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@Tonraq: Overwhelming, isn't it?

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Saying Al-Qurayyah is a city, a nation of contrasts, is saying nothing new. All you find here are contrasts.


Dark-coloured skyscrapers, well equipped with kilowatts of AC inside, contrast with the traditional light coloured Emirati constructions.



The slums and the Olympic City are separated only by Wide Beach...


Top models in bikini sipping Cosmopolitans on the Mandarin Oriental rooms, elderly women attending to the prayer at the Old Mosque.


Mom and pop stores still survive on the city center, with the always constant pressure of real estate dealers, You never know if tomorrow your business will be demolished to allow room for another skyscraper.


The official seat of the government of Al-Qurayyah rises among modest buildings and low single houses.


Massive container and oil vessels need to pass through the Strait of Al-Qurayyah, same as small wooden fishing boats. The maneuvring through the strait is a very delicate operation, and the largest ships need hours to go through. Other ships need to wait until the strait is cleared before proceeding.


Liked it? Comments and +1s are welcome! :D


Smoking on the Balcony


@Tonraq: Working on it!

@sarthakknight: Anything involving Ecclestone easily qualifies as fishy, I think.



[...] You know... I'm frequently asked why I'm in love with Al-Qurayyah. People in the world tend to feel almost a religious devotion for cities like New York, Tokyo or London, but definetely not for this city. As Dubai or Abu Dhabi, Al-Qurayyah is also regarded as a bunch of steel, glass and concrete all piled up along a road thanks to the oil; while low-paid inmigrants work in inhuman conditions. It isn't a wrong description, though...

But Al-Qurayyah is way more than that for me. A sporadic business traveller or a weekend low-cost tourist will never be capable of finding here almost true love for a city... I feel in sync with this city, and I found this synchronisation while admiring the exquisite details inside the Great Mosque or just walking at the beach shore, eating some expensive Mediterranean cuisine at the Ganduixer restaurant or drinking some tea on the poor north side, watching the hustle and bustle among Cartier and Louis Vuitton stores at the Central Station or spending some alone time on the desert, while watching the city's skyline from kilometers apart; seeing the 50-meter-long yachts at the docks or seeing the inmigrant children happily playing football on the street at the shanty town near the airport.

But if it is not enough, just look at the parade of lights in front of you, extending 8 kilometers down to the south... Tell me now what do you feel for this city.




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... and the sheikh suddenly asked:

"Do you imagine your F1 cars running among skyscrapers? Running at top speed?"

"Constantly. Unfortunately the New York nor the Korea things worked out."

"Al-Qurayyah is known as the emirate when one's dreams can come true. Yours as well."

"What are you exactly proposing?" asked Ecclestone, intrigued, leaning a bit towards the sheikh.


Late Night


@Bastet69008: Thank you! I have to say that this FAR runway is so classy...! :D

@Benedict: Thanks! I bet the people would found the party anyways without using the lighthouse, but better making it sure!

@KonstantinII: Thank you for your comment! Yes, it is one of the "landmarks" of the city, I'm so proud of it!

@yayaya1: Thank you! Well, actually I learnt from the middle east masters. suplado!, _marsh_, TowerDude, elavery, Frogface; are some of the names to follow when going this style..

@MilitantRadical: Thanks for the compliments!

@Prophet42: Thank you for commenting! You can get that Dubaiesque building here [link]. Check on the residential buildings section.

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@NMUSpidey: Thanks! I actually got the idea from these in-flight magazines. I tend to fly a bit these last times, and I'm getting to appreciate different in-flight magazines and different styles on them. This kind of interviews are frequently seen there; which are a perfect excuse to show off the city the interviewed person is in.

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"... but why did he brought me here, to that luxury hotel? Far from everything, far from home... As far as I know, he loves me but... sometimes it just looks he is ashamed of me..."



"Well, these symposium in oil stuff guys are officially the loudest and rudest bunch of yokels I have ever served... Still three hours to go before leaving the restaurant... Be strong."



"... again under the floodlights, one more night. I would love so much that all these stands were full of fans cheering me, to score a goal for my national team here in Al-Qurayyah, where we all work for so many hours and for that poor wages..."



"I can't, I simply can't go anymore... Wake up at 5 am, reach home at 10 pm, not a single minute to rest, 16 hours constantly under pressure... this job is torturing me..."



"... still can't believe we sold that trash like AAA bonds, all the mortgages on that packs were rotten! And well, I definately was the puppet who signed the transactions... I guess I'm done here."



"... we're just going to take them down. If they want to go to court, we will go, that's for sure. If they want war and don't sign the settlement, they will have war..."



"... I never felt something like this, like about to explode of all the happiness I have inside. My beautiful, gorgeous, affectionate, wonderful girlfriend and me having an undercover late night bath at the hotel pool. So romantic, so exciting... I will never be as happy as I am right now."


Nothing but Al-Qu


@MilitantRadical: Thanks! Sure you're a VIP for tonight's session!

@KonstantinII: At the LEX, here [link].

@Huston: Thank you! Only a few people pay some attention to them when city-building, I am one of them who actually pays attention!

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@Ultimate727: Today another world-class DJ has the honour of playing at Zenith...

@slickbg56: As a butcher's knife!

@cityguru: Thanks! I am one of them, so no problem!


A world-class city with a world-class club meets a world-class DJ. Our reporter spends a day with David Guetta, who plays in one of his favourite clubs.

Nothing but Al-Qu

Pierre David Guetta (Paris, 1967) is considered by some the world's most famous DJ. Usually, DJs don't work from 9 to 5, and Guetta is not an exception. Some days are like just one more day in the office, but, as we will see, playing at the Zenith makes the day for any DJ. Even if it is the most famous.

14:08 - We are approaching the small Sheikh Saud Regional Airport of Al-Qurayyah, the second airport of this tiny emirate. While Al-Qurayyah World Airport looks like neverending from the sky, Sheikh Saud Airport couldn't be more discreet. Specially designed for those who arrive by private jets. One of them is David Guetta, who can't stop staring at the oil-fueled emirate through the window.


The small Gulfstream V we are flying on begins its approach on that isolated private airport. Several minutes later, Guetta, his entourage and me land safely.

14:15 - The small jet enters leaves the runway, while Guetta looks more relaxed now.


14:25 - We finally all arrive to the terminal building. A couple of suitcases are taken from the cargo area and loaded in a mini-van. It will take Guetta and I to the city. Most of the interview will be held on the way to Al-Qurayyah city center.


P: So, David, are you used to that treatment in the cities you go?

DG: Well, this mini-van stuff is part of Zenith's "standard" procedure. They always pick me up in a very discreet minivan. -laughs.

P: Do you like it?

DG: Not really, but picking a taxi is always risky, anywhere you go. Al-Qurayyah's suburbs coming from this side don't look dangerous, but other cities can't say the same...

P: Are you looking forward tonight?

DG: Oh, definately! It's going to be my third time at Zenith, and I literally couldn't sleep tonight thinking on that.

P: Really?

DG: I promise. Playing at Zenith... is something above special. You can't simply describe it. I guess it can be like a formula 1 driver feels when overtaking their highest rival, or winning an Oscar. But the difference is that you keep that euphoria sensation for 4 straight hours.

P: Why on Zenith?

DG: Simply everything! The club, the placement, the people... The highest club in the world, in a breathtaking city like this... Also, people who come to Zenith aren't just looking for party or to get drunk. They really want to dance, they know about music, they want to enjoy with the session. Not many clubs in the world can say these two statements. And you feel this on the cabin. There is energy flowing between you and the dance floor, I don't know. And yeah, the treatment they give to the VIPs and the DJs is quite good...

P: And the salary?

DG: Are you asking me how much I'm going to earn with tonight's session?

P: Yes.


DG: No problem. Zenith is one of the best paid clubs in the world, perhaps the best one. Today's session is quite extra-large so the salary is quite extra-large too. I think it is roughly 400.000 euros. But I don't mind having an extra-large session at Zenith. Hours look like minutes up there.

P: How can it be profitable for the club?

DG: I don't know... But I guess the tickets for today are around 35 euros, so you only need 10.000 people there inside to cover my wage. And they drink, and everything so... I have no doubt they will generate profit today.

P: Not many people can say they earn 400.000 euros in a single night...

DG: And this is why I feel priviileged. I earn a ton of money doing a job I simply love, travelling around the world and trying to make people have a good time. I give thanks everyday for that.

14:56 - We finally reach the city of Al-Qurayyah, our mini-van runs through the city's main avenue, Sheikh Rahim bin Al Attiyah Road. The southern district surrounds us. At the left, the 1001 Nights Hotel, which hosts the also very famous club Scheherezade.


P: Have you ever played at Scheherezade?

DG: No, not yet. I'm willing to if I get a reasonable offer. I have heard about their Ibiza-like parties, looks like a cool place...

P: The thing is to be back at Al-Qurayyah, right?

DG: Yeah, that's it. I truly love this city. It charges my batteries.


15:11 - We finally arrive to the hotel where Guetta is staying, the Jumeirah Al-Qurayyah hotel, at the very city center, and just a couple of blocks away far from Al Burj, the tower where the Zenith club is placed.

21:02 - Finally, the sun comes down, and Guetta has his dinner as any other person at this time. The city is actually shining.


23:56 - After relaxing a bit on his room, it's the time to depart to the club. We enter the Al Burj on the other side of the building, and take a private-use elevator bringing us to the two last floors of the Tallest Building on Earth. The sights from the VIP room atop of this structure are far from something one can describe. I begin to understand why David Guetta speaks like does about Zenith.


All lights are on to make of Al Burj the tallest lighthouse on Earth, a lighthouse for the party-seekers. A place for peregrination for those who can't wait for the night but don't get into bed.

01:00 - David Guetta begins his session, and the audience just goes mad. No dancers, no other entertainment than him and the strobe lights. The people on the dance floor would just jump out of the window if Guetta said so from the DJ cabin.


Frenzy is a good way to explain what goes on inside Zenith for four hours any given Friday night, when a world-class DJ is invited. What we see today, is one step above that. Not even the VIPs can resist the impulse of going all-out, in conjunction of what's happening at the massive dance floor.

05:00 - Guetta finishes his session punctually, exhausted. But happy, as he says. Five minutes later, we are out of the Zenith. The temperature is way lower than it was then the sun was up. Guetta and I enter the mini-van, where the DJs stuff were already loaded. Now, finally, was having a rest, while the sun's first rays hit his face. A well-deserved rest.




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So, Friday night!

Time to carefully choose some fancy clothes, the best shirt for guys, the highest high heels for girls (of course, always matching with the dress and the bag!), have a shower with some dance music, get shaved, have some drinks and hit the streets! Where to go tonight? Al-Qurayyah's clubbing offer is really vast considering its size and population, so one has to choose carefully according to today's mood. Do you feel like lounging or perhaps you just want to dance until it's Monday morning? You bet!


On this update, we're taking a look to The Emirate of Al-Qurayyah's finest dance clubs. Remember to keep your garderobe ticket all night long and that drinking alcohol on the street is prohibited!


Barasti Beach Club is a perfect place to start off a night. It is the northernmost club in Al-Qurayyah, part of the Hilton complex on the North district. It's relaxed atmosphere besides the beach is combined with premium drinks and chill out music. Here, lounging is treated as one more religion, and they serve, possibly, the best mojitos on the Emirates.




The Golden Club gets is name from its gold-coloured façade. This three-storey party venue is very well-known among the tourists visiting Al-Qurayyah, one could say it is the tourists' club here. The entry is relatively inexpensive, the drinks are cheap, the music fits everybody and there's a train station nearby. You can't ask for more when your budget is a bit tight, but sure the Golden is a great option if you just want to spend a night in Al-Qurayyah and having no problems with doormen.




Blue is the northernmost of the several clubs placed on rooftops in Al-Qurayyah. Easily recognisable by its blue neons, the building is the lighthouse guiding the party goers seeking for the finest house music. The overall ambient of this club is very special, given that everything inside is coloured blue, even the lights. This creates a sensation on its guests they define as "difficult to explain". Never leave the place without trying their Blue Curaçao.




The Base club takes the most part of the lowest stages of Al Qir Burj, that wingding green building. Another good place for all rounders, open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, their music choice varies depending on the day. It is a especially popular club on Thursdays, when the best R&B DJs come right from the US to play here. Remember to wear your favourite NFL jersey if you want to get in!basef.jpg



There is no club better representing Al-Qurayyah's unquenchable need for party than the 365. It is the only club open 365 days a year in the city, including public and religious holidays. Its terrace invites for a dance both during Summer and Winter, when it is covered with a large tent (pictured). It offers two levels. At the top, minimal house is the signature stile here, meanwhile below, more commercial dance music is played. Some just want the 365 was also 24/7!




BlackboX is different from all the above. Despite being placed at the top of a skyscraper, it doesn't have a terrace. More a kind of lounge club, it also has a small dance floor to satisfy all needs. On this relatively unknown venue, the purest Industrial electro music lovers gather from Wednesday to Saturday. Strict dress code, cyberpunks welcome.




We reach now the top. Literally. Zenith is the most famous and well-known club in the whole emirate because of several things. All the specialized press place the Zenith among the ten best night clubs in the world, boasting simply the best techno music out of Europe. The best DJs gather to play on the extra-long Zenith nights, which begin on Friday night, and end, if your body allows to it, on Monday morning. The sights from its windows are plain stunning... And of course, it is well known for being the highest night club on the Earth, at a height of 980 meters above the ground level and 985 meters above sea level. As you can imagine, the dress code is really strict, its door policy is almost random, its VIP guest lists are kilometric and its prices are expensive, but... It's Al-Qurayyah!




The P3 club is named after the pre-elementary course the Barnanovese kids have to take before entering elementary school, when they are 3 years old. On P3 club, the grown ups are said to enjoy as 3-year-olds too, but on its own way; while listening some trance music at the small top terrace. Given that it is a small club, the queues at the entrance are more legendary than the club itself, being regarded as even more difficult to attend than Zenith. You can always try some luck and, if it fails, go to the nearby Adagio.




Chip has no terrace, it is placed on the mezzanine of one of the skyscrapers bordering the Sheikh Rahim bin Al-Attiyah Road. It wouldn't be special of any other club if it wasn't because Chip is the house of Dubstep. The hardest, purest dubstep is played here, which combined with quite inexpensive drinks, make this place a "difficult" club. But if you survive the first night, you can just stand everything.




On Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays, when the usually quiet Barnanovese embassy shuts down, the Adagio opens up its doors, ready to rock that quiet place. The Adagio is the perfect place for all-rounders, with up to 5 different levels where all kinds of music are played, from techno to 80's rock. A good place to go when inside a same group of friends there are diverging opinions on which music to listen. A not very strict dress policy and affordable drinks, make the Adagio a place worth a shot.




m is another of these places where the night tends to start. Its ridiculously inexpensive drinks price make it the perfect place to go and drink for a while before jumping to another club. Anyways, if you want to stay, the swimming pool will be open and one can jump on it without a problem. Clothed or not, drunk or not, m pool is usually where the party is. As a curiosity, the 60% of all Jägermeister consumption in Barnanova is made at m, because of their nearing-to-infinite offer of cocktails made with Jägermeister as base liquor.




Down on the South district, we find the Atom Green club, the first legendary club in Al-Qurayyah's history. It was founded in an era when still dance clubs were not very popular, and it was the first one to host an Ibiza-like party on its underground dance hall. An authentic pioneering club. Nowadays, it has been overshadowed by these massive venues at the rooftops, but still counts with a loyal attendance a bit older than the usual in other clubs.




Very close to Atom Green, the Scheherazade (terrace, top left) and Shahryar (terrace, top right) are the new places to be on the South district, emerged as serious dance venues for everything related to commercial tecno and dance music. A chic ambient, good DJs affordable prices and a two pages list of different gintonic cocktails have made these two venues very popular among Al-Qurayyans, who queue up to one and a half hours to enter in these clubs.




And last but not least, on the southernmost point of Al-Qurayyah Peninsula, the Mirage Hotel & Casino Resort is found. Inside it, its signature club, Love @ The Mirage, is the place to be if instead of electronic music, you enjoy rock music from the 60s until nowadays or if you want to take a little rest of techno music. The entry is expensive and the hotel guests have priority, so it's better to arrive there a little bit earlier than the other clubs.


Finally, just a small pocket opening schedule of all the listed clubs, to know for sure which places are open and which aren't.


That's been all, folks! Now you have some info, choose wisely your favourite place and have a great night in our clubs! Please drink responsably and dance irresponsably!


@DaniGoneWildau / #AlQurayyahRising


@MilitantRadical: Thank you! Yeah, it's taken quite a long time, before leaving and these last weeks when I arrived home!

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@sri2: Thanks! Yes, it is placed on an area where it stands a lot, and its contrast among the Middle-Eastern traditional buildings is quite drammatic.

@Forthwall: Thank you! :thumb:

@TowerDude: Thanks! A the very end, what it looks like a challenge it turns on your way, because you only have to articulate the whole city around a large and important avenue...

@Hazani Pratama: Thanks!

@k50: Thank you! But I think there are several dozens of pictures out there that would deserve that Trixie more than mine...



(Yeah, after the 17th ISC Session and the V Winter Simlympics, I'm at it again!)


The Emirate of Al-Qurayyah is an independent country situated on the Arabic Peninsula, next to the Persian Gulf. It became independent from the United Arab Emirates on year 1992 and it has experimented a similar growth like the neighbouring emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Al-Qurayyah boasts of the 15th largest oil reserves in the world, and thus, its economy is heavily oil-dependant. Nevertheless, during the last 20 years, the logistics, civil engineering, finance and tourism sectors have seen an skyrocketing growth; which relieves Al-Qurayyah of being dependant of only one industry.

This is why Al-Qurayyah relies on world-scale events in order to increase the importance of other sectors on its economy, specially civil engineering and tourism. Hosting the 24th ISC Session would provide a popularity boost to a nation which is still seeking for diversification. On this bid, Al-Qurayyah is presented as a...


This bid is divided in four different highlighted items:

1) ISC Session Venues

2) Transportation facilities

3) Accommodation facilities

4) Final speeches, given by:

- Sheikh Rahim bin Al Attiyah, Emir of Al-Qurayyah

- Daniel J. Alarcón, High Commissioner of the Union of Tekindustian Nations.

So please, make yourselves at home and enjoy this trip around a vibrant nation, which has a lot to offer in order to organise an impressive ISC Session.


It can be seen on this map the placement of the main venues used for this ISC Session:


As can be seen, all the venues are on the CBD or on its surroundings. This ensures an easy connection by public transport (specially for journalists and media workers) and also, an extensive network of underground parking lots. These are going to host all the Organisation and VIPs cars during the event.

Let's take a closer look to the main venues.


Placed on the very heart of the city and the Emirate, our world-class Convention Center will be exclusively dedicated to host the ISC Session preliminary meetings (North and South Towers) and the final meeting (Central Hall), when the XIX Simlympics host city will be revealed. Both three buildings meet by far the minimum space, lighting and confort requirements to ensure frutiful meetings and relations among the ISC Delegates.

The visitors have a variety of choices for their meals at our Convention Center, especially the Dunes restaurant, at the top of South Tower.


The two official lunches on this ISC Session will be held at the restaurant at the top of one of the several five-star superior luxury hotels on this Emirate, the Princess Hotel. On its top floors, overlooking the city CBD and the whole emirate, the Ganduixer Restaurant is found. Owned by the several-times three-Michelin-stars winner, the Barnanovese chef Martí Sanahuja; this restaurant simply boasts the best Mediterranean/fusion cuisine out of the Mediterranean coasts. An extremely high standard of quality is achieved by importing fresh products every day from its respective production places and with a team of highly-skilled Barnanovese-born cooks and staff.


The media personnel can never be forgotten in these cases. The Al-Qurayyah University of Oil and Gas will open its doors to provide high-end facilities for the journalists coming from around the world to cover this event. All computer labs and seminar rooms will be free to be used in order to broadcast the signals beyond Al-Qurayyah.

Food is an integral part of this whole bid, and it's not forgotten in this case. Catering food, straight from the Dunes restaurant, will be delivered for breakfast, lunch and dinner to the university premises. And if this is not enough, the campus canteen and cafeteria will be open 24/7 in order to make easier these hard-working days.


Transportation is a challenge in large cities, but it gets easier when it comes to Al-Qurayyah. The whole city is organized along its north-south axis given its geography. Let's see now how the ISC Session delegates and workers will reach the venues.


Our airport will be the first thing seen by the ISC Members coming to Al-Qurayyah. Four runways, five terminals, one cargo facility, seven parking lots, all combined under the Al-Qurayyah World Airport (AQW) name. Focus city for Emirates and Etihad airlines, and destined to be the alternative to DXB/DWC and AUH.


Interior panorama of TerminalOne.


The AirportLink concept is quite straightforward: from the airport to the CBD in only 2 minutes. No, we haven't left a zero there. With this state-of-the-art magnetic levitation super-fast train, one can cover the distance between the airport to the heart of Al-Qurayyah at an average speed of 250 km/h with a top speed of 320 km/h. The delegates' first trip on the pride of Al-Qurayyah will not be easily forgotten.


Two minutes after departing off Al-Qurayyah World Airport, the ISC Members will arrive to:


On this rail, AirportLink and bus hub, the newly arrived people can choose how to reach to their final destination in Al-Qurayyah. Taxis are really inexpensive on this city, but ISC Members will not need them, a fleet of cars will be waiting there, in order to carry them to their chosen hotels, which will be seen on the next update.


Fortunately, three of the finest hotels in the Emirate of Al-Qurayyah decided to collaborate with the ISC Session organisation in order to provide world-class accomodation to the ISC Members coming to the city. All members and their companions will have the privilege of choosing rooms among the three following different hotels:


Again, the Princess Hotel makes its appearance on this presentation, this time, to talk about its hotel features. Five-star-luxury accomodation in an Arabesque style, for sure it will amaze all those looking for the best with an Al-Qurayyan touch. It is place on the city CBD, just two blocks far from the Convention Center. ISC Members will be able to reach the center both by organisation cars or by walk.


The Sky Hotel boasts European style interiors and decoration, on the city South District. Its rooms and facilities are five-star-quality, but what is beyond five-stars are the parties held every day at the huge terrace at the 10th floor. The place is known to be one of the finest clubs in the city, and of course, all rooms are soundproof, in order to guarantee the perfect rest of non-party guests.


The 1001 Nights Hotel and Casino Resort lies at the very end of the South District, very near the city's southern edge. Each one of its rooms is decorated with motifs relating to a tale compiled on the One Thousand and One Nights folk tales collection from the Islamic Golden Age. At the top of both buildings, the clubs Shahryar (right bottom) and Scheherazade (top left) can be found. The latter one is known to be the second-highest club in Al-Qurayyah, only surpassed by Zenith, at the top of Al-Burj Tower.


And finally, it's time to hear the closing speeches from the designated authorities. First of all, the words coming from Sheikh Rahim bin Al Attiyah, Emir of Al-Qurayyah.


Dear ISC Members,

First of all, thanks for your attention to our ISC Session bid. The whole Emirate is behind this bid, and they are also thankful. This bid is the result of two aims:

On one hand, Al-Qurayyah wants to show itself to the world, to show what it is capable of doing. You have seen the skyscrapers, the golf courses, the harbours... everything that can be paid with money from the treasure we have beneath our feet. But what cannot be seen, unless it is experienced, is our capacity to organise world-class events, to show we are a reliable nation, that can say its world on today's world. We are overshadowed by larger, more powerful emirates, but we will not stay behind.

On the other hand, we want to share our Simlympic spirit with the rest of the world. Due to our tiny size and membership to the UTN, we cannot send our own athletes to the Simlympics, and it sometimes feel you're not there. In order to counteract this feeling, we want to be there, we want to be a part of the Simlympics, and an ISC Session is the way to.

There's not much to say other than what it has been said by the bid, again, thank you very much. Also, my congratulations to Columbia, you have been a great contestant. Let the best win!

And now, the words from the High Comissioner for the Union of Tekindustian Nations, Daniel J. Alarcón:


ISC Members, Al-Qurayyans, viewers...

I am really proud of you, Emir, and proud of Al-Qurayyah.

Not the first time I say these words, this last Feburary I had to say the same to Monique McKenzie, Governor of the State of Benson after the V Winter Simlympics; and some years ago I had to say this to HSH the Princess Victoria III in Barnanova for their successful 17th ISC Session organisation. Now, Emir, it's your turn.

Let's be honest. The UTN is a really strange union. A Mediterranean nation, a landlocked state nearing the rockies and an oil-fueled emirate. Not even the most optimistic person would have said this union would bring any profits. But it's bringing them without a doubt. All three nations are learning from each other, are expanding their horizons and are trading goods, knowledge and culture. And, if this bid is successful, they all three will have their small place on the Simlympics history, way beyond the athletes from all nations competing united under the Barnanovese flag.

Obviously, deciding wheter to take part on any Simlympic event is a decision of each nation, but from the UTN we are happy and proud to see how our integrating nations have an ambition of being better and showing the world what they have in store.

It's been great to work with all of you guys, to make this bid possible. Good luck!


Panoramic Views

@elavery: As SimCoug said, it is The Cobb Oceanic building, quite one of the first masterpieces the STEX saw in a far away past, year 2004.

@Forthwall: Thanks! It is a WIP right now, needs far more progress on it.

@MilitantRadical: Thank you!

@SimCoug: Thank you! Glad you liked the regional pic, the Region Census thing makes things much more easier than printing screen and stitching the pictures!

@Hazani Pratama: Thank you!

@evanm1847: Thanks and thanks for following me!

@Benedict: Thank you, glad you liked it! Hope to keep at a good level for the next updates!

@§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo

: (Yeah, I just copy-pasted your username) Thanks!

@KonstantinII: Thanks! Obtaining a region view is quite easy to do with this handy addon [link], the Region Census program (not the Census Repository Mod, as I stated, that's a different tool). You just install it, run it, and there is an option to automatically picture the whole region. Later I joined the two pictures on GIMP and decorated them a little bit. This program offers some more tools, but I basically use it for this kind of stuff.

@Fox: Thanks! Yeah, you're right, the circuit needs far more improvement, but I'm unable to find some stuff I need without stepping onto the Lot Editor (which is a no-no for me).


I was preparing my 24th ISC Session bid at SimSports when a wild idea appeared...


Hope you liked it!

@DaniGoneWildau / #AlQurayyahRising



@Benedict: Glad you liked it, I still remember it took quite some time to make everything work seamlessly!

@ggamgus: Thanks!

@ForthWall: Well, saying "Happy New Year to you also" in August can be a bit pointless... But thanks!

@Fox: Thank you, great you liked it!

@SC4L0ver: ¡Muchas Gracias!

@Schulmanator: Thank you too!

@Ace <3: Thanks and happy new year in August!

@dubaidude303: Thank you!

@Hazani Pratama: Your comment was awesome too!

@raynev1: Thanks!


There's no place for boredom in Al-Qurayyah, if your pocket is filled with enough petrodollars. Each one has its favourite way to relax and stop thinking about that oil rig decrease in extraction or that jam at the liquids pier in the harbour. There are plenty of ways here you can just empty your mind with luxury surrounding you 360º.


The pools at the top of the Cobb Oceanic Hotel twin towers are a popular place where international stars hang out before concerts or in their hangovers. It is only possible to spot them using a helicopter.


Others prefer a little bit larger pools...


It is said that Sheikh's wifes (nobody knows how many are they) tend to literally "loot" the Cartier shop on Al-Qurayyah Main Station Mall from time to time. You never know when will you need 15 identic diamond-embedded watches...


Others just can't go from here to there without their own private suite, shower, spa and bar and lounge area access while travelling.


It must be really hard to decide between the Ferrari 458 Italia and the Aston Martin One-77 at the time of making some laps on the brand new Hermann Tilke-designed Al-Qurayyah International Circuit. Formula 1 drivers thank on their race once a year the amount of rubber left on the track.


Taking a modest 50 meter-long yacht to sail the Al-Qurayyah Bay and the Persian Gulf is also an option some can't resist. On Al-Qurayyah's main yacht harbour, there is activity all day long.

And finally, a region view taken with the Census Repository Tool.



And now, you can be the first to know when one of my CJs is updated by following @DaniGoneWildauon Twitter! Watch out for hashtags like #AlQurayyahRising!


Happy New Year 2013


@Benedict: Thank you my friend. Today, a nighty update!

@ForthWall (ex-Mastof): Thanks! I'd be much more scared if there was a fire and I was at the top floor... :uhm:

@Mithrik: I'm not specially happy of how the refinery turned out. I'm aiming for 10^13's refinery style, but this requires a good amount of lot edition.

@ggamus: Thank you! Only showing buildings is a bit boring, isn't it? :D

@TowerDude: Thanks! The RHW in the middle is one of the souls of Al-Qurayyah. I had to plan the whole city around it instead of placing it once the city is made.

@dubaidude303: Thank you! Laying RHWs is like snowboarding, you take hard hits at the beginning, but once you learn a bit how to do it well, it is so rewarding!

@raynev1: Thanks, your comment is awesome too!

@k50: Thanks! Remembering the ol'times, huh? When I take a look to my first updates I feel so embarassed now...

@Hazami Pratana: Thank you!

@sucram17: Thanks!

@Fox: Yeah, I consider the CURB one of the biggest achievements this year, it's going to be absolutely awesome once we get more variations from Bipin. As for Al Burj, well, it is an overwhelming BAT!

@ThomasSimpson: Thank you for reading, hope to see you around in upcoming updates!


These were some busy days, but New Year's Eve is almost a compulsory celebration wherever you are, even in Al-Qurayyah. Some of my colleagues at PetroQurayyah invited me to a private party at Star Hotel, very near the beach. It was a good chance to make some colleagues become friends with some dancing and alcohol, a real party.

I got dressed with my best suite and headed to Star Hotel mezzanine, where I met my closest colleagues, I later knew that half PetroQurayyah workers were there, and they invited people from around Al-Qurayyah. Almost all of us were foreigners, and we all shared our New Year traditions with the others.

One Icelandinc colleague told me he'd miss watching their New Year's Comedy on TV, a satyrical program which is a real tradition there. On the other hand, I confessed him I was wearing red underwear, a real tradition where I come from.

The countdown began right after the dinner...



All my best wishes for this new year 2013!


Daily Routine


@dubaidude303: Thank you! Always inspired by Dubai here!

@Jacob Guajardo: ¡Gracias!

@Blakeway: Thanks!

@SimCoug: Thank you! In fact, I'm populating the coasts bit by bit as I take pictures of them. Ploping everything in a single streak would be a quite long and repetitive task...

@urbanconstanta: Thank you!

@SC4L0ver: Muchas gracias! I'm specially proud of that region shot, the next one will be taken with the Census Repository Tool.

@Schulmanator: An emirate without tons of shopping malls? Impossible!

@ggamus: *le thanking.

@hammysonata: Thank you! The magic is made with the ploppable sim props.

@dalgould: Thanks!

@Hazani Pratama: Whoa! Thank you!

@elavery: Thanks! Hope to see you updating soon!

@Mastof: Keep calm and party on. :party:

@Fox: LOL, it must have been a really really good update... :blush:

@10^13: Thank you! Answered in the previous comments section.

@k50: Thank you too, also answered in the previous comments section.

@Mithrik: If Al Qurayyah makes you think in the RL emirates, then I'm doing my work fine.

@MilitantRadical: Thank you!

@Benedict: Thank you very much!


Feels good to update again after such a long hiatus! The Winter Simlympics bid has got me a bit SC4-busy lately, but decided to exchange the snow for sand for a while.


Several days had gone since I started working in PetroQurayyah. There were many things to learn, but my colleagues were all very nice to me and I was learning really fast to do my job. I soon learnt that my job as an engineer wouldn't consist of being stuck at my desk during 8 hours, but also to go solving problems around all facilities throughout the emirate.

As every day, the alarm clock rang, woke up, had a shower, had my breakfast while staring at the Persian Sea from my apartment. I let Moby music play on the iHome during the morning routine.

Got on the car and went to the PetroQurayyah building, traffic was always fluid in Al-Qurayyah. Got to my workplace and had a coffee from a nearby Nespresso machine. One week later, the sights from my office kept impressing me. Nobody working at Al Burj, the tower where PetroQurayyah's HQ is placed, would ever complain about the sights.


I was doing my regular job for about three or four hours, until I recieved a call from one of our refineries, from the largest one. They were having problems with a cracking tower and the presence of an engineer was required. It wasn't my first field trip to an oil rig or a refinery, but this one would the the first time I wouldn't be with a colleague. I was quite nervous when exited the underground parking lot and got again into Sheikh Rahim bin Al Attiyah Road again, but this time, I headed south.


I was leaving Al Qurayyah Convention Center while my music was playing, I wasn't much in a hurry to get to South Beach refinery, so decided to enjoy the sights a little bit while driving at low speed.


Al-Qurayyah's South District isn't as skyscraper crowded as Center District, but there are still many impressive (and quite ugly) structures here and there. That green building is definately an eyesore, as many others in this emirate.

The peninsula where the city is placed ends once you cross the bridge (it has no name as far as I know). Below this bridge, it's not uncommon to see massive container ships trying to reach the harbour. This narrow strait is the only way to reach Al-Qurayyah's harbour, and thus, it has an intense ship traffic 24/7. A nearby control tower is responsible of handling all that traffic.


South Beach refinery wasn't far from here, I only had to keep on the highway and exiting when I was in front of a huge and dirty structure. There are only two structures in southern Al-Qurayyah to be seen from virtually everywhere. One of them is the Reservoir Dome, and the other one is South Beach refinery.


It is curious to see that the compound isn't even fenced. There's only a control gate at the access road, but anything else. Nobody in Al-Qurayya feels the need of breaking into a refining facility. If you have money, you don't want to be in trouble with the cops or, even worse, PetroQurayyah, if you are poor, you don't want to be kicked out to your country of origin.

Parked the car in a nearby parking lot, placed the sun hood at the windshield and got my stuff, wishing there was only a control failure at the cracking tower.


Neighbourhood exploration


All: Thank you very much for your comments!

Hazani Pratama: Thank you!elavery: Despite being placed in the Middle East and being fueled by oil and gas, I think both nations differ a lot from each other; and this is great to see in SC4!

dubaidude303: Answered your question in the previous comments section.

Alejandro24: As I tell to elavery, it is so cool to see that, even though there are several Middle Eastern CJs out there, there are a lot of differences between them, each one has its own style and its own character; this is great!

Jacob Guajardo: Thanks!

Schulmanator: I just felt I had to plop a tall building there...

10^13: You're right, some of them are flipped. The most simple and effective photoedition trick ever!

Benedict: You know how things are done in the UAE, there were lowrises first and then... Boom, shiny skyscrapers everywhere!

ggamus: Thank you!

Fox: I was specially careful with the sunken highway. It was the first thing I planned in the whole city, and I did when I was convinced of the use I should give to the RHW+CURB combo... Tried many combinations, including RHW-10, but none worked satisfactoryly, then I had to stick to RHW-6C as express lanes and RHW-4 as collector lanes.

k50: Glad to see you liked this one, means a lot for me!

hahei: Mass dampers, mass dampers everywhere! (I'll tell you more details next year when, presumably, I'll have finished my End of Degree Project about this subject)

NMUSpidey: You'll see today how tiny Al-Qurayyah is...

SimCoug: Hope you'll see more about the oil ports in next updates, but sadly not today...

vivapanda: It's great to hear your jaw is suffering when watching my updates!

superjjcarvalho: Thank you for your question, I answered it in the comments section.

Simul8ter8: You may know that it's more difficult than it seems to place buildings in a city in a convincing way. My first attempt at emirate-construction looked horrible, all skyscrapers were piled in the downtown without any criteria or planning...

Blakeway: This is how I like it!

Evillions: This building stands out by itself in the area it is placed in the city, well surrounded by all these FF lowrises. But yeah, photoedition is the key. In fact, that same pic gave me the idea for this post [link].

SC4L0ver: ¡Gracias!


The apartment was gorgeous, but the fridge was empty. I had nothing for dinner and there were many things to do before I could have an in my opinion well-deserved rest. I used Google Maps to search for a place where I could buy food and drink to fill in my fridge.


(Still a work in progress)

There was a shopping mall very near my apartment but; I had to take the car to go there. I soon learnt the lesson that I'd have to take the car to go virtually everywhere in Al-Qurayyah.

Took the elevator to the underground levels of the Sorrento Estates and looked for the car PetroQurayyah had given to me to move around. It was an small Ford Fiesta, not a luxury or big car, but a thing that could take me from here to there without a problem.


Got on it and took it to the street. We were just in front of the sea, and sidewalks looked like a nice place to go running and make some exercise once the sun sets and temperature gets lower.


I had to cross my neighbourhood, a place known as Al Qir, which is a neverending extension of high-wealth familiar low-rises. It surprised me to see that there was such a quiet neighbourhood so near the skyscrapers and Al-Qurayyah's CBD. The Ford Fiesta ran smoothly among the houses.

I soon reached the underground entrance of Al Qir Mall, one of the "Big Three" shopping malls in Al-Qurayyah.


When I got into the mall from the underground parking, I knew why it is one of the "Big Three".


The inside is plain spectacular...


I looked for the supermarket and bought everything I thought I'd need to live decently. Prices were skyrocketing but I still had to assimilate that my salary would be skyrocketing too (at least, compared with what I could earn where I come from).

I went back to the car carrying half a dozen of bags, and loaded everything into the trunk. Started the car again, set the air conditioning to the max, and went back to the streets. The first thing I could see was the renowed artificial ski slope, which is part of Al Qir Mall. A good place to go snowboarding, I miss it so much...


I decided to drive a bit around the neighbourhood instead of going straight home. There were some impressive sights in that part of the city, I had the sensation that I'd never get to fully know such an small territory like Al-Qurayyah.


Beaches are one of the places to be in Al-Qurayyah in the afternoon, when sun strikes not so hard. The Al-Qurayyah isthmus' east coast boasts wide and sandy beaches with calmed waters, very suitable to relax a bit.

The sun was slowly setting while I keep travelling around Al-Qir district, a place where old pre-boom buildings meet newly built houses and hotels.



(As you see, highway markings have been repainted overnight in a more European style... :D )

A nice place to live? Only time will tell.


<script type="text/javascript" src="

http://jc.revolvermaps.com/r.js"></script><script type="text/javascript">rm_f1st('0','220','true','false','000000','2qmmwzwxcsd','true','ffffff');</script><noscript><applet codebase="http://rc.revolvermaps.com/j" code="core.RE" width="220" height="220" archive="g.jar"><param name="cabbase" value="g.cab" /><param name="r" value="true" /><param name="n" value="false" /><param name="i" value="2qmmwzwxcsd" /><param name="m" value="0" /><param name="s" value="220" /><param name="c" value="ffffff" /><param name="v" value="true" /><param name="b" value="000000" /><param name="rfc" value="true" /></applet></noscript>


Serious Business


All: I see you've generally liked the airport, I'm so glad to hear this. This has been my first two-city tiles airport (in the next post I'll try to show an overview where you'll see that. Its construction from its inception to the final details took around 15 hours more or less (5 hours during 3 days) excluding the photoedition I had to do to solve some issues... Thank you all for your comments!!

Fox, Benedict, k50, IL., Gugu3, Numbers, Evillions, SC4L0ver: I personally hate how in-game monorail looks. It can't overhang on lots and its 45-degree-turns make me really sick. I always liked how those ATEX tubes look and they've been for a long time in my Landmarks menu waiting for their opportunity. My usual building style doesn't allow me to use them, but in Al-Qurayyah, Petrodollars make possible almost everything; so I followed that Dubai catchphrase "Why not?"

MilitantRadical: I can't really remember where I downloaded this set, it was in one of those confusing Japanese sites. It must be probably down these days, but you can try looking for it in the sites listed here [link].

NMUSpidey: Yeah, my final thought about it was "it doesn't look that impressive" but guess it is OK for such a tiny place... BTW, congrats on your MOTM!

Schulmanator: A G-R-E-A-T C-O-M-M-E-N-T.

Adooxx: Here you are!

SimCoug: Before the "invention" of MMPs, all airports looked a bit dead, except the ones whose creator knew how to use the LE. Now, even the laziest player like me can build a busy airport with the marvels the SCAG creates.

dubaidude303: Thanks!

Simul8ter8: I'm amazed to see you amazed by my CJ!

Hazani Pratama: The beautiful stuff is about to come!

100000....: I was actually inspired by the expansion project of Al Maktoum Intl Airport (DWC) in Dubai [link]. Anyways, I have no doubt that it's designers were inspired by ATL at some point...

Mithrik: The biggest? No way, have you seen Jorge_Carrillo's work at the Show Us Your Airports thread? He does it BIG!

Megaopolisbuilder34: Thank you!

MayorHerzog: Unemwhat? I envision a vibrant nightlife here, but it's hard for me to show it in SC4... I'll come up with something eventually, I guess.


Woke up early that morning. I was jet-lagged and I was nervous, working for AQPOC when you're a chemical engineer, is something big, some dream of this since middle school. And I was there, having my breakfast in one of the several restaurants in the Princess Hotel.

The AQPOC (PetroQurayyah) HQ is just a block down the street, there's no problem on going there walking. I walked all the way looking up, that tower is a structure that deserves to be watched for a while.



PetroQurayyah has it's global headquarters in a building called Al Burj ("The Tower" in English), which is not simply a building. It is the tallest building on Earth, measuring 1030 m from its base to the top of the spire; only available to a company where money is not a problem like PetroQurayyah. The AirportLink and Al Burj are the real pride of Al-Qurayyah, the structures that placed that tiny emirate into the global scenario. Al Burj is, for some, the 8th Wonder of the World and in that moment, I understood why.

A revolutionary construction method was used to build the foundations of this building. Sand was dug until reaching the rock basement underground, and foundations were built on it. This makes Al Burj boast of 10 underground floors of parking space and 3 gigantic mass dampers to prevent seismic damages in case of earthquake.

I nearly broke my neck staring at the top before entering the building, took some pics of it with my iPhone. And then, I came into that Wonder of the World.

I was directed to one of the offices in the 84th floor, seems that all that area belongs to the Human Resources department, which must be an administrative monster inside a monstruous company. The elevators took me to the 84th floor faster than the elevator of your hometown hospital takes you to the 3rd floor.

The interview was plain spectacular. They recieved me as I was a kind of Messiah (which I'm not), gave all the practical info I had to know to begin living there, the keys of my apartment and my corporate car, contracts, computer, computer keys, instructions, blah, blah, blah; everything compiled in a portfolio and a computer bag. Finally, I was given like an insight of the company I'd begin to work with tomorrow. All production, revenues, profits and investments figures seemed to be like from another world to me. I see that everything is larger and faster in Al-Qurayyah.

I was taken into a brief tour on the company, this was the less impressive part, after all.


Golf oil rig.


Juggernaut oil rig.


AQPOC crude oil seaport, South Beach.


Al-Qurayyah University of Oil and Gas.

The interview finished and I took the elevator down to the street level in panic. This seemed to be a much more serious business than I expected. Everything I had seen on the Internet or read about PetroQurayyah was simply not enough. I was about to work for the company that literally fuels a nation and fuels the world; were things happen.

There was no more time for thinking, I took a yellow taxicab at the door and gave the driver the address I had been given some minutes ago. He seemed to be from Pakistan or perhaps Sri Lanka; he said nothing during the whole trip, he directly drove the taxi into Sheikh Rahim bin Al Attiyah Road and headed north.


Several meters below us, an AirportLink train should be travelling at a speed around 250 km/h, everyday stuff here.

We went into the collector lanes of Al Attiyah Road in a few minutes, finally, I was taken to a tall waterfront estate, surrounded by single-family houses. My apartment seemed to be placed in the Sorrento 1 tower, 24th floor; according with the address.


The apartment interior was more luxurious than any other five-star hotel I had ever been before (except Princess Hotel), with all the necessary stuff to have a humble way of life: 50" LED TV, a huge sofa, minimalistic furniture, an also huge but empty bridge, a fully-equipped kitchen, a king-size bed, an iHome, a luminous studio full of shelves, a bathroom large as a dance club, shower, jacuzzi... If they gave me all that for free, it's because they expected some return with my work.

I had to sit down for a while before attacking my nearly-infinite to-do list.




All: Thank you all for your comments!

TowerDude: There's evil in all cities in the world; but here, it looks shiny. 8)

Blakeway: So do I!

Jimmy Buzaid: Yes, this is my new CJ, I wanted to try my hand at something new.

Benedict: :blush:

dubaidude303 x2: Be patient! :D As for the building, you can get it here

elavery x2: No competition here, I'm the newbie trying to imitate what I've seen in masterpieces like yours and some others!

Mastof: Hope the same!

NMUSpidey x2: The colour saturation slider makes the magic for me. I just can't stand the in-game contrast and saturation!

MamaLuigi945 x2: The thing I show in T&R was like a divertimento, nothing serious. Just wanted to look how things fit together. This idea has evolved into several city tiles in two different regions (one I like and one I dislike, the first one) and it's time to show it!

Evillions: Guess this is a lame excuse to show a bunch of skyscrapers!

10000...: Don't worry, right now I'm not a rival to Atlantasia.

Simul8ter8: Trying to do it beautiful...

MilitantRadical: You will!

k50: Yes, I did; as MamaLuigi945 points out. As I've told him, that was just an small trial for me.

testuser1234: Here it is!

Fox: That Shinjuku station is one of the many hidden gems in the STEX. It has no nightlights, but... who minds? As for 500 Brickell, it can't compare the technical quality of Amthaak's latest stuff, but I love the own character this building has.


I'm a bad guy. I'm one of those people whose work is slowly, painfully, silently; killing the whole planet. An environmentalist would like to spit at my face. Since last week, I work for an evil company; those who delay the world's progress, lobby in most Western civilization goverments, literally kills plants and animals and supports anywhing that is profitable.

I'm a Chemical Engineer, specialized in Oil refinery and I had been recently hired by AQPOC (Al-Qurayyah Public Oil Company), commercially known as PetroQurayyah, the public oil company of a tiny emirate called Al-Qurayyah. A dream for any chemical engineer like me. The Big Opportunity to flee my bankrupt and debt-chocked home country, the playground of Angela Merkel and Mario Draghi. Where politicians are mere puppets worried by their own wallets.

During the trip, I read a few facts about the nation on the Internet. Found a curious pic on the Internet:


A nice comparison of Al-Qurayyah with all the surrounding emirates. Not much room for drilling, but still a profitable business. The emirate's flag looks quite similar to Qatar's or Bahrein's. Error 404: Originalty not found.

The country's data and history is more or less a carbon copy of the usual suspects, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, etc. Nothing new.

Lost in my own thoughts, the landing approach began. This was the moment I got concious I was entering something big, which has the humble name of Al-Qurayyah World Airport.


The food had been terrific, I got all the champagne I asked for, hostesses had been very kind and the landing was really smooth. I didn't even knew we had landed until I saw the giant welcoming words besides the runway. One does not simply land into Al-Qurayyah.

The airplane reached the jetbridge and the typical fight with the rest of travellers began.


After the inmigration control (no problem when you're a foreigner willing to work here) and the baggage claim (the fastest I've ever waited in), I took the People Mover which would take me to Terminal A.


There is a short walk between the People Mover and the AirportLink; the pride of Al-Qurayyah. All oil-fueled emirates have their own megastructures, this is Al-Qurayyah's. More than a commuter rail, a revolution. One of the first publicly operational magnetic levitation systems in the world. Truly serious business.


I thought it was worth paying 50 dirhams (around 11 Euros) to reach the city center in 2 minutes. Yeah, you've read well. With an average speed of 250 km/h and a top speed of 320 km/h, 2 minutes is the time the AirportLink needs to cover the 8 kilometres between Al-Qurayyah Central Station and the Airport. Never an airport had been so close to the city it serves.

I sat down with my suitcase and a few moments later, the station began moving around me. Five seconds later, daylight.


Ten seconds later, we were running in the middle of the world-renowed Sheikh Rahim bin Al Attiyah Road, how it's called here the E11 highway, which crosses all the United Arab Emirates and Al-Qurayyah. An 8-lane monster that later becomes a 10-lane monster.


Sheikh Rahim bin Al Attiyah Road can't be qualified as a "highway" or as an "avenue", it has features of both kinds of roads and its designers didn't cared much about what this road should be qualified. It's just a massive road crossing the whole emirate.

The world turned black instead of blue in a fraction of second. We were underground now, the final stetch is covered underground, and the only thing that tells you're travelling at 300 km/h is a small LED screen in front of you inside the train.


Just a few seconds later, the AirportLink train smoothly stopped at Al-Qurayyah Central station. I was a bit dizzy when walked out the train, but my dizziness increased when I walked besides the Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Swarowski, etc. boutiques. Luxury is one more religion in Al-Qurayyah.


There was no need of getting a taxi there. The hotel I should spend my first two nights as an engineer here was really near the station. Walking in the streets with my suitcase was more difficult than I expected, but fortunately, I could reach the Princess Hotel. Because 5 stars is too mainstream.


If my future bosses at PetroQurayyah were trying to impress me, they succeeded.


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