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Chapter 6| episode 38

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When Tristan got off his dropship and walked off the landing pad toward the hospital, he witnessed the groups of people in one area or another. They were panicked. And it was his fault. There must have been something he hadn't done, something he overlooked that allowed this dastardly attack to happen. Will his country ever see lasting peace, he thought to himself as he made his way inside and to the nearest nurse's desk.

Putting his hands down on the desk, he got the distracted nurse's attention.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Miss, this is urgent. What wing and room is Tessa Liara Archean in?

The nurse glanced up at him and, recognizing his face was shocked to see him here, alive and well! Almost everyone in the city had surely believed their Chancellor died in the attack. But here he was, demanding a room number.

untitled-6.jpgNurse: U-uhh, I-I believe room one-oh-f-four, Urgent Care.

Tristan nodded and sped off for the nearest elevator. The nurse shot up and leaned over her desk to watch him go, still shocked. After a minute she called for some sort of authorities to report his appearance as he disappeared into an elevator.


When the elevator doors opened, he walked out into the corridor to find it surprisingly quiet and lacking of human presence. He cautiously walked down it, looking at each closed door before coming up on an all to familiar sight to him. Infront of a certain door, one of Tristan's personal bodyguards, who was one of Trellian's men, was laying slumped on the tiled floor, a stab wound in his neck. Tristan instantly turned soldier as he quickly closed the gap between him and the door, and after kneeling, grabbed the man's sidearm and held a second before bursting into the room, gun raised, only to find an empty bed. He scanned the room before noticing the bed sheets were strewn all over, dipicting some sort of struggle. That's when he heard a loud slam, from a metal door clasp, which is when he turned and bolted out of the room. down the hallway, he saw a staircase door and bolted for it. When he reached it, he looked down and then up, and saw a figure quickly scaling the steps.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Stop!

The figure then glanced down, and immediately fired two rounds down at him. Tristan ducked behind the wall before quickly giving chase, knowing this man had his daughter! He chased him up the staircase all the way to the maintenance level right below the roof. The figure opened a hatch to the roof and pushed a smaller person through it before following.


Tristan ran to the hatch and carefully looked through it onto the roof, not wanting to get hit by a bullet. As he climbed the ladder, the two figures stood near the edge of the roof, with a Helicopter getting a bit too close to the building.


As the Helicopter slowed to a hover near the end of the roof, Tristan got within twenty feet and pointed the gun at the armed man, who turned with the other figure trapped in his arm, the gun pressed to her head. Tristan widened his eyes to see Tessa, his daughter with a gun to her head. She looked barely conscious, her legs wobbling and eyes half open. Was she drugged?

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Don't you dare! Release her! Now!

The figure slowly backed up toward the awaiting helicopter and laughed, keeping his head right behind Tessa's.

untitled-6.jpgArmed Man: Not this day Chancellor! She's coming with me.

The groggy Tessa moaned and tried to focus on Tristan, and slowly raised a hand to him.

Tessacat.jpgTessa:  D-daddy? Why....what's going, on?

untitled-6.jpgArmed Man: Don't worry sweetheart, you're coming with me for now.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: You son of a...you let her go, NOW!

The figure just smirked and kept backing up toward the helicopter. Tessa's head remained right infront of her captor's, so all Tristan could do was point his gun with hsi finger off the trigger. He couldn't risk it. He wasn't familiar enough with a weapon to fire through a hostage to hit the hostage taker without fatally wounding the innocent. He just couldn't risk his only child.

As the gunman got into the helicopter, pulling Tessa in with him, the Helicopter quickly lifted away, with Tristan remaining on the roof, glaring at them leaving.


As the Helicopter left, Two officers finally arrived at the scene behind Tristan as he just stared on, helpless, infuriated. After a minute, Tristan let out a yell and fired the rest of his magazine into the air, catching the police officers off guard, making them raise their guns at the Chancellor. Tristan turned around, furious and pointed at the helicopter now quite a ways away.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Dont you point those things at me! Get a chopper in the air and FOLLOW THAT HELICOPTER!

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