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Randoms | Assorted SC4 pics #3





Yep, it can be changed quite drastically :)


I've been wanting to do one for a while to show people raw SC4 images of ME:TMW :P


It does yeah, and of course, to make a scene underwater, it was gonna have to be photoedited :P


Indeed, that's why I had to edit the image with Umeda Tower. The blue was waaay to bright and overwhelming and made the image look - strange? In any case, it looked way better after editing :P


I'm not against pure SC4 imagery, but it tends to look a little dull sometimes :P


Thanks, and yeah, I still try to keep it from straying from SC4, with the exception for the update about Austra's Cerberus Station. It was too good not to turn into a 3d styled image :P


Thanks, it's great of you to say that. Though some urban scenes, ie. Origins: Kasumi Goto - the one of Osaka including Umeda Tower really needed the editing badly cause I couldn't stand the color palette that the creator of the Umeda tower BAT decided on :P

city89 #1, #2

I made them myself specifically for that image, and I'm pretty sure you asked me about last time but on ME:TMW, and I pretty much gave you the same answer as follows. Again, I'd really appreciate it more if you PMed me about BAT queries rather than posting on the comments. I don't really appreciate it when commenters ask for a BAT, ignoring everything else -- it's not really what the comments sec is for. In any case, I haven't released the buildings since they're primarily novelty items that I am unlikely to put out to the STEX, but I might in the near future.


This Randoms update has a wide variety of images and a wide variety of timelines, being when I made them. Some were made 5 years ago and some only recently. Some are complete, some not so much. It really is completely random, and there is not topic at hand. But one thing's for sure; all these images are unedited. So just sit back, and enjoy the raw SC4 images.


An image of Llithustania's Crovakian state capital, Delavia, before the EQ struck.


The small village of Ferdinand in the islands of Selcia and Bormeleo. At night.


Welshington, Bauitelle, Llithustania. A blast from the past, made several years ago.


An image I made that was inspired by Alaska. Also inspire by my discovery of these odd terrain textures. Huehue.


An old image from the ETA, a Litusian territory before it claimed independence. From the 3N CJ.


ME:TMW's Batarian slum on Khar'shan uncut.


An unedited shot of the Cerberus Station over Austra in ME:TMW.


Novamaine, capital of the ETA. An old image I'd never shown on ST.


The Progress I made on Touraan City, capital of the Gurivian Emirates or Federation, I forgot.


Close up shot on the Mysterious Island remake and its artifact.


The result of the Tutorial I made unedited. Just wanted to post it here too lol.




It's ugly. From one of my earlier towns that I actually grew.


A view of the main town area of Avondale. An old town I use to play. And it was actually turning a profit. I'll show you it again when I've removed the Maxis Trees and spruced it up a bit!


Meanwhile, you remember what I said in the last update? About a Sci-Fi update regarding a remake of a classic sci-fi film? Well, here's the project in progress:


I'm making some models for the few images I'm making in regards to this specific movie. I gotta fix some surface on these models in skecthup but so far so good


If you wanna take a guess at the movie, go ahead.

Anyway, that's it for today, come back to R&R for anything new and random!


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I remember the region tile you showed me. Had a lack of a metropolis in there (there was like 4 tall skyscrapers jutting out in the desert, what happened with that?)   :rofl: Also, it was the Gurivian Federation. :P


Nice pics, although the duration of plopping each city tile forced me to just grow it :P

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Is that for, like the "update" of Total Recall? I still think they missed a lot on that movie by not going to Mars (or, you know, putting doubt in our minds at the end like Arnold's version did.


Of course, I could be wrong. Not many Sci-Fi reboots I'm aware of, though, that feature some cars in any bit of prominence (and I haven't heard of a remake of The Fifth Element)

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This is my THIRD stop on this weeks "Around THe World Tour of Featured Cities and one of my favs... The City of Huston (actually i live in Huston - ironic!..(the people of macconda sends their greetings!  Going to go make my usual favorite stops while here and say hey to some old friends in town before the engines on the Airmann15 747 starts roaring and whisking off to the 4th vacation spot!

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