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  1. I seriously doubt MBs of images used here is common case for such services, so I'd not worry much as otherwise they'd shutdown in no time. And for JPEG optimization, please don't go too far Btw, just for the records, Imgur (and postimg and probably most) allows you to upload files directly from web, therefore no need to upload locally.
  2. My hobby is (although I gave a break for few years) banknote collecting, especially Irish pounds also like to mess with graphic design
  3. On my own, I don't believe in restore points , reformatting is better imo. ( A user doesn't need many restore points after installing Windows after all )
  4. I usually prefer Imgur or postimg.org but (not as I didn't use) maybe Dropbox allows hotlinking
  5. It might make sense to remove SMB v1 ( it is an SMB v1 exploit if I'm not mistaken after all ) through "add/remove windows components" (or so) in addition to patching. Also renaming VSSAdmin.exe might be a good idea as well since ransomwares usually use it to get rid of shadow copies (that you can use to restore some files)
  6. GOG.com City Builder Giveaway

    What's your favourite city-building game, and why will you always be fond of it? Simcity 4 will always be not only my favourite city-building game but my favourite game of all times. First city-building game I played was Simcity 2000 (Arcologies ) when young and learnt many things especially from newspapers , then Simcity 3000 was quite improvement over it but Simcity 4 set the bar too high that no new title is even close after 14 years. Although not necessarily in golden age anymore but Simcity 4 is a timeless game especially thanks to communities starting ofc with Simtropolis. Community made content adds new gameplay value probably some are never expected, on my own I have many "wow" moments when looking at people's scenes and checking details, sometimes feeling in "God mode" overseeing what my subjects did today to please me One of the reasons I am fond of SC4 is that it also triggered my desire to make my own game (no way near that good) including elements from SC4. SC4 is great game with many details and own sense of humor. ( My favourite quote from Simcity 4 news ticker is " Plastic would make perfect food if it tasted better and had nutrients. " , not to mention Maxis' fondness for Llamas or Fluffy the Wonder Cat ) Finally, not sure if this is visual clue of high crime rate but I tend to believe so , would perfectly fit to SC4
  7. Avalon Indie City-building game Reboot 2017; now 3D.

    Looks good but would limits of webGL be a problem in near future? (Citybound had such issue before restarting in C++ , if I am not mistaken)
  8. Need help for logo

    Hello there o/, First of all, I tried to fit this into proper forum but apparently only off-topic works. As very few people on Simtropolis is aware, I am working on a browser game including city building elements and I want to incorporate visual style of Simcity 4. But first thing first, I need a logo so can have a website with dev blog. I decided to make a logo inspired by Yoni Alter's work But as this stage is very crowded , I consider a more plain yet "stuffed" enough one. My early sketches ( DISCLAIMER : Lousy sketch with eye bleeding colors and style ) are like this Second one is variation with "sea" Now what I am asking for help is, I got these buildings though Simtropolis and Google searches to vectorize lousy for quick sketch. But what I need now is buildings and vehicles you might recommend from STEX or other sources. I will be more pleased if they are of creators I can reach (although it's probably fair use, I prefer to ask for permission and alpha render for easier vectorizing) , btw. Thanks in advance and apologies if it's not proper. o/
  9. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    Although visited ST for a long while, didn't involve community until recently. His presence in community was noticeable even for me and sorry that I missed opportunity to meet him. :/
  10. Fair enough, just that Linux doesn't justify my investment of time and tear in comparison to what I gain (if any) There are some people praising Linux desktop environment for software development but I am platform agnostic because mine is web related. And as a control freak, I hate multitude of distro choices in Linux world. But I am all in for Debian in server
  11. Few days before free upgrade offer ends, I returned back to the Windows 8.1 , which is the best Windows I've used ever and I started "my career" with Windows 3.11 . And actually I use Windows 10 at my tablet, it is "barely tolerable" if you make some modifications ( disable Defender , Automatic Updates, Telemetry, Privacy concerns and use offline account) And for Linux I am in "Linux is only free if your time has no value" wagon
  12. Are you prepared for total hard drive failure?

    Well, I am in a position that if I lose my data, my sole option is working at McDonalds or so but does it make me backup my data ? Unfortunately not :/ I know I need a backup drive (which also can't be trusted) but don't want to invest money in a professional backup (involving NAS and NAS grade harddrives). Pity there is no effective way of storing 1.5 TB of data which changes on daily basis. But I know I should at least backup very vital data sometime (when I'm not lazy) I am not much into RAID as I am more concerned of natural disasters and theft more than hardware failure and online backup isn't my first choice due to awesome upload speed of 1 Mbps , in this speed it is faster to ship a harddrive to Dropbox HQ with a note " backup this online " But for you, you (and I) may consider an external backup which is better than none.
  13. Simpeg Productions - Farewell

    Hope a dozen more as well :/
  14. Omitted photos in order not to turn into wall of post and I don't want to turn this into " C:S vs SC4, which has better graphics? " contest either as there is more than a decade between two games and it's obvious that C:S offers more option. I am just saying that due to its 3D nature, no modern game can have that much detailed assets as prerendered one, first screenshot of yours also justifies this : all buildings are made lowest poly possible and then finished with textures. I don't even mention "trees" . I don't blame game either, it's inevitable if game will be played by players aka not a technology demo. So if I need to repeat again, just it is not realistic to expect SC4 asset details therefore perceived quality from a 3D game in short term. Other than that, I don't argue about SC4 pixelation, it is major drawback of such engines, if there was another zoom level assets, they'd also be pixel perfect.