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  1. Having oddly nice weather - Actually sunny for our BBQ!

  2. Desktop.. Everyone has one of these!

    Yes, Vista. Can't wait until I get a new PC to replace my laptop... My four favourite bands - Paramore, Florence & the Machine, 30 Seconds to Mars and Snow Patrol!
  3. Ikea Is Building A Town

    I love the idea and the furniture, I really do, but I am eternally turned off the actual shop after spending five consecutive hours there - literally...
  4. Madisonville Re-Tour

    Wow... it's... amazing!
  5. Leaked pre-visualization SimCity 5 trailer

    I wish I was older so I could stop myself from being excited about this... my spirits will be crushed if it's not real
  6. Interesting... Looking forward for the next part!
  7. Totally evil twisted and perfide teaser

    Truly epic journal/comic!
  8. Signage: US vs.European systems.

    ''NOTE: the British routeshield is just flat text'' - mrtnrln That is true, but ONLY if the road type you're pointing out is THE SAME as the one you're on: But if the sign points to a DIFFERENT type of road, it is ''patched'', or in a square of it's own colour: However this differs on motorways, where you CANNOT use anything BUT motorway signs: By the way, a lot of people think Irish and UK roads are the same but, actually, -They use M, A and B (And the lesser known C), but we use M, N, R and L (Guess what they stand for ) -Their numbering system is region based, ours is radial (To a point) And integrated (Most motorways have a bit of same numbered national route at their starts and ends, apart from the M50) -They have coloured hard shoulders with white borders, we just have yellow -They use red triangle warning signs, we use yellow diamond -They have signs in English, ours are bilingual I could go on!
  9. The Roadgeeks of Simtropolis

    Yoshiisland... that picture is almost actually pretty? This is one of my favs... The M50/M1/N32 junction in Dublin (The M50 is the bottom and right, the M1 to the left)
  10. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    Only started playing Simcity again yesterday, and made this... A really small trumpet! And at night...
  11. Am Randomly Overjoyed

  12. I uninstalled Simcity and only now I find out the Maxis site is down! :(

    1. Jamesrules90


      https://public.me.com/zelgadis That link has most of the maxis things on.
    2. figgy


      Wow. Only noticed that response now. After two months. Thanks. I feel stupid.

  13. The United Cities*4th Birthday and Retirement!*

    Took me a while to build up the nerve to read all of this, but your skills have coke a long way! Bravo!