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Special R&R | Total Recall #UFB





Thanks :)


Thanks, really great of you to say :)


Ha, thanks for the reminder! And lol yeah, worst SC region of all time :P


Thanks, I'm pretty sure you'll love it :P


Thanks, and pretty much yeah -- I hadn't watched the first make of Total Recall, and with the screenshots of it on google, it didn't look like I could take it seriously, and the scale and graphics difference between the first and second would be far too immense for me to watch it :P Regardless, I liked the movie, graphics, story and all but it might've been different if I watched the 70s version first. ;)


Thanks :)


Thanks, that's an honoring title :)


Well thanks for stopping by and hope you come back soon ;)


A One-hit wonder project.

Well, I've watched Total Recall recently and was so intrigued by the scenery and the cities in the film. I enjoyed the story and the plot, and while I found it a pretty good sci-fi, those who've probably watched the 70s version first probably wouldn't be as satisfied with it. Regardless, I found it great, and decided why not try remaking the scenery in the movie into SC4? Both a snapshot of the Colony (Australia) and the United Federation of Britain (UFB). These two photos were of a result of 24 hours of tenous BATing and rendering and lot editing and then plopping and so forth. There are about 6 extra types of BATs that I made specifically for these two pictures. With these BATs and the BATs of others, I've set out to do something no one in the SC4 community has ever done before. A city over a city over a city -- based on the 2012 remake of Total Recall. (This is different to arcologies that are built over cities. This is literally a city over a city. Supposed to be anyway)

Though in SimCity, looks can deceive, and in these images, are almost nothing more than illusions that make it seem 'together'; but in true fact, they're almost scattered in different parts of the scene, and each freeway piece a different height. You can understand how difficult it is to make this and how long it takes with a bit of determination.

Hopefully you'll like it! And because SC4 lacks any height or depth perception, I had to stitch multiple pics at a time for this picture to really represent Total Recall's UFB/London scene. It may also be worth noting that there are nearly no extra graphics besides the additional clouds and adjusted color filtering for atmo and added city images for depth and height perception. Other than that, it's pretty much almost pure SimCity 4. The first pictures however, is raw if you get past the color filter and clouds. Lol.



Here are some behind the scenes bonus extras!

  1. is an image of the main screenshot unedited.
  2. is an image of the scene from a different point of view to show its illusion.

Take your pick.

7oMJV.jpg 7oMKx.jpg

That's it for now, thanks for stopping by and come by again when something new is up a R&R!


Recommended Comments

Wicked! I actually thought the new Total Recall was fairly entertaining. It had great visuals, decent action, and an amazing sounftrack. The main reason it isn't as good as the original is because it doesn't have Arnie.


Your recreation of the roads is excellent. I've often wished there were stacked highways like this in SC4.


The way you've assembled the pics is also very masterful. Great work.

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Dat repetition :rofl:

Ive always like Tonraqs posts!   i really do!


Hutson. this looks like HOUSTON 59 N


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Finally we can have double deck highways.  Please upload the sc4 model files of that set. It will be very useful. We can make them overhanging lots and stack them on top of real sc4 road networks.

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This is hard to find a word to describe my feeling on the effort. 

Majestic isn't it?


I particularly like the stacking, it complexifies the picture so well! 

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Your photos are simply amazing, you've done incredible work, once again.  I loved the old version of Total Recall (which came out in 1990, not the 70s ;) ), and probably won't see the new one, but I'm really glad it came out to inspire this project.  It looks great!

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Actually, the 1990 graphics aren't that bad, since the CG use is limited (I think they realized what they could and couldn't do). The ending is a little absurd, but it's all in good fun anyways, and worth a shot, despite some ridiculous blood spatter, gunfire, practical/special effects, and so on. But they aren't distracting to the point of breaking disbelief at least, and they're no worse than today's techniques, it's just that their slightly over-the-top.


Plus, it's Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Ironside, so...


Oh, and nice job on the recreation, btw. Very top notch illusion. Kinda like Recall. You can re-imagine it for us. Wholesale...

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