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Chapter 6| Episode 34

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One Hour Later...

                   In the air above the city...


untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: What's the status of the Chancellor?

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Still missing, ma'am. Emergency crews are still going through the rubble.

Panin sighed and rubbed her forehead.

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: Do we at least have the Capital secured?

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Yes Ma'am, Home Guard units are being positioned around the government quarter's perimeter.  We have a ground presence at Division strength as well as AA batteries being deployed along the river to the north, and the avenue south of the Government building.

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: Do we even know how this even happened??

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Two missiles, military grade weapons outfitted to be clusterbombs. That's the only thing we can think of to explain the secondary explosions which damaged the inner supports. Before the collapse, people on the ground witnessed the missiles impact the top floors of the tower. Ma'am, the Chancellor was specifically targeted.


The dropship flew along the river toward the bay. It's destination was in the middle of it.

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: When we land, I want a command center  set up in the basement floors. From what I've learned in my experience as an Admiral, is that an aggressor with this kind of hardware won't stop at just this. We need to expect the worst.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: What do you mean ma'am?

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: I mean...the FLF may be back.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Are you serious? I was there personally with the Chancellor when we took out their last stronghold in Folserria. How could they make a comeback without us knowing?

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: I'm not sure, but can you imagine simple anti-government radicals getting their hands on two high end military grade clusterbomb missiles?

Trellian looked off into space, thinking it over. There had only been one militant group in Follomer's history that had enough hardware to take on the military evenly, and he thought they were taken care of long ago.


The Seahawk came out over the bay and descended, getting ready to land at the Office of Military Intelligence's landing pad. What was on that Island was Follomer's most strategic location, housing a large amount of the Military command structure.

soldier2.pngSoldier: There's no problem ma'am, you're protected.

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: It's not me I'm worried about private...

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Andella, with all due respect, you should start thinking about taking over leadership. We don't know if Tristan survived.

Panin looked straight into Trellian's eyes with defiance and slammed her fist on her knee.

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: One thing I know about Tristan is that he never gets caught off guard, so damn it! He's still alive!


The dropship slowed and lowered to the ground. Burning it's thrusters, it steadied down onto the pad and set down. The door to the troop bay opened and they walked off. The soldier, carrying an Assault rifle got off first, scanning the area. Panin went up to him and put a hand on his shoulder, patting him.

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: At ease Private, we're in one of the most secure places in the country.

The soldier nodded and lowered his rifle and the three of them walked away from the craft to the tower looming overhead. Around them Panin could see numerous security details.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Alright ma'am, what's our first step?

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: Securing the city is already done. What we need to to now, is find where the attackers are, and deal with them accordingly. What happened today won't stand.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: I hope Tristan made it out...

As they came close to the tower, their hearts were heavy with grief that their Chancellor just might be dead. For the first time in years, Trellian was unsure what to do without Tristan's unwavering leadership. Now it wasn't there anymore to take charge, and even Panin was feeling doubtful. But their hearts froze just then with a voice.

untitled-6.jpg???: Took you guys long enough to get here.

All three stopped as someone looked at them from the other side of the reflecting pool. Panin and Trellian's eyes were widened, and even the Private was speechless.


untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: H-how?

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: What? You look like you've seen a ghost Panin.



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But anyways, nice update as usual, Mikey. Your updates keep me on the edge of my seat and I'll be watching out for more. Which reminds me, I need to subscribe to the RSS feed. 

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