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Mass Effect: Beyond

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TMW - Elysium System | "Cries for Help"

Overview ~


On the human colony of Elysium, a world diverse with races living in an orderly co-existence, Reapers arrive to take the colony's cities. As the reapers rain down on the capital and its surrounding colonies, comm traffic floods the airwaves and people struggle to evacuate and survive. Shuttles are on the move and dispatched fighters attempt to save who they can with strikes on reaper hot-zones and escorting civilian transports. One can only wonder at the despair and destruction witnessed by those on the ground and in the city that remains under siege.




Thanks a lot. It looks like Queensferryian's are supplying the Reapers air support units :O


Thanks :)


Thanks, and haha, can't help myself. Must not let ME:TMW lag behind :P


A splash of photo-editing.


Lol yeah, though Harvesters don't survive in a vacuum despite their half-organic/half-synthetic make up, as far as I know. :P


Cool :)


Note: This isn't part two of the twin-update special episode 'To the Reaper'. This instead, is more of an update intermission, something else happening in another part of the galaxy simultaneously on the human colony of Elysium.








[11km-W Illyria: We're getting scattered reports around the capital. Comms are starting to go down, and we're getting evacs through as fast as possible. These damn Reapers are just dropping out of nowhere!][14 km-SW Illyria: Intercepting a warning from the Fifth Fleet, they're suggesting we scatter the populace. The Reapers want the cities. We could minimize casualties if we make it harder for them to round civilians up][12734-South Suburban Outpost: WE'VE LOST SOUTHERN ILLYRIA. I REPEAT, DO NOT APPROACH SOUTHERN DISTRICTS. ANY CIVILIANS AND ALLIANCE FORCES WITHIN THE AREA SHOULD PULL BACK AND EVACUATE THE CITY]


[9.6km-N Illyria Comm Station: Elysium Alpha, what's your status?][14 km-Downtown Illyria: We're cornered at the colony administrations center. I don't think we'll be able to make it. We're trying to move the civilians as fast as we can, but we're out of op--*noise*][12435-South Suburban Outpost: We're retreating back to the outskirts of the city. Attempting to make contact with the next colony][unregistered Comm Traffic - Yugo District: Please, is there anyone on this frequency? We're trapped at a prefab on Eighth Street Yugo District. We have a dozen people and are desparate for evacu---tion----Ple----re----*noise*]






[9.75km-N Illyria Comm Station - Registered Alliance Shuttle 43: Alliance Comm Station North: Confirmation, we are en route North, clear of any Reaper presences][9.6km - N Illyria Comm Station: Acknowledged, keep to regulated routes, the fighters will be accompanying evacuation shuttles along to the northern colonies][unregistered Comm Traffic - Yugo District: ---vryone, keep firing on the ledge, we can't let them break through. Wilson, go with Takashi and Chase and make sure ther----the---clear---*noise*]

[unregistered Comm - Approx. Illyria : We need evacuation, we have people here wounded, and Reapers are getting closer to us! WE HAVE NO WEAPONS, please anyone on this frequency!]



[unregistered Comm - Approx. Illyria : ANYONE? I NEED HELP, I've lost everyon----][unregistered Comm - Approx. Illyria : OH GOD. THEY'RE COMING!][unregistered Comm - Approx. Illyria : MOVE EVERYONE OUT! If there's anyone out there Alliance, Hierarchy, anyone who can get us out of this mess, please!][unregistered Comm - Approx. Illyria : I'm Reyxa T'Yuveri, I'm stuck in my own home in downtown! I can't get out and all I'm hearing outside our explosions and sirens. I don't want to look out, but I need help! Is there anyone out there?!]

[Registered Comm : Illyria Commercial Spaceport, Air Control Tower, Comm Channel ACT4 : I don't think I can do this. I'm trapped. There's nowhere else to go. Erin -- I'm sorry --/-- *gunshot*]



[illyria Spaceport : The blizzard moving in over region's impeding evacuation efforts. We have zero-visibilty in our area, and we're trying to hold our position. But we have reports of Destroyers closing on our position. We have shuttles moving, but movement is slow. We'll have more reports in later. There'll be some shuttles carrying refugees moving into the comm station. Be ready.][illyria Spaceport : Dispatching fighters to hot-zones. They'll be providing cover and distraction while we attempt to evacuate and regroup.]


[illyria : This is an automated warning system - Warning, the human Systems Alliance is issuing a full scale evacuation of the city of Illyria. Approach of Illyria by civilians is not recommended. Reaper forces have taken vital zones of the colony. If possible, vacate the city at the best possible opportunity. Soldiers within Illyrian colony borders, are authorized to take any action possible to repel reaper forces from civilian heavy areas. Evacuation of extracted civilians at first possible opportunity is recommended. Warning, the human Systems Alliance is issuing...]






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It took me two weeks to read the whole story from the first episode ... everything is great, pictures and stories! 
I believe that I can no longer do without it. :)

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It seems like every system is evacuating and under attack!  Some tragic writing in there, too.  Good work!  I also really like the snow scenery, it looks simply amazing.

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