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XXIX ・ Some Random Town, Part 2




Welcome to the now-monthly edition of Okaiken. You can thank the Architecture for the slowness of the updating cycle. I just want to let you know, the reader, that I am alive and fine as well, just busy and trying to cram in a part of my life that I would not just let go. Enjoy the update, it's a short one and just a quick read for you guys who had been wanting a full-blown update and see you sometime again.

Live from the laptop that had brought you @RepublicMaster's New Holland (TLDR It came from New Zealand and is now in Canada), I present to you: Okaiken v4. 


Replies (返事)

I did not expect so many replies from you guys, Thanks for your heartfelt appreciation of the journal! :P

@jmsepe, isn't that one usually referenced to Okatabawashi, a city journal by @TowerDude? :lol: HAHAHAHAHAHA

@Forthwall, @Huston,  I encountered some issues when it pertains to traffic. It shows that my vehicles are using it, but avenues don't give off any automata at all. Streets on the other hand give too much automata that that it looks really clogged up. 

@MilitantRadical, @GoKingsGo, @Sexysark:P, @gviper, @michae95l, @MissVanleider, @sucram17, @necroshine123, Thanks guys for your appreciation of the journal :)

@Ln X, I think it was one of my best produced shots out there. I was way happier with what had came up with that picture now than before.

@feyss, thanks for your usual correspondence. Great to see you around.

I'm sort of around, just doing a little of Cities:Skylines here and there, and a little of this, @takemethere. Glad to see you around!

@lucasfg3, @TekindusT, @slickbg56, @kschmidt, @kelistmac, Thanks for the support guys! Much appreciated, as always. :) 

@Bastet69008, I'm just using different Photoshop Filters (I named it Okaiken_01 which had levels of 43, 0.88, and 255) and a colour balance that is my secret recipe. I'm still experimenting with it to evoke feelings, and set a mood. I risked this one by mixing a different combination because...





Honda Shigetomo was sent to Kawahara-ku to assess a damage at its roadways. He had arrived at the small station carrying his duffel bag. The cold wind blew on his face as the door in front of him opened. Shigetomo, who had been trying to retain his position through the Ministry of Education’s re-education plan, has been in a struggle lately. It has been months since leaving Naotaka at Hirosaki; he had taken a job as a history and ethics teacher at its local high school. The Prime Minister’s office had cut their allowances because their terms with Employment Insurance had lapsed and it does not make sense for the premier to still give money to the people who had technically became 'part of society'.



When he had arrived at the area, the moon had just risen and it is getting dark. He only had 48 hours to do the inspection job throughout the city and also wondered why he did not get a co-worker to be helping him to this large, boring suburb of the metropolitan area. He called a taxi, and then took a rest into the local inn.



Turning on his radio for the night was a song from D-LITE, a Korean Artist, with a Japanese violin player. He fell asleep during the song.

Music Selection (Please Listen)



February in Okaiken is one of the most unusual months that people would see. While technically the season is Winter, Cherry blossoms from its northernmost Cities Otaki, Miyagi and Itogawa bloom by the 14th; snow is virtually cleared and the weather is perfect for couples who want to take a romantic stroll in the park.



Shigetomo remembered his wife Muramatsu-hime from way back when. Now that the space-time fabric had been distorted, He may never be able to come back to his era.



He remembered the song by the Korean Artist. It reminded him of those intimate times with his partner. Now all he can see is the austerity and the brutality of modern housing blocks, fragmented by low-density single family homes.



It kind of made him a little depressed.



As the early afternoon came and the temperatures dropped, Shigetomo wore his heavy black coat, and began walking to the direction of the convenience store. Distracted by the sight of bright blue lights that was being used to illuminate Otaki Castle, he and a woman collided into each other.

Was it a matter of destiny?




Coming up next: Naotaka visits Shinpu to learn about the Agricultural process.





Recommended Comments

Uh oh, looks like Okaiken has gotten itself entangled in empire-building on the mainland.  That may not bode well for the future.

I wonder how they translated that quote from the movie "The Princess Bride" and how its irony played on audiences:  "Ha ha!  You fool!  You fell victim to one of the classic blunders--the most famous of which is 'never get involved in a land war in Asia'..."


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Looks great! You always seem to find new ways to build and combine things, while still holding true to the style :) Canals make a nice addition! But I have to say, being single-family housing, it looks rather dense, doesn't it? ;) At least in comparison with the space-wasting going on in the rest of the world... :ooh:

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