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Neighbourhood exploration

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All: Thank you very much for your comments!

Hazani Pratama: Thank you!elavery: Despite being placed in the Middle East and being fueled by oil and gas, I think both nations differ a lot from each other; and this is great to see in SC4!

dubaidude303: Answered your question in the previous comments section.

Alejandro24: As I tell to elavery, it is so cool to see that, even though there are several Middle Eastern CJs out there, there are a lot of differences between them, each one has its own style and its own character; this is great!

Jacob Guajardo: Thanks!

Schulmanator: I just felt I had to plop a tall building there...

10^13: You're right, some of them are flipped. The most simple and effective photoedition trick ever!

Benedict: You know how things are done in the UAE, there were lowrises first and then... Boom, shiny skyscrapers everywhere!

ggamus: Thank you!

Fox: I was specially careful with the sunken highway. It was the first thing I planned in the whole city, and I did when I was convinced of the use I should give to the RHW+CURB combo... Tried many combinations, including RHW-10, but none worked satisfactoryly, then I had to stick to RHW-6C as express lanes and RHW-4 as collector lanes.

k50: Glad to see you liked this one, means a lot for me!

hahei: Mass dampers, mass dampers everywhere! (I'll tell you more details next year when, presumably, I'll have finished my End of Degree Project about this subject)

NMUSpidey: You'll see today how tiny Al-Qurayyah is...

SimCoug: Hope you'll see more about the oil ports in next updates, but sadly not today...

vivapanda: It's great to hear your jaw is suffering when watching my updates!

superjjcarvalho: Thank you for your question, I answered it in the comments section.

Simul8ter8: You may know that it's more difficult than it seems to place buildings in a city in a convincing way. My first attempt at emirate-construction looked horrible, all skyscrapers were piled in the downtown without any criteria or planning...

Blakeway: This is how I like it!

Evillions: This building stands out by itself in the area it is placed in the city, well surrounded by all these FF lowrises. But yeah, photoedition is the key. In fact, that same pic gave me the idea for this post [link].

SC4L0ver: ¡Gracias!


The apartment was gorgeous, but the fridge was empty. I had nothing for dinner and there were many things to do before I could have an in my opinion well-deserved rest. I used Google Maps to search for a place where I could buy food and drink to fill in my fridge.


(Still a work in progress)

There was a shopping mall very near my apartment but; I had to take the car to go there. I soon learnt the lesson that I'd have to take the car to go virtually everywhere in Al-Qurayyah.

Took the elevator to the underground levels of the Sorrento Estates and looked for the car PetroQurayyah had given to me to move around. It was an small Ford Fiesta, not a luxury or big car, but a thing that could take me from here to there without a problem.


Got on it and took it to the street. We were just in front of the sea, and sidewalks looked like a nice place to go running and make some exercise once the sun sets and temperature gets lower.


I had to cross my neighbourhood, a place known as Al Qir, which is a neverending extension of high-wealth familiar low-rises. It surprised me to see that there was such a quiet neighbourhood so near the skyscrapers and Al-Qurayyah's CBD. The Ford Fiesta ran smoothly among the houses.

I soon reached the underground entrance of Al Qir Mall, one of the "Big Three" shopping malls in Al-Qurayyah.


When I got into the mall from the underground parking, I knew why it is one of the "Big Three".


The inside is plain spectacular...


I looked for the supermarket and bought everything I thought I'd need to live decently. Prices were skyrocketing but I still had to assimilate that my salary would be skyrocketing too (at least, compared with what I could earn where I come from).

I went back to the car carrying half a dozen of bags, and loaded everything into the trunk. Started the car again, set the air conditioning to the max, and went back to the streets. The first thing I could see was the renowed artificial ski slope, which is part of Al Qir Mall. A good place to go snowboarding, I miss it so much...


I decided to drive a bit around the neighbourhood instead of going straight home. There were some impressive sights in that part of the city, I had the sensation that I'd never get to fully know such an small territory like Al-Qurayyah.


Beaches are one of the places to be in Al-Qurayyah in the afternoon, when sun strikes not so hard. The Al-Qurayyah isthmus' east coast boasts wide and sandy beaches with calmed waters, very suitable to relax a bit.

The sun was slowly setting while I keep travelling around Al-Qir district, a place where old pre-boom buildings meet newly built houses and hotels.



(As you see, highway markings have been repainted overnight in a more European style... :D )

A nice place to live? Only time will tell.


<script type="text/javascript" src="

http://jc.revolvermaps.com/r.js"></script><script type="text/javascript">rm_f1st('0','220','true','false','000000','2qmmwzwxcsd','true','ffffff');</script><noscript><applet codebase="http://rc.revolvermaps.com/j" code="core.RE" width="220" height="220" archive="g.jar"><param name="cabbase" value="g.cab" /><param name="r" value="true" /><param name="n" value="false" /><param name="i" value="2qmmwzwxcsd" /><param name="m" value="0" /><param name="s" value="220" /><param name="c" value="ffffff" /><param name="v" value="true" /><param name="b" value="000000" /><param name="rfc" value="true" /></applet></noscript>

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Hehe, the mall looks vividly familiar, Jargeah?
Nice work here! I really like the atmosphere these pics create.

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@[b]10^13[/b], @[b]k50[/b]: You two have nailed it. The shopping mall is the one found in [b]suplado![/b] [i]Jargeah[/i] and the region is the same where [b]_marsh_[/b] settled his wonderful Nouadibou. The mall is a homage to [i]Jargeah[/i], the CJ that inspired me the most to bring Al-Qurayyah to life, and I think [b]_marsh_[/b] transformed this region in an awesomely beautiful way. These are only my little homages to the ones that inspired this CJ. My intention is very far away of plagiarism, but to incorporate to my CJ some cool stuff I've been seeing these years.

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