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The ways in which custom content has transformed the city-building game you play.

I have played SimCity 4 since it came out. I originally had the game on CD. I played for years enjoying the vanilla version and thinking that was all there was. I eventually shelved the game having grown tired of the same thing and look over time. One day, by chance, I came across Simtropolis. I didn't realize that there was a thriving custom community out there. I browsed for hours, fascinated by the amount and quality of the different things available. I was like a kid in a candy store. There was so much out there! I was hooked. I found so many different things that allowed me to make my gaming experience new and fresh. When a Windows update made my old CD version obsolete, I didn't hesitate to purchase the digital version otherwise I wouldn't be able to use all of the custom content that I had gotten. Whether anything comes of this or not, I can't thank all of the folks who dedicated themselves to making these things available and the people who put it out there for all to enjoy. They have helped me love a game that I figured I was done with. Thank you all for your passion and love.

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  • Write a creative and entertaining review (good or bad) of any city-building game.

SimCity (2013) a.k.a SC5

In the beginning, in 1989, there was the first in the series of city-builder games by Maxis called SimCity, after 28 years and several versions and variations of the game, it is again simply called SimCity (2013).  Some fans would not call it SimCity 5 citing major differences from the previous games, but I think SimCity (2013) is much of what should be the progress of the game with its 3D camera, online social play, and collaborative Great Works.  As with other games in the series, SC(5) is reasonably easy to start to play if you are generally familiar with computer games, its mostly inuitive and instructive through the initial stage of starting a new city and setting up utilities and services.   The city tiles in the regions are much smaller in land area, but many SC4 players tend to be focused on the smallest areas of tiles, how space and objects are organized and how they look and function in the game.   

SC(5) graphics are not as intricately detailed as in SC4, and many of the game dynamics have been simplified.  As well, SC(5) has its share of bugs.   It would be interesting to see what would be an actual SimCity 5 as designed by the fans and user content creators of SC4, that is, with the 3D camera and online social play being necessary features, but surely the results would require fast internet speeds and powerful gaming computers to process the HD graphics and complex mechanics over the internet.  

Having played all the games in the SimCity series for some time, I still mostly enjoy SC4 for its detail, community, creativity, and vast user content, but SC (2013) provides a more complete challenge of gaming in that you not only zone RCI and plop roads, services and utilities, you have to organize the use of raw materials and trade in a variety of industries.   In the social game you sometimes even have to deal with real people complaining about such things as too much crime coming from your city over to theirs.  Fortunately, more resources can be directly shared across the boundaries of the city tiles.   Its rare that an entire region of 16 city tiles gets filled with active online players, but when it does happen, and each player is reasonably sociable and interested in the outcome of the game, it is quite a fulfilling challenge and some amazing pieces of collective artwork and skill get produced.   




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Hello everyone, I finally made an account because of this giveaway. :)

I like many city building games for different reasons, but my all-time favourite has to be SimCity 3000, since it was the first video game I ever tried. I’m sure that I have played it for several hundreds if not thousands of hours. It is very charming with its funny advisors and distinct art style.

It’s a shame that my CD version of the game doesn’t work on modern PC’s anymore.

latest?cb=20140929125934 Randal Shoop is a badass.



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My most memorable city-building experience was with SimCity 4, in my earlier days of building. I was, at that point, going through a phase where I would start my cities by dragging highway through them, splitting the map into quarters, and have residential on two quarters and commercial and industry in the other two. I wasn't having much success with this theory though.

One day, I somehow made this formula magically work, and within 20 minutes a city of 75,000 sprang up out of nowhere! This was one of the biggest cities I had ever built! And I did it in 20 minutes! I was super-excited.

Cliche ending, I didn't save, game crashed soon after, my freak luck was never replicated.


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What's your favourite city-building game, and why will you always be fond of it?

Simcity 4 will always be not only my favourite city-building game but my favourite game of all times. First city-building game I played was Simcity 2000 (Arcologies :) ) when young and learnt many things especially from newspapers :) , then Simcity 3000 was quite improvement over it but Simcity 4 set the bar too high that no new title is even close after 14 years. Although not necessarily in golden age anymore but Simcity 4 is a timeless game especially thanks to communities starting ofc with Simtropolis. Community made content adds new gameplay value probably some are never expected, on my own I have many "wow" moments when looking at people's scenes and checking details, sometimes feeling in "God mode" overseeing what my subjects did today to please me :)

One of the reasons I am fond of SC4 is that it also triggered my desire to make my own game (no way near that good) including elements from SC4. SC4 is great game with many details and own sense of humor. ( My favourite quote from Simcity 4 news ticker is " Plastic would make perfect food if it tasted better and had nutrients. " , not to mention Maxis' fondness for Llamas or Fluffy the Wonder Cat )

Finally, not sure if this is visual clue of high crime rate but I tend to believe so :) , would perfectly fit to SC4





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Cities Skylines

Tell us about your most memorable city-building experience, funny, tragic or otherwise.

I've been through it all, floods, storms, explosions, lack of demand, goats, flying chirpers, and yet I've never have had an issue with utilities. Usually in SC4 I would have behemoth facilities producing everything from power, garbage, and water. However this philosophy doesn't apply once you get to CSL. Once upon a time I used to have one of my more daring adventures  cities, Nagishima, in exploring uses with multi-lane railroad and urban planning, yet I never realized how difficult would utilities get now...


(Futsukira, sister city of Nagashima)

During the creation of that cities I ran into so many issues with utilities. The city ran on two separate rivers and I had used one river for water output and another for city water. However, the tapped city water drained that river completely, all the way down to drybed, limiting further city expansion. The next thing I knew, sewage began flowing upstream and polluting the city vistas! As if that was not enough, this happened additionally...


(Yes this is old Vienna Power plant way back then...)

Rampant blackouts, lack of funds, no water sources, there never seemed to be an end to the problem. Today most of this is "solved" using hydrophonic-infused hamsters turning giant wheels. We're also currently researching whether typing lemurs with keyboards would be a reasonable replacement as a renewable source of energy. 

In other news, it's always a sunny day in Night Vale with reports of wild rampant lizards and glow clouds...

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On 2/9/2017 at 10:30 PM, Cyclone Boom said:

What's your favourite city-building game, and why will you always be fond of it?

Easy answer, it will be Sim City 2000 SE. It was my first sim game I ever played so I was lost in its complexity at first. After playing around with it I saw the  sandbox city building game it was. A large part of the fun was learning how everything worked and what you could do with it. I would do things like zone large areas of RCI in various patterns, setup my power, garbage etc in areas then hit the fastfoward button while I got a drink just to see how it would crop up. I even would do this when I was not going to be home while leaving the pc on. When I would come home I was always amazed at how different my cities turned out each time. Some would be burned to the ground,others amassed in pollution, some with crime & riots, others pristine and pleasant. I did make proper cities I planned out and such through trial and error as well, but doing experiments with zoning and random placement was always fun for me. It felt like I was manipulating my own little world full of living people whom all depending on what I would do.

Archologies were the cornstone as well. They were something that had a pro and a con, but were something I would strive for since they were big space savers. I liked how airports & seaports were zones that could grow I think they should of kept this in Sim City 4k since it was great watching them upgrade like RCI. Disasters were best in SC 2k as far as the franchise goes. I think simcity 2k did disasters the best since you truly felt like horror when a flood,tsunami,fire,etc would roll in. More so if you had a well made city that was functioning and a large part would get wiped out. However, if you wanted to start a new city but wanted to keep the same random map, using a disaster to wipe the slate clean and get lots of disaster relief gave them a benefit as well also if you were just bored and wanted to unleash mayhem heh.

Though I play SC4 Deluxe only these days, SC2K SE will always be the best trip to the past for me. Full of humor,creativity of the early-mid days of the maxis team. I hope EA will bring all of the Maxis Titles to both Origin and GoG, they truely deserve to be brought back into the light.

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  • Prize Winners Announcement

    We'd like to thank everyone who entered this giveaway, and of course GOG.com for sponsoring the prizes.

    It's our pleasure to announce that all of the above entries will receive a free game, and PMs have been sent to each of you. :8)

    A big congratulations to all! It was fascinating reading about your city-building encounters, and your stories really are a reflection of how creative these games are. So many play styles, and so many unique ways to go about developing a city.

    Thanks again, and who knows, we may have similar giveaways again in the not too distant future... Stay tuned! ;)

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