. I was pretty happy with the results 8).

That fountain at the south part of the park is a memorial for Mark Dixon-Kennedy, a.k.a. OnlyPlace4.

3.)(Click through to the full mosaic)


A mosiac of Condor Valley International Airport in Fordville. Probably don't have to mention that this is the only custom airport I've ever built in SC4. It's not done, either; I had planned to have an update in the Condor Bay CJ about it, but that never came to fruition (and now the CJ thread is locked). Oh, well...I'll probably show quite a few things I never showed in the CJ ;-).

...And that's that! Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Random Fact -

My favorite City Journalist ever is Aleking.



DCMetro34 -

Thanks! That picture was just an experiment in photoshopping; could've came out a bit better, but that's okay :-P. And yeah, I don't know why I started pronouncing it that way (especially since no one really calls that freeway in Houston "The Eastex," it's just "59" to the locals)...but there you go! Thanks for the comment! :-D

Jchan_777 -

Thank you! Hope you enjoy this update!

All right! Three more random pictures:

1.) (Looking south)


This city, located in the northwest corner of Condor Bay, was the last one I ever built on in the region...and in SimCity 4 in general, actually (except for the airport). It was a definite exercise in building on slopes (and I didn't have a slope mod, else it wouldn't've worked at all). It also turned into an exercise in using the wide-radius curves--in fact, of all the roads and avenues in the city tile, there is exactly one non-wide curve (maybe two, not sure). Definitely the first time I used them so much.

I love the way you can actually see the elevation change in the road winding through the mountains in this shot. But I don't like bland uniformity of the trees...something I hope to change in a new region, should I ever start one ;).

2.) (Click through for 1440x900 pic)


My first city from Cities XL, called Buonocitta. I'm a big fan of the game and some the freedom it affords you as opposed to SimCity 4. I worked hard on Buonocitta for a good long time, but I can't seem to get it to transfer over to CXL '11, and it's kind of dampened my spirits with the game just because of how much I love the city (it won me my first Trixie :golly:). Hopefully, though, I'll get back into it with a new city (Praeocia); in the meantime, I'll try and put up an overview of Buonocitta, which is where the vast majority of my CXL pictures will come from.

This picture was taken in the original CXL, before mods became popular (as you can tell by the default-textured streets), but it remains one of my favorites. I think someone actually used it as their desktop background. :P



I'm pretty sure I shouldn't like this picture as much as I do...but I do :P! There's a lot of Maxis and old B.A.T.'s and such...but I think it's just the lines and the levels that draws me to it. And that Maxis El-Train really fits with the colors of it, which helps. I don't know...even years after I've taken, it still remains a personal favorite of mine.



Tilt-Shift in SC4! I figured having it candy-colored would make the effect a little better :P.

That's all for now. Leave a comment if you want, yeah? :thumb:

Random Fact -

I spread the nickname Mas to give people an alternative to my full screen name "Masochist," which is a bit...shocking to some. I pronounce "Mas" like the Spanish word for "more"--'mahss'.


#2 - Mas Panic!


iuri99 -

Hahaha, you know, I've never thought of doing that...but I'm a bit protective, so there'd have to be a specific terrain and size and such. But if you want to know, some of those names (including Power City) actually come from other people's cities ;). Thanks for the comment!

nico15821 -

Nice! The largest population I got in a single (large) city tile was probably 220,000 or so. Never got that close again! :P


The wait is over ;)! Thanks for the comment!

Okay...so [that first entry] wasn't really random, I admit. This one will be. Not so much introduction, just three pictures:



This picture is from [Condor Bay (Fordville)]...Condor Beach, to be exact. I was trying to combine three different effects in this picture: the fade-to-blur, keeping the Marriott hotel in focus), and the sun-glaring-off-building. I had tried the first two effects in different pictures before, but never together...and I'd never done the sun glare before this, so I wanted to try it out. The blurring effect came out all right, I think, and it makes the Marriott really stand out; the sun glare isn't all that cool simply because the picture wasn't taken at the right angle to be able to see the sun in the picture. Also, the parking lot in the back is kinda wonky there. Oh, well :whatevs:...other than that, it ain't so bad a picture, methinks :D.

I might add that the Marriott is one of my favorite B.A.T. buildings, not only because it looks awesome, but also because it's actually floating on top of a very small lot, which means I can put it on hills and such and it doesn't look to bad ;).



This is the suburb of Livingston, in the Oasis River Valley (Power City) region. Livingston represents my first attempt at creating a suburban-to rural tile (back in my early days of SC4 Deluxe)...and, well, you can see how well that turned out :P. The problem was the north/south running freeway (and the fact that I didn't really know how to handle farms back then)--if I hadn't built that, I probably wouldn't've felt the need to build up around it :whatevs:.

Don't know if you can tell from so far away, but there's a huge jump in time between the stuff on the right side of that freeway and the stuff I built on the left. The right side has all the streets close together because I was trying to emulate the suburban style that I had started out with in an adjacent tile, and I was still experimenting with diagonal streets, because those were fairly new back then (showing my ST age 8)). The left side of the freeway happened way later, and shows the more open-street design I adopted after playing for a while--the streets are farther apart, and there are open spaces in the middle of some the blocks of houses.

Also, the tall buildings near the interchange are plopped--tried to make a bit of an edge city there (again, because of the freeway). And don't get me started on that industrial area...>.<.



This is the central business district of Oasis Delta as seen at night. Now, Oasis Delta is a suburb of Power City, which actually makes this an edge-city, or a satellite business district, that falls very close to a major freeway interchange (if you live in Houston or Dallas, TX, you know exactly what I was going for here ;)), which explains why it's rather small in area. As it is, however, it's the largest concentration of commercial jobs in the entire region, and the only area in which I zoned high-density commerce in a region of 440,000 sims, which means that it grew up A LOT taller than it should've...in fact, to this day this is the tallest commercial district I have ever managed to grow in SimCity 4. Rest assured, you'll probably see A LOT of pictures from it in this CJ ;).

As a side-note, somewhere in this picture is [P.D.A.'s Clark Tower], which was one of the very first skyscrapers I ever downloaded from the STEX, and remains one of my very favorite B.A.T.'s ever :thumb:.

...And that's that! Hope you enjoyed it...let me know what you think!

Random Fact-

I pronounce STEX as "East-ex," and the only reason I can think of for doing so is because of the Eastex freeway in Houston.


Right...as any of the 50 or so people in the entire SC4 Community who visited the SimCity Mild Enthusiasm forum may or may not remember, I had a journal wherein I did nothing but post 3 or so random pictures and talk about them. So yeah...that's what I'll do here. Any picture in my entire SC4/CXL back catalogue may or may not be posted here, just whatever I feel like posting.

Really, this journal is an attempt at easing myself back into the community from which I've been absent for so long (read up [here]).

All right, enough of this. Here we go...three random pictures:

1.) (Click through for larger picture)


This is my first region on SC4 Deluxe, Oasis River Valley, a.k.a. Power City (don't ask about the strange name). Power City is a city that I had great success with in SimCity 3000 Unlimited, so I decided to carry that city over to the SC4 platform...and, as it turns out, this remains my most populous region (441,724 residents). Let's see...if you take the big river (Oasis River) from the ocean, you cross quite a few bridges (and a city boundary line). The group of tall buildings on the southside of the river between the fourth and sixth bridges is the most dense commercial area I've ever built in SC4 (and you will see MANY pictures from it, trust me ;-)...). Running north from Oasis River is Emerald River, towards Emerald Lake. The area directly to the west of that river is the first area I ever built in SC4 Deluxe (lots of nostalgia for me looking at it again). Good times... :]



This is Condor Bay (a.k.a. Fordville). This was the subject of my first ever City Journal. This region only ever managed to make it up to 148,261 people, but I consider it to be my most successful region due to all the things I learned, all the new things I accomplished (note the custom airport and seaport), and how satisfied I was with it. You can see two beaches along the western coast: the southernmost one is Royal Beach, which I never did anything with; the other is Condor Beach, which I did more with than any other single area of that city other than perhaps the seaport. I was happy with how it turned out (and I have the pictures to prove it). The airport never actually made it into the city journal (which is locked now, I think, because someone posted in it over a year after I had abandoned it), but I think most people have seen pictures of it by now...and if not, you'll definitely see some in here ;).



This is a map of the country I created that contains all the fictional cities I've ever worked on in SC4. You can see Fordville and Power City along the coast of Willow Bay (which oddly enough isn't named on this map, but it's the big body of water that splits the country), and you can also see other cities that you'll probably hear about from time to time: Fredricksburg (the capital of the country), Concorde (one of the first towns I worked on in the vanilla SC4), and Valecita, which is the name of the city that lies in Meredith Valley (my next region, three years overdue). The nation doesn't have an official name yet, but the working name for now is Aurella. I'm also working on getting a more official, computer-drawn map out.

Since it's without a legend, the basic rundown is that cities with a triangle have at least 1,000,000 people within the city limits, and dark squares with white squares in the middle have between 500,000 and 999,999 people. The only cities on here that have less than 500,000 are state capitals (circled); the national capital is encased in a diamond shape. Rivers are blue lines, state boundaries are green lines, coastlines and national borders are black lines.

So yeah...that's it for now. That's how it's gonna go. Hope you enjoy this a bit! ^_^


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