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Beyond the Wall



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Well, restaurating the old city walls really gave a big boost to this city ;-)... We start our tour in the northeast through the HiTech Park...



Passing by the freight station...


Since the city draws tourists from all over the region, a Grand Central Station was needed...


We buy a pair of good walking shoes, then check into the old friendly Family Hotel...


Time to check out the Old City Wall, a SimWorld National Heritage... Through the Main Gate and ogling the Old Water Castell...


Strolling through the City Park featuring the Victory Column, the National Library, and also Aristocrat Inn serving favorite Mountainview dishes...


An overview of the whole City Park and the City Wall with the Dome and the old cemetery...


Past the dome we leave the City Park through the western gates -



The Kensington Hospital -


Old residentials around Pearson Highschool -


Near the old Belfry the police headquarters and central fire station -


Old and new residentials -



Here is a large overview of the whole city -


* click for 1800x1200 full size

Nightview -


* click for 1800x1200 full size

Thanks for visiting!


Recommended Comments

Wonderful stuff as always, the rail underpass in particular is great. If I had one criticism it would be that I don't think the grand central station fits in with the city. The rest is fantastic though, the lot work, the layout and the variety of custom content is all top quality :)

Additionally, where did you get the railway underpass lots? Further, I know I've seen those retaining walls before someplace, but I can't remember where.

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[quote name='Ion_Cannon' timestamp='1343477211']the railway underpass lots? [...] those retaining walls[/quote]

Both from Stex - [i]JS Seawalls V3[/i] and [i]JS Rail Tunnel - DTR Entrance Extended v3 - Concrete[/i]... both should be easy to find.

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Whats the factory in the bottom of the second picture, the brick one with the corregated iron roof?

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[quote name='sHnozZa' timestamp='1343500811']factory in the bottom of the second picture[/quote]

Those warehouses can be found [url="http://www.simpeg.com/forum/index.php?topic=10060.0"][b][u]on this site[/u][/b][/url]...

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Paeng, you are the only person I know of who can mix rural and hi-tech and make it work out so perfectly. Great work, and attention to detail, as usual. 5/5 & +1 :thumb:

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[quote name='usfighter15' timestamp='1343528924']where did you get diagonal buildings[/quote]

Never enough of those... Best start searching the Stex for the works of people like [i]Prepo, Krio, Odainsaker, Glenni[/i].... and then search some more :-)

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Incredibly beautiful. Your cities always make me think of something out of a Miyazaki anime film. It is very realistic but it also has a fantastic quality to it. Very inspiring.

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[quote name='MilitantRadical' timestamp='1343585061']Your cities always make me think of something out of a Miyazaki anime film.[/quote]

Oooohhh... too high praise! Miyazaki-san is in a different league :-))

But thank you - I'm glad you like my '[i]idealized realism[/i]'! ;-)

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[quote name='k50' timestamp='1343608123']how jealous I am of your parks[/quote]

Aww - no need... Download [b][url="http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/26923-paengs-parks-revisited/"]this[/url][/b], study the documentation and start building ;-))

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Nothing beats that feeling of entering the ST homepage and finding a new, mesmerising, so beautifully crafted update by you, Paeng. Really. 100 out of 5 :clap:

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Hey, thanks for all your nice comments :-))

The questions -

[b]Canals [/b]can be found somewhere on [b][url="http://^http://hide-inoki.com/bbs/phpbb2/viewforum.php?f=7&topicdays=0&start=0"]this site[/url][/b] - needs some 'digging'...

The [b]church[/b] is [i]Muenster Villingen[/i] and the [b]multi arch[/b] is the [i]Charlottenburg Gate[/i] (both should be here on Stex, or maybe on Lex)

I'm using [b]PEG's Alternate Railway[/b] Mod from the Plex.

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