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#43|| Sister of My Friend

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Jensa's Family Home. Raechal, Follomer


When Tessa knocked, she wasn't expecting the person to answer to be a young girl with brown hair, just like 'her's. The two stared at each other. Tessa not knowing what to say, and the other girl trying to remember where she had seen Tessa before. The cat ears and her face brought it all back, but since it had been years, and Tessa had such a shortened life, it was almost like trying to remember a stranger.

Rebecca.jpgRebecca:...Tess? Little Tess!?

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Hi Rebecca. It's been too long,..

She then lunged and gave the girl a hug. Rebecca smiled and hugged her back before turning back around to face the hour.

Rebecca.jpgRebecca:Here! I'm sure mom and dad would love to see you too.

Tessa smiled and wiped away a tear before following her inside. The next few moments were full of hugs, smiles and wet cheeks. Seeing Tessa brought back memories of Jensa, since they were always inseparable while they were friends. It was even a bit weird, seeing Tessa and not seeing Jensa right next to her. After awhile, Rebecca asked if she and Tessa could talk out back on the porch. Tessa agreed and followed, taking in the crisp air and the tall trees around their yard.


Rebecca.jpgRebecca: I still can't believe you came out here by yourself. How was the trip?

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Uneventful mostly. Had to drive a rental the rest of the way here from the nearest airport.

Rebecca.jpgRebecca: You drive now! Goddess how you have grown. I swear you used to be just a little girl last time i saw you. And here I am, barely grew an inch.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Well y'know, people like me don't live that long.

Rebecca nodded, with nothing to say about her short lifespan. She hoped Tessa was making the most of it.

Rebecca.jpgRebecca: You know. Jensa would have liked the fact you came all the way here to visit. She always did like having you around the family.

Tears began to trickle down Tessa's cheeks. Smiling and wiping them away, she nodded and laughed a little.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: I do miss her. That day just wont leave my mind.

Rebecca then began to cry a little, crossing her arms.

Rebecca.jpgRebecca: I can't imagine how hard it was for you, to be there and all. You know you're always welcome with us, right Tess? You're like the third sister I never had, heh.

The both of them smiled at each other, drying their cheeks.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: I'll be able to visit a lot now. I actually moved into a house not ten minutes away. Don't, even ask, all my idea.

Rebecca.jpgRebecca: Right, haha, you always do whatever you set your mind to. Y'know, I was looking toward seeing a movie in town tomorrow. Wanna come with me? Who knows, maybe you'll find a local boy to help take your mind of things. Got some cute ones around here.

Tessa laughed at the offer, but couldn't help to not get very interested in the idea of 'cruising for boys'. And whenever she though of being close with someone, her mind always trailed toward someone she once got to know back in the big city.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: I'd love to Rebecca!


Okay so, this story update was full of story, and not very full of actual imagery. So I'm going to take you around the city of Raechal!

Resized to 61% (was 1329 x 747) - Click image to enlarge2-20.jpg

Just outside Rebecca's house is Tayble Ave, one of Raechal's only "unique" roads. Unique as in I used the NWM on it. Really love how it turned out. It's meant to signify that this is Raechal's more ritzy neighborhoods.

Resized to 59% (was 1366 x 768) - Click image to enlarge3-20.jpg

And just south going down Tayble Ave you hit Raechal High! The city's only High school. Because there's no middle school, Raechal High holds grades 7-12. Complete with large parking lot and Baseball fields. Uh oh, it's getting a bit cloudy!

Resized to 59% (was 1366 x 768) - Click image to enlarge4-19.jpg

And now it's started to rain. Wonderful. Well it'll be good to dampen all that dead grass. Here you'll see Ferns Hill Elementary. Just right up the road from Raechal High (literally), you'll find grades K-6 here.

Resized to 59% (was 1366 x 768) - Click image to enlarge5-18.jpg

West of the schools, we come upon Raechal's pride and joy. A freeway interchange! Westbound heads toward a major seaport and then hits the Follomer west coast. Northbound goes toward the coast and then heads east, then down south. While the southbound goes in that direction before hitting the mountains. They say if you stay on the westbound, you'll hit the Capital city eventually!

Resized to 59% (was 1366 x 768) - Click image to enlarge6-18.jpg

The Elephant Ears Main Street exit. You can guess why it's called that.

Resized to 59% (was 1366 x 768) - Click image to enlarge7-13.jpg

And here's downtown Raechal! No highrises here! Raechal has done a pretty good job of staying small. (not that being way up north near nothing of interest helped) At first started as a small farming town near the ocean. It's still a farming community, but has suburbanized greatly, with many things to do!

Resized to 59% (was 1366 x 768) - Click image to enlarge8-10.jpg

You could hit the Century Theater to catch any of the recently released bit box office hits or enjoy the plaza next door. Those people might want to hurry back to their cars, or a shelter. No one like's being drenched.

Resized to 59% (was 1366 x 768) - Click image to enlarge9-7.jpg

Or you can decide to bunk it here in Raechal at it's semi-luxury apartment homes! With reasonable monthly rents of course. Definitely not a day to use the pool though. Unless you don't mind the rain as long as it's still hot out. However one thing to recognize though is about Raechal's one tragic tradition it's seemed to have for itself. Almost everyone who was born in Raechal...

Resized to 59% (was 1366 x 768) - Click image to enlarge10-5.jpg

Grew old, and died in Raechal. Town Cemetery is almost 86% local born.

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Does anyone leave Raechal to die someplace else?

Also, I may have to go back and read some earlier updates to make sense of this. I hope to see more of your story soon!

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