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  1. Fountain looks great! I haven't had a chance to check it out in game yet, have you managed to animate the fountain?
  2. It's back! Currently working on remodelling the Lucky Penny Casino. Originally a laughable 900,000 tris, now around 5000. Actually looking forward to texturing.
  3. Unfortunately the max file and textures were lost as far as I'm aware but I'm in the process of finding the old stuff so hopefully yes. I intend to remake the Lucky Penny anyway for CS which would make it easy to convert to SC4 also, the old model was ridiculously inefficient, like 100,000 tris and took hours to render.
  4. Thanks guys, back in the day it took several hours to render a BAT on my old computer, partly because I modelled so inefficiently but partly the computer. I lost interest and had some RL problems (Father passed away) and left behind many unfinished buildings, some of which I hope to redo for CS. For the newer members of the forum I've put up some old images of stuff I released/never finished. Modelling for CS is much different and I had to learn a lot about Poly Editing (should have done for SC4BAT really) but it's much easier and less time consuming.
  5. Hi all! I thought it was time for me to return to Simtropolis and share with you my building creations for Cities: Skylines. I originally released content for SC4 a few years back as mcdrye and have recently started creating assets for CS. My first asset was the Sunken Plaza which you probably have already downloaded, as it was the most popular item on the Workshop for several weeks. You might notice I have a penchant for Las Vegas style architecture which I think CS is sorely lacking. Below are some recent creations. Today I just released the High Roller Casino which can be downloaded here
  6. ....into a neat 3dr file that you can import into 3dsmax, then you delete the stuff you dont want to just leave the object you want which you can use in any scene. Here is the spotlight in a 3dsmax scene file http://www.2shared.com/file/EIyQHeii/LuckyPennySpot.html

  7. Hi harishna, to get flora along with any model from GTAIV, you need the PC install, SparkIV to access the models, then you need the SL_IV scripts to get them in 3dsmax.

    Thankfully the method for other games is simpler, just download '3D Ripper DX'. It loads with the game you want stuff from, and you hit F2 or whatever and it copys everything loaded onto memory into a neat 3d...

  8. hi mcdrye could you point me in the right direction on how to get the models of flora from the games you mentioned? and also I really like the spotlights you using for the casino, would you mind sharing the setting you using?


  9. McDRye tries BAT again..

    Here's a night shot, need to sort out the pool lighting I think. Also not sure if I mentioned before, but if you look at the bulb lighting there are some bulbs that are out.
  10. McDRye tries BAT again..

    Thank you! The flora is just a bunch of models I've 'borrowed' from GTAIV and Dead Rising 2, previous attempts to do it myself were crap so I looked to the pro's. They don't transfer to 3dsmax perfectly though, took alot of work. EDIT: Another view
  11. McDRye tries BAT again..

    Thank you murimk but what I really need is for base textures to have both solid and missing bits on the same tile which I don't think is possible. I've also been playing with a kinda 'sunken wall' version of it as a means to overcome these issues, as suggested long ago, but that in itself presents problems with NAM overpass networks passing level over the 10m deep railway, I don't want humpback bridges all over the place. The easy route is to just have eye candy lots, but I would rather they had moving trains. Now I'm still working on the casino, and, as I said earlier, I had to rearrange the parking ramp. Here is it's current status, BUT please ignore the palm trees, I've no idea why they rendered like that but it's not intended, plus, the roof texture needs work, plus other little tidbits. P.S. Boy does this casino take forever to render, like 30mins, annoying when you change one thing and want to see how it looks, I've tried to optimise parts but I think its all the fancy reflections and such.
  12. McDRye tries BAT again..

    Help!... It seems Simcity does not like my SSR curve. The lot is using invisible base textures (or is it just hiding base textures?) so I understand why the lot looks black, but I'm not sure how I'm going to get this working. The curve needs a large lot (4x4) for pathing (I don't know how to path mutliple tiles btw).
  13. McDRye tries BAT again..

    Thanks for all the great support guys! I'm still here! Spent two weeks trying to work out why everything in my viewport was semi-transparent. Turned out it was viewport anti-aliasing that was the problem. Meanwhile in an effort to fix the issue I changed the display driver in Max to DX10. Big mistake! All it did was crash and corrupt my files! Thankfully I had backups. So back on DX9 with anti-aliasing off, I'm carrying on. Below is the curve for SSR, a few glitches but you can get the general idea from the picture. Also my casino has to be rearranged slightly so that the parking ramp aligns to the game grid, I'll post a picture shortly.
  14. McDRye tries BAT again..

    The red could easily be toned down, I'll try that. The ramp texture is actually the games texture, just modified in size, also the roof textures are the Bellagio's from satellite view, just colour altered and resized. I can understand why palm trees aren't too welcome but this is a casino, it's decoration is supposed to stand out, and you won't be placing 20 of these in your city, I just do think generic bushes will do it any favours. Here a picture of the front, please bear in mind its a bit grainy like the one above as I lowered some settings to speed up rendering for preview purposes. Also the front canopy texture isn't really that dark, theres an error there, that strange line underlining the big sign is it's shadow but it looks weird.
  15. McDRye tries BAT again..

    DocRorlach as I said in my post, alignment issues should be ignored as they will be fixed for the final version, also the train dipping is unfortunely due to the NAM piece that connects the 2 end pieces uses a different pathing height, which I'm trying to sort out. Currently I'm (re)working the 90degree turn piece to fit in with the new height and design Also as promised, here is a look at my Lucky Penny Casino As you can see, it's nearly done, but I'm open to critique!