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Chapter 5 | Update 29

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metropolice.jpgPolice 1: I said hands behind your heads, NOW!


The both of them did as the police said and cuffed their hands behind their heads. One officer was already taking slow steps toward them, cuffs dangling from his hand that wasnt on his sidearm.

manavatar.jpgSeargent Kith: Don't worry Tessa, I'll handle this.

Seargent Kith slowly moved his hand down.

manavatar.jpgSeargent Kith: You're making a mistake, I'm a federal agent.

Kith then reached into his jacket to pull out his ID, but the cops suddenly pulled their sidearms out.

metropolice.jpgPolice 1: DON'T MOVE!

He continued and started to pull his card out when the blasts echoed through the air. The cops shot Kith in the chest multiple times. Tessa stared on in shock, watching the holes be torn in his jacket and chest.

Tessacat.jpgTessa:  No!

Tessa's instincts suddenly kicked in at the remembrance of her best friend being killed and her cannines snarled out of her mouth as she jumped over the car and dug her nails into the wrist of the first cop, making him cry out in pain before being punched in the throat. Tessa grabbed hold of his sidearm as he fell and shot at the other two now turning toward her. Both recoiled backward as they were hit.

Tessa was panicked now and didn't know what to do. She glanced between the bodies before she heared sirens, and saw a police cruiser speed around the corner two blocks away. Tessa bolted. She ran to the car she arrived in, got in and pushed her thumb on the ignition pad. It started and she slammed on the gas, speeding down the road away from the carnage.


She turned the wheel as two trucks came into her way and turned onto the light rail tracks, speeding along the waterfront. She had to get away, she could hear sirens all around her now.


Dodging pedestrians, she panted panicked breaths.

Tessacat.jpgTessa:  What just happened?? Oh goddess! Oh my goddess!

She suddenly glanced to her right toward the ocean after hearing the thumps of a helicopter.


untitled-6.jpgPolice Helo: Pull over now!

Tessa wasn't going to slow down. These weren't cops, they were murderers. She slammed on the gas and the car sped down the road, passed the two cruisers that were coming at her. The car made it past first as she kept racing along the waterfront.


Tessa then saw the police had blocked the roads up ahead. She looked around for a way through before pulling off the road. She was going to plow through the park. There were people everywhere.


People yelled and screamed as they jumped out of harms way as Tessa raced through, carving skid marks on the concrete and tearing up grass. She sped to the other side of the park, through benches and garbage cans before making it back onto the road. She headed back for the waterfront expressway where she at least had some perception of where she was. She knew she was coming up on the warfs soon. The warehouse district.

Two police cars then got in behind her, chasing her car. She could hear gunshots behind her, which made her ram her foot down on the gas.


The pursuit made it toward the end of the expressway and the warehouse district came into sight. And Tessa was going to head into the city.

She almost turned the corner before two more police cars skidded to a halt, blocking the road. Tessa cursed and turned the wheel toward the only place she could go. The seawall.


Tessa saw a plank leaning against the wall and decided. She gripped the wheel and headed straight for it, passing the police cars that had stopped infront of her. Once they knew where she was going, the other two skidded to a stop behind as Tessa sped the car onto the wall path and up the plank. The car burst over the wall into mid-air, when Tessa though she would land in the ocean, solid ground came up under her.


Tessa screamed out of instinct as the car flew through the air toward the warfs seawall. The car fell out of the sky onto the concrete, skidded, the back tires sliding and lost balance. The car flew onto it's side and crashed into a pile of crates stacked up along the fence.

Finally everything came to a halt. The car's engine ticked as it shut off and smoke rose from it. Tessa coughed and groaned as she tried to get out of the car. She couldnt open the door and so kicked the window out. Pulling herself out, she fell onto the concrete. She coughed up blood as she still heard sirens behind her, and more on the way. She picked herself up, holding her left arm as it hung limp and ran away from the car.


Tessa ran as fast as she could holding her arm away from the smoking car. It was minutes before she vanished between the warehouses.




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