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Chapter 6| Episode 32

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The Following Morning...


The sun was beginning to rise over the city. The bright lights began to turn off, late night workers were once again excited to head home and collapse on their beds while day works had just a few more hours to sleep. The government quarter saw it's influx of pedestrian traffice in the morning hours. Federal workers, dignataries and down to a person hoping for an appeal to a DUI all walked the plazas.


Tristan had returned up to his office with Tessa, both to return to duties and spend time with his daughter, who had been in far too much trouble then he ever was in his younger years. Sitting down on a cushioned chair lined up against the side wall while her father manned his desk, she couldn't help but to feel on edge. As each minute ticked by, the light continued to get brighter outside, her mind ran dark thoughts.

"Keep all this in mind when you're saving your father's life in the morning."

Tristan glanced over every now and then, worrying about her silence before finally seeing her hard glare digging holes into the floor.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Tess?

Tessa's left ear perked up and she tilted her head toward him.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Oh! I'm, sorry. Have I been silent this whole time?

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Indeed you have kiddo, are you still shaken from yesterday? I can get you whatever you need, just name it.

Tessa kept glancing out the window, seeing the sky on the horizon get more blue than black, and her heart raced.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: ...you think we could go outside? I mean, it's going to be another beautiful day, and I thought I could spend it with you outside in the sun.

Tristan didn't see this side of her much after the mall massacre, and began to smile.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Right! Why not, we don't get to spend that much time with each other anyway, I've been looking forward to this kind of thing. What do you think of bringing your mother along as well? We can make today a family day.

Tessa gave her father a semi-forced smile, what with these unknown dark feelings inside her, but she was still happy about the thought of being with her family. Her whole family.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Sounds great! Lets go, right now.

Tristan began to chuckle as he stood up gradually.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Right, hold your horses girl, there's no rush, the sun's barely up yet.

He then put a finger on his desk's touch screen, activating the comm.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Linda? Hold all calls for the day please, I'll be out with my family today.

Assistant: Yes sir Chancellor.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: If i recieve any red-line calls, forward it to my personal cell, otherwise I'd like not to be bothered.

Assistant: As you wish sir.

Tristan then walked out from behind the desk and chuckled.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: I swear, that woman treats me like some Lord.

Tessa smiled half heartedly and took her father's hand, squeezing it as she headed for the Elevators in a rush. Tristan took it as being excited.


As Tristan and Tessa made it to the ground lobby and exited through the doors, as if honed his eyes, he already spotted several of his civillian dressed personal guard around the plaza and sidewalk. He leaned down to Tessa and casually pointed one of them out, smirking.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Seems Linda alerted my personal guard for me. Such a nice woman.

Tessa let out a soft giggle, feeling more calm that they were now outside, amongst gradual flow of people coming to work. They walked down several of the steps before stopping.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Oh! I'm sorry I forgot something back inside.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Then I'll come with you! What did you forget?

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Oh no Tess, it's fine, just something in the lobby, I'll be right out. And your mother is on her way from the Virgin Shores Embassy, so stay out here and wait for her, okay? I'll just be right back!

He was already half way to the doors when he finished, and Tessa didn't know what to do. She didn't want to leave him out of her sight, but she did know she had to wait for her mom.

Several minutes passed and the sun continued to rise. Tessa paced back and forth in the plaza, her arms folded. How long was it going to take him? And she wasn't seeing her mom either. She was then about to head back inside to look for him when she noticed everyone turning their heads up toward the sky with confused looks. Tessa then perked her ears. A noise was coming toward them from the north. A very off noise. She then began to walk down the street so she could get a better look to the north behind the tower. When she got a better view, her eyes squinted to two objects in the air, coming at her. A second later, she widened her eyes and her heart stopped.



They were missiles. Each one of the two smashed into the top of the tower and erupted into two fireballs, shattering glass and blowing away chunks of the tower. The shockwave blew most people back, others fell down onto the concrete. Everyone was then panicking. Women screamed, people ran away from the tower, others didn't know if they should go inside to get the people inside out.

Tessa was blown down onto the ground and stared up at the tower, chunks of it falling from the impact sites to the plaza below. She couldn't believe her eyes. Her dad's office was in flames! The building was creaking from the sudden damage. She could still hear smaller explosions. The two missiles carried secondaries which broke apart after impact, exploding inside the tower. She turned her head and saw crowds of people running out of the building, looking up at the damage.

Then suddenly, the tower itself began to collapse from the top. Everyone ran away at that point. Tessa herself picked herself up and sprinted down the road, avoiding falling debris and cars skidded to a halt infront of her.

Citizen: The building!!

Citizen: Look out!


The building began to buckle under the stress. As it came down, dust was kicked up. The air was filled with the crumbling of steel and glass and screams. Tessa ran to a building on the corner of the Government plaza and hid behind the corner, covering herself.

People running down the road were then engulfed by the debris and dust cloud that swooped out in all directions.


The sound then died out, and all was left was screams, emergency sirens. Tessa shook and coughed, covering her eyes with her arm as she came out from around the corner. She couldn't see anything. But the tower she let her dad run back into, wasn't there anymore.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: ..d-da...DADDY!


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Archean, you need to bring a show like 24 back... this city journal is just awesome. The city, the story, the choice of words.... Great job!

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