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Sport Societies

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Two things before the update:

1) Definately, being featured in the slideshow at the homepage is a guarantee for a boost in a CJ's popularity.

2) Second Clásico this evening, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are playing the Copa del Rey (you know, the Spanish Cup) finale. This IS the really important game, I just hope to have one more Cup (the 26th) in the museum tonight...


Inspired by so many football, we'll see today an sporty update. We'll take a look to the stadiums and arenas home to most popular sports clubs in Krasnoslobodsk.

During the Soviet era, the Voluntary Sports Societies were the establishments that ruled all the physical education program, to keep citizens fit and provide the best facilities for elite sportsmen and sportswomen, who would have a huge success in the Summer and Winter Olympics. If you want, you can get more info here [link].

Some of this sports societies, have been present in Krasnoslobodsk, and evolved during the communist and post-communist era to what they look today. The most important surviving sports societies in Krasnoslobodsk are the CSKA, Dynamo, Metallurg and Lokomotiv societies.

CSKA Krasnoslobodsk



CSKA is now the former volunteer sports society from the Soviet Army. This club has been the most successful club in Krasnoslobodsk's history, but nowadays it is financially struggling. Nevertheless, among its fanbase, we still can find the wealthier people in Krasnoslobodsk, the upper-class citizens and a good part of the Goverment (the team, is frequently nicknamed as "the Millionaires"). Its field, the Krasnoslobodsk Army Stadion, has been the largest one in the nation until the Lokomotiv Stadion was built.

FC Lokomotiv Krasnoslobodsk



The Lokomotiv Sports Society, was an extension of rail transport Trade Union, and it united workers of rail transport, transport contstruction and Metro workers. Their heritage still can be felt in the club logo and nickname ("the Railroaders"). In Krasnoslobodsk, the FC Lokomotiv has always had a large fanbase, made mainly from workers and low-class citizens; this has made that the rivalry with CSKA has been fierce from its beginnings. Its field, the Lokomotiv Stadion, was built in 2004 and, with a capacity of 54,500, is now the largest stadium in the nation.

FC Metallurg Krasnoslobodsk



The Metallurg Sports Society was founded like the Lokomotiv Society, but Metallurg united all the existing steelworkers trade unions. This club saw its glory years 40 years ago, nowadays it is a second division club with a very small fanbase who still look at their 1964 and 1965 League Championship cups. Its field, the Metallurg Stadion (capacity 35,303 spectators), designed like a traditional English field, is now old and rusty; and the club cannot fix this problems because it cannot barely pay the footballers wages.

Dynamo Krasnoslobodsk



The Dynamo Sports Society has never had an strong football club; but they have won 25 national basketball championships in the last 30 years. This supremacy, has leaded the Dynamo to be considered the de-facto basketball team in the city, with a large fanbase with CSKA and Lokomotiv football fans. Its arena (known as "Palace of Sports" during the soviet era) is falling to pieces and leaks through the roof are a constant since the 20th century.

Links for the stadiums:

CSKA: http://27.pro.tok2.com/~chilitomato2/

Lokomotiv: http://27.pro.tok2.com/~chilitomato2/

Metallurg: http://www.davidluart.com

Dynamo: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/19875-bsp-joe-louis-arena/

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And I thought the soviets didn't made any good sports facilities. This is one of the few "positive" updates I have since in your CJ. Nice. :)


Y pensé que los comunistas no construían buenos complejos deportivos. Esta es una de las pocas entradas "positivas" de tu CJ. Genial. :)[/i]

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Love football. Love this update. Great stadiums and great photoediting! The names of the teams are also very east European, that's for sure. By the way, I thought I recognized the two towers of Metallurg stadium; West Ham gone "East" Ham. :D And thank you for providing links as well.

Too bad about the Copa del Rey final, though. I expect FCB to hit back hard in the CL-semis!

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Nice stuff. This entry contrasts so much with your other entries. This one feels cheery, while the rest are dank and dreary (heh heh that rhymes :| ) 5/5.

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Well now, what to say? Awesome update. Said that a few too many times already. Hmmm
Very interesting update :) somewhat surprising but I guess even the Soviets were fans of Football :P

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fantastic idea with the sports update. a stadium always makes city complete and i'm very interested in what stadiums are out there
to 2: (es una lastima, que no pudieran superar el futbol defensivo y miedoso de Real, pero van por campeon de la liga y champions league)

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¡What a wonderful place Krasnoslobodsk is!

Luxury cars and jewerly? Check. - Healthy drinking water? Yes, full of minerals like mercury.
Enough AK-47 to arm all of Africa? Indeed! - Enough money to fix the nuclear reactor? No, and we don't need it. We just die at age 50 like all of humanity for most of history.
Elections (free and clean)? Yes (no) - A decent police force? Sure, you just have to bribe them once now.
Four gigantic stadiums? You know, in Krasnoslobodsk stadiums love you! - A single decent hospital? Hey! they made a transplant five years ago. A transplant!

Anyway, this CJ is a wonderful source of material for any city. Keep 'em coming!

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A happy(ish) update? How could you?!? Jk. Hey, where'd ya get that rectangular stadium? Second pic. Looking forward to more!
You buddy,

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In the real life I don't like Football, but here I want so say:
Go Lokomotiv!!!!!
Interesting update, I like it, is more fun and gives light in the dark.

En la vida real no me gusta el fútbol, pero aquí quiero decir:
¡¡¡¡¡Vamos Lokomotiv!!!!!
Interesante post, me gusto, es más divertido y da un poco de luz en la oscuridad.

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