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Chapter 5 - Episode 30

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Several Hours Later

                               New Lynais Industrial District


Day turned to night as the hours went by, and the city calmed a little from the rampant car chase along the waterfront. Several citizens were shaken from the fact they were almost run over and watched on the news as the police claimed to have taken the suspect into custody, and that the noise near an apartment building suspected to be gunshots were nothing of the sort.

But the populace was being lied to.

Seargant Kith was shot in broad daylight by Metro police, and Tessa was still in hiding from them. The police didn't want anyone to know that they were after the Chancellors daughter. As corrupt as they come, there was a high price for her capture.


Tessa panted and looked around the corner of a building, looking out along the road. Finally it got dark and most, if not all the factory workers went home. The warf war deserted. She clutched her bleeding arm that she bandages with part of her shirt that she ripped off her stomach; and sprinted as fast she could across the open ground to a warehouse infront of her.

Hopefully she could get in and find a phone. She needed to get in touch with her father.

Tessa came up to the wall of the building and pressed against it, moving along it for the window she saw. She came up to the glow of the light from the window and to her surprise she found a door.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Thank goddess... I didnt want to use the window.

She went for the knob and to her further surprise, turned and the door swung open slowly. She cringed at the creak of the door and swore, hoping no one was inside to hear that. Peering inside though found the place to be compeltely bare of people. Tessa quickly got inside and shut the door, finding a bolt and locked it.

Tessa walked around, examining the open area inside the warehouse. It looked like it had recently been emptied of anything that had been stored here in the past, and quickly too. She could see papers strewn across the concrete floors, pieces of wood that looked like parts of crates as well as other objects she couldn't place. But the sight of an office caught her attention.

She made a break for it, getting to the door and pushing it open with ease. Inside was to her joy, a desk with a phone on it. She ran to it and picked it up, punching in the numbers for her father's private line that only she and the Chancellor's inner circle and Council knew.

St. Krist City, Governmant Tower


Tristan leaned back in his chair, wondering how his daughter was doing in New Lynais when his phone began to ring. Routine had him reach and pick it up without even looking and put it to his ear.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Yeah, Tristan Archean.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Dad!?

Tristan stared at the wall hard before leaning forward in his chair, catching Tessa's tone, heavy breathing and urgency.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Tessa?? What? What's wrong?

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Dad! Oh goddess i need you! They're after me!

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Tessa, Tessa! What happened?? Who's after you?

Tessacat.jpgTessa: The police!

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: ...The police?

Tessacat.jpgTessa: They killed Kith! I-infront of me!

Tristan's eyes widened and almost dropped the phone, just barely believing what he was hearing.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: The police killed Kith? The police??

Tessacat.jpgTessa: They shot him when he tried to show them his badge! Then they chased me across the city! I don't know what to do! I...I...

Tessa began to lose it on the phone. Her nerves where shot and she was barely keeping herself from crying.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Tessa, stay where you are! We're coming to get you, don't be scared, we're coming--

The phone then went to static and she could no longer hear the voice of her father that she longed for. She panicked and started hitting random buttons.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: D-dad!? DAD!

The sound of a foot tap came from behind her and she froze before spinning around and backed up from the sound. Out of the shadows of the corner came a tall cloaked figure who stared her down, studying her. He began to smirk.

manRua.jpgRua: The line's dead, Tessa. But don't worry, help is coming.

Tessa's frightened state jumped higher into pure horror. Who was this person and will he hurt her?

manRua.jpgRua: Very sorry though, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rua. I'm a...friend.

Tessa stared at him, not even blinking. Her fear forbid her from taking her eyes off him for a second. Realizing she wasn't going to talk, Rua took a few steps to the desk and leaned against the edge, folding his arms, still facing her.

manRua.jpgRua: That was a great show, by the way. Who knew a kid like you could drive like that while being chased by the police. Very incredible. I have to admit you perform well under extreme pressure. I'll give you that.

He then stood up straight and took another step closer toward Tessa, which made her move back before running into the wall. She felt trapped and kept staring at the man.

manRua.jpgRua: But you're oblivious. You have no idea the magnitude of the events unfolding around you. Your father, your family, friends. All are at risk, and no one can be trusted. Keep all this in mind when you're saving your father's life in the morning.

Tessa stared at him in confusion as he then turned and headed for the door. He opened it and before stepping through, looked over his shoulder at her and smiled.

manRua.jpgRua: Better hurry before sunrise. His life hangs in the balance.

And then he disappeared through the door and into the darkness. Tessa let out a long breath, staring out the door into the emptiness. What did he mean by the events around her, and her father's life in danger? And why did he sound like he knew what was going to happen?

Just outside, she heard a passing siren.


The cloaked man was right about one thing though. Tessa felt like she could trust no one anymore.

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