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Chapter 5| Episode 31

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Soon After...

           New Lynais Industrial District



It was the dead of night and Tessa curled in a ball in the corner of the Warehouse office. The mystery man who called himself Rua was long gone, and Tessa was now again all alone in the abandoned building. Several minutes ticked by, slowly and Tessa was questioning whether help would come or not. Every so often she would hear a soft siren go by. Obviously the "Police" scouring the streets for her. The only thing she knew she had to do was to just stay put.

But as time went on, and all she could hear was the hum of a light a distant horn on the streets and silence, her confidence disappeared. Still clutching her arm which stopped bleeding but stung like hell, she tried to go over the facts.

Kith was dead, and for all she knew probably in a Police morgue. The Police which she had no trust in anymore chased her half-way across town trying to kill her, and now with a presumably broken arm, she's hiding in a warehouse all by herself in the cold with people still out looking for her, and with no help in sight.

Things were very dim, before her ear perked with the sound of rotor blades outside.


HeloSomething sparked in her heart. She knew that sound! That specific sound of the rotor blades. It was a Follomer Military Transport Helicopter. She then noticed the flood of light coming in from the window and ran to it, looking out and up. She saw the flashing red running lights and almost had a stroke she was overjoyed. Her tail wagged from side to side as she ran for the door and opened it, feeling that much safer now that the Military itself had arrived.

Tessa ran out into the concrete clearing behind the warehouse and began waving her good arm over and over, yelling at the helicopter above her.

pilot.jpgHelo Pilot: Target area reached, beginning search.

The pilot scanned the area with the spotlight while the soldier in the troop bay kneeled at the edge, looking out over the ground. He then focused on an area between a warehouse and some smaller structures at something moving.

Marine-2.jpgHomeGuard Private: Hey! Move the light over there, to the left by the warehouse!

The pilot moved the chopper into hover and ran the light left over the warehouse. Suddenly Tessa was illuminated and the soldier pointed at her.

Marine-2.jpgHomeGuard Private: There! In the clearing!

pilot.jpgHelo Pilot: Control, we've found her, touching down now for retrieval.


Tessa backed up against the wall, staying near the door just in case the people in the Helicopter were just more of those policemen that were after her. But sure enough, as the chopper landed, the soldier jumped off and took a few steps toward the scared girl.

Marine-2.jpgHomeGuard Private: Tessa Archean?

Tessa stared at the very real armored clad foot soldier and nodded, believing him to be Military. The soldier then offered his hand to the girl and smiled.

Marine-2.jpgHomeGuard Private: My name is Private Aaron Fallson, I'm here to take you home.

Tessa looked at his hand, then at the soldiers face behind the visor before running and jumping into his arms, holding tight onto him. The private wasn't prepared for a hug, but he held her while scanning the area for anything, then escorted her back to the troop bay of the awaiting chopper.

The both of them safely climbed on board, and with confirmation of her presence, the Pilot took off from the ground, leaving the city for good.

One Hour Later,

               Somewhere Over Follomer Heading Northwest


The chopper glided through the night air, encountering little turbulence or weather. Tessa sat on one of the seats, gripping her thigh as the soldier treated her other arm. It stung as he touched her, but he was helping.

Private Fallson felt her arm for any bumbs or bulges indicating a broken or shattered bone, but everything seemed to be in the right place, so he treated the scrapes, bandaged the wounds and helped her into a sling.

Marine-2.jpgPrivate Fallson: There, good to go. You're lucky nothing broke.

Tessa had watched the soldier the entire time since sitting down and little by little, let her confidence and assurance of being safe return.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Are you, a doctor?

She asked, almost innocently. The day's events changed her well being mentally, and she wasn't feeling as serious as she usually did. Fallson smiled and nodded, pointing to the red cross on his shoulder.

Marine-2.jpgPrivate Fallson: Field Medic, your father wasn't sure if you'd had been hurt or not, so they had me be on hand in case of anything.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: My, dad... Why, isn't he here? why didn't he come get me??

Fallson put a hand on her shoulder and leaned a bit closer.

Marine-2.jpgPrivate Fallson: Don't worry, your father will be waiting on the landing pad in the capital. We couldn't risk bringing him along. He was, very persitent though. I'm sure he's very worried.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: I always told him not to worry about me...always told him i could take care of myself...

Fallson looked the girl in her eyes and studied her emotions. She wasn't in shock, but whatever happened to her he though, must have really shaken her mentally. He then put a finger to the siding of his helment, activating his comm.

Marine-2.jpgPrivate Fallson: How long till we reach the capital? Our passenger wants to be reunited with her father asap.

pilot.jpgHelo Pilot: Arrival, ETA 1 hour and 15 minutes at top speed.

Fallson nodded to himself and looked back at Tessa.

Marine-2.jpgPrivate Fallson: Just a little longer, so don't worry. Until you're back with your dad, I'm here.

Tessa looked up at the young soldier and blushed at his selfless words. She smiled and then closed her eyes, leaning her head back against the wall, resting.

One Hour Later...

               St. Krist City, Follomer Capital


The helicopter entered St. Krist airspace at around 4:35 am in the morning. The city was lit aglow by the early morning workers in the towers doing their jobs. More-so yawning however but it kept the economy going.

Tessa looked out over the city and couldn't help but smile. She was home. She loved looking at the lights. It was the brightest display of human development in Follomer. There was no brighter area of light anywhere else in the country, and she felt proud of that for some reason.

Hopefully one day, she would become Chancellor of this nation and change things.


The helicopter descended to the government quarter and came in for a landing at the Government building's two landing pads. Tessa stood as the ground got closer and grabbed onto the mesh hanging from the cieling with her good arm, waiting so she could jump off and find her dad.

As the landing pad came up, and the chopper finally touched down, she couldn't help but to feel a sudden rush of excitement, relief, and love.


Tessa jumped off the helicopter and ran toward the only other figure she saw standing a way away from the helicopter. She ran as fast as she could, holding her slinged arm close to her chest and ran into the arms of the figure before her. He embraced her back as firmly as he could without hurting her arm he could see was injured, and began to cry.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Thank the goddess, you're okay...

Tessacat.jpgTessa: I love you dad! I love you...

The both of them gripped each other as Fallson stood beside the chopper, admiring the sight of parent and child being reunited. The Pilot joined him, aknowledging a job well done.

Tessa let tears fall onto Tristan's shirt as she got him back into her life. She was finally safe.

But one thing wouldn't let itself be forgotten from her memory.

"Keep all this in mind when you're saving your father's life in the morning."

Daylight started to very faintly appear over the city.


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