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TMW - 2181 Despoina System | "The Leviathan"

Overview ~

Only having been discovered by human probes in the last 5 years, the still uncharted world only given the designation 2181 Despoina, is found to be a planet of vast and never ending oceans of liquid water, with a breathable nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere. As the search for an answer to the Reaper war grows desperate, the Normandy's crew is drawn to this very planet in the Psi Tophet system, in search of what appears to be rogue 'Reaper-killing' Reaper. Hidden on this planet, in the depths of a stormy ocean and amongst a wreck of ships, both familiar and unfamiliar, lies the very answers to some of the galaxy's dire questions and the help the war against the Reapers desperately needs.



It's not a good time to be an organic being anywhere :P


Thanks, what do you think of the blueness of the prefabs? :P


Well, everything except for the rocks, trees, terrain and water mod and the radio dishes. ;)




Lol yeah, Thanks :P


A lot has happened in the past two weeks, good to see you catching up on the updates :D


Wow, it's great to see another fan of the CJ! Thanks a lot, and there'll be plenty more ME:TMW from where that came from ;)


Really? I never really thought I was any good at writing :P


Thanks a lot Carl :)


Of course they're evacuating! Otherwise, they wouldn't have dubbed this a galactic invasion by a massive fleet of highly advanced sentient ships ;)


Note: This is part two to the multi-part episode special 'To The Reaper'. If you're unsure about what happened in the previous episode or missed it out, click on the banner below to go to the previous episode that is part of the multi-part episode special To The Reaper.


In this episode special are new BATs that will not make it out of this City Journal (b/c of their purely novelty purpose) and a series of odd SC4 pictures with photo-manipulation ranging from relative to heavy editing, depicting 2181 Despoina's underwater scenery, Leviathan's habitat, Leviathan's mind, and the uncharted shipwrecks. Also, I thought I'd have some dialog[ue], since this CJ sorely misses this kind of thing. I've had it for episodes

#22, #27 and #38. It needs more dialog[ue] episodes, so here it is.




2181 Despoina. A system orbiting the star Psi Tophet at a distnace of 1.3 astronomical units. Despite being a garden world, Despoina poses little, if an direct significance to the war, until the crew realizes what they''ve been searching for all this time was locked here on this planet. And after days of searching the cluster, the narrowed search for Leviathan with the help of Dr. Ann Bryson closes in on its very location. As the Normandy's systems scan the planet, analyzing the basic details of the world, EDI's scans of the planet reveal a wet and watery garden world, with oceans that span the entire planet. With little visibile land from low-orbit, an assumption that 2181 Despoina, a world discovered by human probes from Skepsis 5 years ago, is a water world and a cesspit of storms and wind would be pretty accurate. And judging from EDI's scans of the planet, a treacherous storm system moving over the location of Leviathan's energy validates the assumption.

With the launch of a probe, EDI is able to establish the location of Leviathan along the southof the equatorial zone of Despoina. Simultaneously, John, Kaidan and Liara acknowledge the confirmation, gearing up and heading for the shuttle with Steve to approach the location on Despoina.


6yE4I.jpgCortez, what's the status on the probe we launched?
6yE5o.jpgTracking it now Commander, I've confirmed that Leviathan's signal originates from this planet -- I heard, how uh, Ann helped us locate it. Pretty spooky stuff.
6yEiy.jpg Makes you wonder. What exactly is down there?
6yEkO.jpgBryson's team called it a Reaper killer. From what we've seen, it doesn't want to be found.
6yE4I.jpgIt doesn't have a choice. We're here.
6yEiy.jpg Absolutely. But then what? Let's say it is a Reaper, do we really want its help?
6yE4I.jpgNobody says we have to be friends with it, but if it has the Reapers worried then we need its help.


6yE5o.jpgCommander! New readings from the probe. It's narrowed down Leviathan's location, but you're not gonna like it.


6yE4I.jpgLet's hear it.
6yE5o.jpgThere's nothing but ocean. I show a concentration of structures floating on the surface, but the probe's giving us a signal below that. Way below.




6yE5o.jpgLooks that way. The shuttle should still be able to reach it.


6yE4I.jpgThat's possible?


6yE5o.jpgThe Kodiak's specced to almost 1000 atmospheres, though I've never actually tested that.


6yE4I.jpg Well I guess we'll find ou--


6yE4I.jpg STATUS!


6yE5o.jpgSome kind of pulse hit us -- systems are shutting down -- Brace for impact!





As the pulse passed, the Kodiak, with its critical systems and propulsion out of whack, crash landed onto the wreck of an old and rather familiar ship -- which appeared to be a human vessel. As the Kodiak came to halt, the four quickly picked themselves up. With Steve still on the pilot's seat attempting to bring power back to the shuttle, John, Kaidan and Liara deboarded and found themselves on the derelict shipwreck, with the skies above them gray with clouds and pouring rain. It was obvious that the storm system supposedly moving over the wreck was here, but it was the least of there worries given their stakes and objectives.


6yE4I.jpgEveryone alright?


6yEiy.jpg A little banged up, but fine.


6yE4I.jpgHow's the shuttle Cortez?


6yE5o.jpgChecking now. I'll see if I can get power restored.


6yE4I.jpgCopy that. We'll look around.


6yEkO.jpgLook at this. Whatever the pulse was, we're not the first to get hit.
6yE4I.jpgCould be Leviathan's last line of defense.


6yEiy.jpg Amazing. I don't recognize any of those ships. How long have they been here?


As they searched through the wreck, they found functioning datapads scattered over the make-shift tents that were obviously occupied by the survivors of the crash, their remains still on the stretchers at the time of their death. Each and every message they read seemed to tell the same situation they had encountered just moments before. But as they read in deeper through the datapads and notes left behind by the surviving crew, ominous details about their fate began to linger, and subtle hints of Leviathan's effects on the human crew surfaced. The feelings of cold, darkness as tell tale signs of the Reaper's slow and inevitable take over of their minds.


But in an instant, the situation soured and the all too familiar siren of an incoming Reaper blarred over the wreck. Ground forces came pouring in to distract the three, as the Reaper capital ship scowered the waters for signs of Leviathan. With quick actions, firepower and precision shots, they made it through the masses of the souless Reaper troops. With Steve finishing off repairs to the shuttle, within moments, Leviathan emitted a secondary pulse that downed the Kodiak once more, but on a fortunate note, the Reaper capital ship as well buying John, Kaidan and Liara some much needed time to search through the wreck for anything useful.


Discovering that the ship was a survey vessel, named the MSV Monarch, they found rigged Atlas diving mechs barracaded on the deck, likely to have been for exploring Despoina's ocean depths. What were supposedly going to be used in the intial survey of Despoina, were now going to be what survey's the location of Leviathan; and after feeding power to the inactive barracade with power cells from the shuttle, they got it open and took an Atlas diving mech out for test-run.




6yE5o.jpgOkay Commander, let's get you out of there and I'll run a systems check.


6yEiy.jpg Shepard, I gotta say...I'm not too crazy about this plan.


6yE4I.jpgWe've come too far to stop now. The only way home is through Leviathan.


6yE5o.jpgOkay, seals check, oxygen pressure is nominal, systems are go. It's as ready as I can make it.
6yE4I.jpgLet's go.
6yEiy.jpg But Shepard...


6yE4I.jpgI'll be fine...



6yE4I.jpgClosing hatch. Engaging systems, ready.

6yE5o.jpgTesting comm link.

6yE4I.jpgI read you. Here it goes. Commencing dive in 3...2...1.

6yE5o.jpgSuit holding up Commander?

6yE4I.jpgLooks good so far.

6yE5o.jpgGood. We're getting some comm interference an--*noise*rs4ts#@%^can you read me*noise*$E(#aa$#&^





As John descended further into the ocean depths, the comms between him and Cortez were scrambled, nothing but garbled words drowned out by a wall of white noise. Outside, everything grew darker, and the only thing visible was the few rock formations that casted shadows against the surface and trickles of light from native bioluminescent sea-life.






Reaching over 3000 m below sea level, the Atlas finally made contact with the sea floor. Through the intense darkness of the ocean floor, John fired a sticky light against a rock, to allow him to see his surroundings. Although the bioluminescent jellyfish-like animals nearby provided some illumination, it was hardly enough to break through the darkness.


6yE4I.jpgI'm not sure if you can read me up there, but it looks like I've finished the major descent. Can't see much from here. Suit is...holding up. Emergency system have come online, life-support operational. Scanner indicates the probe is below my position. Looking for a way down. Shutting down all non-critical systems to preserve remaining power. Not sure how much juice the thrusters'll need to get me back to the surface. Can't worry about that now. Getting some strange readings from the probe; something's definitely down there. Reading the probe directly below me. Looks like the final drop. Can't see anything just yet.


Plummeting further into the underwater chasm, he reaches further into what appears to be the floors of a cavern. He searches for the probe, finding it wedged into a rock on the edge of a deep drop.


Looking around for signs of Leviathan, he fires a sticky to light his way through the cavern. Immediately after, a strange rumble from below rocks the cavern and shakes the very water around the Atlas. Emerging from the chasm further below arises an enormous Reaper-like creature, but with a strange organic build. Not metallic or plated. But a hardened shell protecting the organic's very flesh. It wasn't what John expected.






As it emerged, it's organic Reaper-like form became more evident, and its clearly enormous size dwarfing the Atlas. And when it rose. It spoke. Through mental pulses, communicating and voicing its anger through a voice in John's head.


6yJCj.jpgYou have come too far.
6yE4I.jpgI had to find you.


6yJCj.jpgThis is not your domain, you have breached the darkness.
6yE4I.jpgYou killed a Reaper. I need to know why.
6yJCj.jpgThey are our enemy, one that seeks our extermination.


6yE4I.jpgBut I thought you were a Reaper.


6yJCj.jpgThey were only a cause. We existed long before.


6yE4I.jpgThen what are you?


6yJCj.jpgSomething more...

Vivid images began to rack John's mind. As if he were mentally transported into...a dark...and cold place.

As Leviathan gained control of Shepard's mind, he found himself trapped in that cold and dark place, surrounded by a vast emptiness with a confusing environment he could not contemplate. He spoke to Leviathan through his memories, visualized through very people he found under the thrall of Leviathan's mind.

6yJCj.jpgYour mind belongs to me. Breathe.
6yE4I.jpgAnn..*cough-choke*..What's happening?
6yJCj.jpgYour memories give voice to our words. Accept this.

Leviathan gave answers to the very origin of the Reapers, their purpose and yet, other such details still remained a blur, even for the sapient aquatic race that intentionally created the AI that built up the Reaper armada and initiated the cycles of galactic extinctions. And before Leviathan trapped John, he attempts to convince it to release him. With no viable options at hand and their location and saftey on Despoina compromised, John convinces it to release him in the hopes that they defeat the Reapers as retribution for their lost race. But however, the Leviathan creature makes it clear that it/they will not fight for the cause of lesser races.






As Leviathan releases him, he gains consciousness and immediately pulls back, engaging the Atlas' thrusters to get back to the surface.\



As he surfaces, the Atlas lands back on the wreck of the Monarch. Steadily, John eases out of the seat and falls to the ground, weak, half concious, and unstable.

Stumbling on the ground, he draws the attention of brutes making their way across the wreck, but within seconds, the two spontaneously engage each other while ignoring Shepard on the floor of the wreck.

Kaidan and Liara who are firing on the remaining husks, cannibals and brutes in the distance then make the run to get John, Liara providing a cover fire while Kaidan picks John up from the cold hard steel floor.

6yEiy.jpg Shepard's back. Cortez, talk to me.


6yE5o.jpgWe're good to go. I don't know what the Commander did but the pulse is offline.


Steve brings the shuttle down to the wreck, opening the doors to allow Liara, Kaidan and John in. As they board, husks from out of nowhere begin gripping on the shuttle. The door behind them seals shut, and they make a run for it before the Reaper makes its way back. But they were too late.

6yE5o.jpgCommander, we got a Reaper inbound!

But to there luck, a pulse directed at the Reaper disables it, and the capital ship passes them by, heading for the waters.



The Reaper crashes into the ocean and drowns behind them, as Cortez brings the Kodiak upward, leaving behind them Despoina and the enigmatic leviathan creature.






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Amazing as usual!


Still fascinated by the SC4 you've turned in to the bottom of the ocean, always some of my favorite pictures.

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Those images are certainly incredible.  And, heh heh, I guess I could pay more attention to what's going on, eh?  That's what I get for coming to the party late!

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