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# 41|| Fresh Start

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Somewhere off the west coast of Follomer,

Approaching the airport.

After the raid on the Terrorist cargo ship, soaring back over the blue ocean was calming to Tessa. Watching the water, the surf fly by below her, the sun gleaming off it like a mirror. She liked it. And now that she wasn't drugged and free again, she just wanted to get away. Get away from it all.

Tessa looked across the cargo hold of the Ghost and saw Likisy, keeping somewhat of an eye on her. She slowly stood up and walked over to him.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Likisy. I just, wanted to thank you for, coming after me. I didn't know what i would do.

Likisy smiled and reached out, putting a hand on her shoulder.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: Don't worry about it.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: I was just wondering. Where, did you grow up?

Likisy looked at her for a second, confused, then relented.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: Well, believe it or not, but I'm actually from Virgin Shores.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Really??

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: Oh yeah. I moved to Follomer with my family when I was about seven. Ever since then we lived just outside Saint Krist.

Tessa smiled. She knew a Virginite now. But it didn't answer what she wanted.

One of the other soldiers sitting close by then turned toward Likisy and Tessa.

Corporal Denning: Hey, did I hear that right sir? You're a Virgin?

Several laughs were then shared around the cargo hold, including from Tessa. Likisy just chuckled a little and turned toward the soldier.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: That's VirginITE, corporal, but I believe that's the same question I asked your fiance last night.

Everyone then erupted in laughter and remarks. Tessa wondered if this was commonplace in the military. She couldn't help but laugh a little. She also wondered if she saw herself joining the military one day.

Saint Krist-Uniden International

Just off the coast.


Ghost Pilot: S-T-K Tower, Ghost flight requesting permission to land, priority one cargo.

S-T-K Tower Ghost flight permission granted. Airspace is clear, land when ready.

Ghost Pilot: Copy tower, Ghost flight out.

Raven Pilot: Ghost flight, Raven-3-1. Welcome mat is laid out and there's beer in the fridge.

The pilot of the Ghost smirked and slowed the transport down, beginning to land as the two Raven dropships flew past overhead.

Ghost Pilot: Copy 3-1, thanks for the escort.


The Ghost slowly came back down to solid ground and then landed, it's jet engines finally dying down to a steady murmur. The rear door to the cargo hold lowered down, and the soldiers began to exit, with Likisy and Tessa coming out last. What was awaiting them just a ways away on the tarmac, was none other than the same man who awaited Tessa on the helipad just days before.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Dad!

She ran out to him and jumped into his arms, embracing him again. Tristan gripped her in his arms, a few tears rolling out of his eyes.

tristan2.jpgTristan: Tessa, I'm so sorry. I'm never leaving you out of my sight again.

Tessa hugged him tighter, enjoying the presence of her father once again before remembering her want to get away, and looked up at him.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Dad I... I want to talk to you, and mom about something.

tristan2.jpgTristan: Tess, anything you want. Lerra and i will listen to whatever you have to say.

The hug then continued. Tessa's mother would be waiting for them back in the Capital. But Tessa didn't want to stay there for long. Anywhere near the Capital, or a big city isn't safe anymore. She just wanted to be a normal girl again. And she's not going to hesitate with telling her parents about what she wants. She then finally got her answer. Her best friend, Jensa. The girl she loved being with every day. She was from a city somewhere north-east of the capital. Way north-east. Far away...exactly what she wanted.

Everything added up, and she fully decided, one hundred percent, that she was leaving Saint Krist. And she knew where she was heading. Where she was going to start a new life, as just another young girl.


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