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A Brave New Emirate

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All: Thank you all for your comments!

TowerDude: There's evil in all cities in the world; but here, it looks shiny. 8)

Blakeway: So do I!

Jimmy Buzaid: Yes, this is my new CJ, I wanted to try my hand at something new.

Benedict: :blush:

dubaidude303 x2: Be patient! :D As for the building, you can get it here

elavery x2: No competition here, I'm the newbie trying to imitate what I've seen in masterpieces like yours and some others!

Mastof: Hope the same!

NMUSpidey x2: The colour saturation slider makes the magic for me. I just can't stand the in-game contrast and saturation!

MamaLuigi945 x2: The thing I show in T&R was like a divertimento, nothing serious. Just wanted to look how things fit together. This idea has evolved into several city tiles in two different regions (one I like and one I dislike, the first one) and it's time to show it!

Evillions: Guess this is a lame excuse to show a bunch of skyscrapers!

10000...: Don't worry, right now I'm not a rival to Atlantasia.

Simul8ter8: Trying to do it beautiful...

MilitantRadical: You will!

k50: Yes, I did; as MamaLuigi945 points out. As I've told him, that was just an small trial for me.

testuser1234: Here it is!

Fox: That Shinjuku station is one of the many hidden gems in the STEX. It has no nightlights, but... who minds? As for 500 Brickell, it can't compare the technical quality of Amthaak's latest stuff, but I love the own character this building has.


I'm a bad guy. I'm one of those people whose work is slowly, painfully, silently; killing the whole planet. An environmentalist would like to spit at my face. Since last week, I work for an evil company; those who delay the world's progress, lobby in most Western civilization goverments, literally kills plants and animals and supports anywhing that is profitable.

I'm a Chemical Engineer, specialized in Oil refinery and I had been recently hired by AQPOC (Al-Qurayyah Public Oil Company), commercially known as PetroQurayyah, the public oil company of a tiny emirate called Al-Qurayyah. A dream for any chemical engineer like me. The Big Opportunity to flee my bankrupt and debt-chocked home country, the playground of Angela Merkel and Mario Draghi. Where politicians are mere puppets worried by their own wallets.

During the trip, I read a few facts about the nation on the Internet. Found a curious pic on the Internet:


A nice comparison of Al-Qurayyah with all the surrounding emirates. Not much room for drilling, but still a profitable business. The emirate's flag looks quite similar to Qatar's or Bahrein's. Error 404: Originalty not found.

The country's data and history is more or less a carbon copy of the usual suspects, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, etc. Nothing new.

Lost in my own thoughts, the landing approach began. This was the moment I got concious I was entering something big, which has the humble name of Al-Qurayyah World Airport.


The food had been terrific, I got all the champagne I asked for, hostesses had been very kind and the landing was really smooth. I didn't even knew we had landed until I saw the giant welcoming words besides the runway. One does not simply land into Al-Qurayyah.

The airplane reached the jetbridge and the typical fight with the rest of travellers began.


After the inmigration control (no problem when you're a foreigner willing to work here) and the baggage claim (the fastest I've ever waited in), I took the People Mover which would take me to Terminal A.


There is a short walk between the People Mover and the AirportLink; the pride of Al-Qurayyah. All oil-fueled emirates have their own megastructures, this is Al-Qurayyah's. More than a commuter rail, a revolution. One of the first publicly operational magnetic levitation systems in the world. Truly serious business.


I thought it was worth paying 50 dirhams (around 11 Euros) to reach the city center in 2 minutes. Yeah, you've read well. With an average speed of 250 km/h and a top speed of 320 km/h, 2 minutes is the time the AirportLink needs to cover the 8 kilometres between Al-Qurayyah Central Station and the Airport. Never an airport had been so close to the city it serves.

I sat down with my suitcase and a few moments later, the station began moving around me. Five seconds later, daylight.


Ten seconds later, we were running in the middle of the world-renowed Sheikh Rahim bin Al Attiyah Road, how it's called here the E11 highway, which crosses all the United Arab Emirates and Al-Qurayyah. An 8-lane monster that later becomes a 10-lane monster.


Sheikh Rahim bin Al Attiyah Road can't be qualified as a "highway" or as an "avenue", it has features of both kinds of roads and its designers didn't cared much about what this road should be qualified. It's just a massive road crossing the whole emirate.

The world turned black instead of blue in a fraction of second. We were underground now, the final stetch is covered underground, and the only thing that tells you're travelling at 300 km/h is a small LED screen in front of you inside the train.


Just a few seconds later, the AirportLink train smoothly stopped at Al-Qurayyah Central station. I was a bit dizzy when walked out the train, but my dizziness increased when I walked besides the Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Swarowski, etc. boutiques. Luxury is one more religion in Al-Qurayyah.


There was no need of getting a taxi there. The hotel I should spend my first two nights as an engineer here was really near the station. Walking in the streets with my suitcase was more difficult than I expected, but fortunately, I could reach the Princess Hotel. Because 5 stars is too mainstream.


If my future bosses at PetroQurayyah were trying to impress me, they succeeded.

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[color=#ff00cc][b]That's one huge airport!![/b][/color]

[color=#ff00cc][b]Great use of the tubes for the rail system .. very creative.[/b][/color]

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I don't know, that airport could a bit bigger and more magnificent. I mean, we ARE talking about the same area that is building the ridiculousness that is Dubai after all.

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ZOUNDS! You rocked my world! The airport is awesome and it only gets better afterwards!


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Great airport - I like the details with the airplanes on the taxiway and all the activity at the gates.

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Very cool work with that high speed rail. I've never seen one like that and it looks nice.... almost as nice as that amazing airport you've built :P

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Cool! Is it just me, or did you mix in Simmars? D:

Everything looks fantastic! I gotta say, that airport is HUUGEE :D . And I just have to know, did the layout and design for KATL inspire it any?

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That's the biggest airport I have ever seen! :O

And that's an impressive high-speed train network. I like it. :)

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First time I seen anyone use the ATEX set in the modern city flawlessly. Although I am not a fan of Dubai-like cities, this looks nicely done.

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What can I say that hasn't been said already? Much respect! I'm sure I wouldn't have much difficulty finding employment in THAT city, and I'm sure the nightlife is jumpin'. :)

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