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A Cloudy Day

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Adrianor: Gracias por comentar! ¡Los exámenes, bien gracias! Exams, good, thanks!

Alejandro24: Gracias por tu comentario! Debo reconocer que esta no fue mi mejor entrada porque estoy en plena transición de una ciudad a otra... I have to admit the latest one hasn't been my best update, because I'm in the middle of a transition between a city and another...

Mithrik: Gracias por tu comentario! Como ves, ya somos muchos aquí... As you can see, we're a lot of Spanish speakers here...

OrdinarySim: Gracias por comentar, Ander! I forgot to answer your question about the gasometeres. They are like a kind of tankers used as fuel storage units during the 20th century, they were able to make their roof lower as they were getting empty to keep the pressure to its level (I assume). Nowadays, they're becoming landmarks, or shopping centers, specially on the UK.

heitomat: Thank you for commenting! I tried to make a kind of hub there, but the rail station overhanging props still don't convince me...

Benedict: Thanks for your comment! I hope to be back to the #1 soon, but as I said, there are some great guys out here!

jj88: Thank you for your comment!

nico15821: Thanks for commenting! I don't know much about SC4 and Mac issues, but AFAIK, you have specialized programmes to install the plugins. Maybe Hamish, who is a moderator in the Mac subforum, will be able to help you.

penguin1634x2: Thank you for your comments! I don't think there's much beauty on this pics, but I try my best!

DCMetro34: Thanks for commenting! Here's more!

Kevin: Thank you for your comment! Absolutely agreed with you, I specially enjoyed photoediting the pic you liked! I've even shown it to one of my friends!

dghh70: Thank you for your comment!

ComputerGuy890100: Thanks for commenting! Seems I haven't reached my goal to depress you...!

Huston: Thank you for commenting! I think the feeling is mutual, can't wait to see one of your World after War updates!

halenbyname: Thanks for your comment!


I'm so happy today. Exams are over, the Easter has begun (and here it is celebrated as a kind of Spring Break) and tomorrow FC Barcelona is playing Real Madrid in the always exciting Clásico. I literally can't wait for it!! Here [link] is a good warm up for El Clásico!


You know I like very much the "commuting" updates. And here's one, but with the usual three pics.

Our trip begins in one of the worst places in Kransoslobodsk. There are some really bad (District 14, for example), but this is the worst.


This is a dilapidated, polluted and poor place and you may say it's the same as the rest of Krasnoslobodsk suburbs, but you'd be wrong. The other districts have at least an school and a hospital nearby; this one, has no school and no hospital nearby. The whole place has become a hole of corruption, drug use and crime. But as in every place, still someone keeps having a job and keeps commuting to it every day.


It is a short commute, but still no workers aren't as brave to go to their jobs by walk. This railyard area is a common sight in this neighbourhood. There are no graffiti painted in the boxcars just because people can't afford to buy paint sprays; and they aren't sober enough to go to steal some.


We reach our destination in a few minutes. In a dead end of Krasnoslobodsk's port canal system, you can find an small shipyard that saw its glory years a long time ago. It used to be an stategic facility for The Goverment, but nowadays it only builds low-end bulkers and barges.

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oh man, this picures make me sick, but that's good in that case, isn't it :P the pictures revael the feeling very well. poor people who go to work and still cannot efford to leave this place. buen trabajo

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Excellent(e) :P !

Keep it up.

EDIT: Oh wait, no, I am saying it wrong, AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! HORRIBLE!!! (but in the good way).

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THIS CJ ROCKS! this really looks like an ex-soviet city. :] incredible as always. could you tell me where did you got those natural gas containers in the 3rd picture please?

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Thank god I don't live there.
It looks terrible
(which in other words means it's a perfect update :P)

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It's gotten to the point where I am expecting consistently amazing updates from you. :P

Just kidding, but I really like the sunken light rail here!

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I really like the storage tanks in the foreground of the railyard picture. Stunning work as always.

(Don't forget to cross post in the forum!)

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Awesome! I Love It! The ambient, the situation, just spectacular. Remembers me some photos of Norilsk, but more heat.

¡Impresionante! ¡Lo Amo! El ambiente, la situación, simplemente espectacular. Me recordaste unas fotos de la ciudad de Norilsk, pero más cálido. Solo unas preguntas sobre los plugins, ¿Cuáles son los que usaste para el patio de trenes y el astillero?

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@[b]Roberto Robato[/b]: You can get the gas tanks here [url="http://members3.jcom.home.ne.jp/somy000/p6.htm"][link][/url] and the street mod with cars parked here [url="http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=115"][link][/url].

@[b]Alejandro24[/b]: You can find the railyard here [url="http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1906"][link][/url] and the shipyard here [[url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/23792-duquesne-heavy-shipyards/"]link][/url].

Personal replies coming with the next update!

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Mr. Cortez, Pay attention to the comments about your's.
Your question has already been answered by the author.

I haven't been back for a really long time. I'll have to skim back a few updates to check on whats been going on. Keep up the good work! :)

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What a fantastic update, this has got to be one of the most popular CJs ever, and with good reason too. I always enjoy viewing your work. :)

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Great use of the railyard! I love that lot, and you make very good use of it. Also, the shipyard looks fantastic!

Side note: El Clásico didn't become the match I was hoping for.. Nevertheless, as a Barca fan I have to be satisfied with the result..

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As they say in Spanish : Muy bien
I love your town....
BTW, how do you make the diagonal roads in height?

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@ [b]Mr. Cortez[/b] : He built the railyard by downloading the file in the link just before your comment. ;)

El Clásico didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it to, but 8 points is still pretty good. :P
However, this update turned out excactly the way I wanted it to.

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but still no workers aren't as brave to go to their jobs by walk.

But then, in a neighborhood this bad, no one has anything to steal! Good work. I'm a fan of grimy, rusty cities.

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