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Serious Business

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All: I see you've generally liked the airport, I'm so glad to hear this. This has been my first two-city tiles airport (in the next post I'll try to show an overview where you'll see that. Its construction from its inception to the final details took around 15 hours more or less (5 hours during 3 days) excluding the photoedition I had to do to solve some issues... Thank you all for your comments!!

Fox, Benedict, k50, IL., Gugu3, Numbers, Evillions, SC4L0ver: I personally hate how in-game monorail looks. It can't overhang on lots and its 45-degree-turns make me really sick. I always liked how those ATEX tubes look and they've been for a long time in my Landmarks menu waiting for their opportunity. My usual building style doesn't allow me to use them, but in Al-Qurayyah, Petrodollars make possible almost everything; so I followed that Dubai catchphrase "Why not?"

MilitantRadical: I can't really remember where I downloaded this set, it was in one of those confusing Japanese sites. It must be probably down these days, but you can try looking for it in the sites listed here [link].

NMUSpidey: Yeah, my final thought about it was "it doesn't look that impressive" but guess it is OK for such a tiny place... BTW, congrats on your MOTM!

Schulmanator: A G-R-E-A-T C-O-M-M-E-N-T.

Adooxx: Here you are!

SimCoug: Before the "invention" of MMPs, all airports looked a bit dead, except the ones whose creator knew how to use the LE. Now, even the laziest player like me can build a busy airport with the marvels the SCAG creates.

dubaidude303: Thanks!

Simul8ter8: I'm amazed to see you amazed by my CJ!

Hazani Pratama: The beautiful stuff is about to come!

100000....: I was actually inspired by the expansion project of Al Maktoum Intl Airport (DWC) in Dubai [link]. Anyways, I have no doubt that it's designers were inspired by ATL at some point...

Mithrik: The biggest? No way, have you seen Jorge_Carrillo's work at the Show Us Your Airports thread? He does it BIG!

Megaopolisbuilder34: Thank you!

MayorHerzog: Unemwhat? I envision a vibrant nightlife here, but it's hard for me to show it in SC4... I'll come up with something eventually, I guess.


Woke up early that morning. I was jet-lagged and I was nervous, working for AQPOC when you're a chemical engineer, is something big, some dream of this since middle school. And I was there, having my breakfast in one of the several restaurants in the Princess Hotel.

The AQPOC (PetroQurayyah) HQ is just a block down the street, there's no problem on going there walking. I walked all the way looking up, that tower is a structure that deserves to be watched for a while.



PetroQurayyah has it's global headquarters in a building called Al Burj ("The Tower" in English), which is not simply a building. It is the tallest building on Earth, measuring 1030 m from its base to the top of the spire; only available to a company where money is not a problem like PetroQurayyah. The AirportLink and Al Burj are the real pride of Al-Qurayyah, the structures that placed that tiny emirate into the global scenario. Al Burj is, for some, the 8th Wonder of the World and in that moment, I understood why.

A revolutionary construction method was used to build the foundations of this building. Sand was dug until reaching the rock basement underground, and foundations were built on it. This makes Al Burj boast of 10 underground floors of parking space and 3 gigantic mass dampers to prevent seismic damages in case of earthquake.

I nearly broke my neck staring at the top before entering the building, took some pics of it with my iPhone. And then, I came into that Wonder of the World.

I was directed to one of the offices in the 84th floor, seems that all that area belongs to the Human Resources department, which must be an administrative monster inside a monstruous company. The elevators took me to the 84th floor faster than the elevator of your hometown hospital takes you to the 3rd floor.

The interview was plain spectacular. They recieved me as I was a kind of Messiah (which I'm not), gave all the practical info I had to know to begin living there, the keys of my apartment and my corporate car, contracts, computer, computer keys, instructions, blah, blah, blah; everything compiled in a portfolio and a computer bag. Finally, I was given like an insight of the company I'd begin to work with tomorrow. All production, revenues, profits and investments figures seemed to be like from another world to me. I see that everything is larger and faster in Al-Qurayyah.

I was taken into a brief tour on the company, this was the less impressive part, after all.


Golf oil rig.


Juggernaut oil rig.


AQPOC crude oil seaport, South Beach.


Al-Qurayyah University of Oil and Gas.

The interview finished and I took the elevator down to the street level in panic. This seemed to be a much more serious business than I expected. Everything I had seen on the Internet or read about PetroQurayyah was simply not enough. I was about to work for the company that literally fuels a nation and fuels the world; were things happen.

There was no more time for thinking, I took a yellow taxicab at the door and gave the driver the address I had been given some minutes ago. He seemed to be from Pakistan or perhaps Sri Lanka; he said nothing during the whole trip, he directly drove the taxi into Sheikh Rahim bin Al Attiyah Road and headed north.


Several meters below us, an AirportLink train should be travelling at a speed around 250 km/h, everyday stuff here.

We went into the collector lanes of Al Attiyah Road in a few minutes, finally, I was taken to a tall waterfront estate, surrounded by single-family houses. My apartment seemed to be placed in the Sorrento 1 tower, 24th floor; according with the address.


The apartment interior was more luxurious than any other five-star hotel I had ever been before (except Princess Hotel), with all the necessary stuff to have a humble way of life: 50" LED TV, a huge sofa, minimalistic furniture, an also huge but empty bridge, a fully-equipped kitchen, a king-size bed, an iHome, a luminous studio full of shelves, a bathroom large as a dance club, shower, jacuzzi... If they gave me all that for free, it's because they expected some return with my work.

I had to sit down for a while before attacking my nearly-infinite to-do list.


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Another emirate. Arab Themed Cities is a trend in CJing. Well, I have to admit that It has his atractive.

Otro emirato. Ciudades con temas árabes parecen ser la moda en diarios de alcalde. Bueno, aunque he de admitir que tiene su atractivo.

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Boy, if there was a strong earthquake centered near that tower... Nice entry!

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Heh, tiny, exactly!

Anyways, another magnificent update. You are a far less lazy player than I am, that is for sure. And thank you for the congratulations! I didn't think I was doing anything special, so it was a HUGE surprise!

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I've just been trough all you updates and my jaw just broke four times in a row! Each single update has amazed me, I'm honoustly looking forward to see more from Al-Qurayyah.

-an overexcited fan

Ps. 320 km/h in one minute, must create quite some g-forse nah? :P

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This reminds me of old memories. :P

Although I'm not a fan of Dubai-esque cities, this is pretty solid. I like the last image the most, the photoshopping brings out that building.

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@[b]dubaidude303[/b]: You can get it here [url="http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1989"][link][/url].
@[b]vivapanda[/b]: I don't really know how this kind of problems are overtaken by Shanghai Maglev Train [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maglev#Shanghai_Maglev_Train"][link][/url], but they seem to be doing quite fine...
@[b]superjjcarvalho[/b]: The highway is our old-good-friend RWH-6C [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/19188-realhighway-mod-for-windows/"][Windows link][/url], [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/19189-realhighway-for-macos/"][Mac link][/url] flanked by bipin's CURB [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27682-curb-concrete-urban-retainers-by-bipin-remodelled-retextured/"][link][/url]

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That's a REALLY good job there!! I love how you edited the photos and some details like the sunken RHW and the railyard in the 1st pic.

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