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TMW - Origins | Jeff 'Joker' Moreau #1



Overview ~

Jeff Moreau, earning the nickname 'Joker' in his later life, was raised on the colony of Tiptree, in a rural farming community. His family's homestead lied out on the plains and hills, growing Earth-native crops to serve the planet's local populace and food manufacturing. Living a quiet and ordinary life with his father and sister, it seemed at the time, ideal.



Thanks, always looking to make every update as adventurous as possible :)


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This one already is, but thanks :P


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Luiz P. Romanini

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I aim to do the impossible :P


Well, with a little photo-editing, and some undersea flora, it's pretty easy to create the illusion of an underwater scene :P


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Well, luckily for you, the episode aren't actually in line, so you could just focus on the situation at hand, unless its a multi-part episode like the one you just read :P


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You'd better believe it's SC4 :P


Note: Yeah, the episode name is pretty tasteless haha. The colony though, was called Tiptree, hence the strange and almost nonesensical title. In this Origins episode, the character featured is; Jeff 'Joker' Moreau, one of the Alliance's most renowned pilots, heading the bridge of both the HSA SSV Normandy SR-1 and Cerberus built then Alliance retro-fitted SR-2 frigates. He is born and raised on the colony Tiptree, from a rural farming community. In this update, the year is in the early 2160s.

1 of Undecided Origin Episodes: Jeff "Joker" Moreau.




Moreau Family Homestead, Rural Tiptree. The year is 2160, and in the outskirts of a small farming town lives a young Jeff Moreau in a sizable homestead surrounded by farmland. The small town is sparsely populated, containing no more than a few stores, a small factory and scattered clusters of prefabs laid on the ground. The quiet colony of Tiptree rarely sees anything out of the ordinary, with everyday starting out plainly, and ending the same way it started. Though everything that everyone expects to happen in society happens on Tiptree, it doesn't make the planet stand out, and being out of the scope of major Alliance political and military acitivities, the quiet Tiptree seems even quieter.

Ordinary. And yet serene.

And living with his father and only sister, and another family next door, it only seemed to make the quiet even quieter.

Yes. Quiet. Very Quiet. Quiet...



Coming home from school in the closest town to their homestead, Jeff's father drives him and his sister, Hillary, back home, along the unmarked roads. Surrounding them are large fields of marshland and swampy water, patched between native forests and human agriculture.


[Local Radio Comm - "We're looking to see some pretty nasty weather in the area. The Tiptree Weather Watch is issuing weather warnings across the region, expecting heavy torrential rain, gusty 90 km/h winds and risks of thunderstorms. Better get those windows shut, because this storm front moving in is gonna be a big one!"]


With the rain coming in, they hastily make it back to their homestead, surrounded by acres of bare dirt.


Jeff's home was, being a colony-kid, quite a rough and cold (not cold as the temperature) metal prefab, yet made cozy somehow in a quiet rural farm with a rundown barn.

Here, he enjoyed his life as best as possible, but being disabled by the limits of Vrolik syndrome, there wasn't much he could do, and spent a lot of time inside playing holos and simulators.

It didn't do much to make his life any less quieter.


As the storm front began to move over their farm, the expected rains and winds began to settle over the area. Loose objects were caught and trees began violently swaying with the winds.


And by the evening, the rain began to pick up, drenching the soils.


And by midnight, the thunderstorm and lightning began...rolling in.






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